House P

Architects: Heiderich Architekten

  • Area: 330 m²
  • Year: 2012

This stunning house is designed by the famous architect – Heiderich Architekten. It is located in Dortmund, Germany, and the final construction was completed in 2012. From its remarkable design to the little architectural details, everything in here is pure amazement. So, let’s know more about this stunning house

 House P with a pool in front of it

This spectacular home is specially designed for a young couple who have a great interest in architecture. They clearly had their vision and ideas about this home like what materials should be used and what their home would like to be. The land area is over 3,500 square feet, and Heiderich Architekten has used every inch of the space intelligently. The whole design has a minimalist style to it with modern interiors. The entire floor plan is kept open so that it maximizes the space and the interaction. 

House P hallway with a bench

According to the architects’ Text description, both daylights and artificial lighting are vital in the house design. Space in between the rooms and the floor plan, all were produced and infused with a creative idea with the use of both types of lighting. Clients also had even given thousands of photographs and atmospheric images with a detailed description of their dream home.

House P staircase leading up

They wanted a modern, carefree and unpretentious bungalow in the countryside. And after a long and exhausting search, they finally found a property in a great location that met all their requirements. 

After searching for the right architect for many years, their search ended on the prestigious architectural firm Heiderich Architekten. After a little talk with the architects, the clients knew that they are the one. What they’re looking for, these architects will definitely build a similar house for them. 

House P kitchen with a counter, chairs, and a flat screen tv

The firm brilliantly designs the floor plan, and they followed the strict rules for the structural composition. They also carefully selected all the materials and internals of buildings from the 60s and early 70s. Even the main material boils down to the brick, oak, and aluminum. 

House P room with a bed and a chair in it

Let’s talk about the entrance area. As you enter the house, the main entrance area will lead you to the basement and laundry room on one side and there is a workspace on the other side. 

House P walkway

The home office has its own outdoor area that leads to the driveway to the park. If you follow a straight path, you will see an open kitchen, lavish living space, and dining space.

There are also floating stairs that lead to the upper floor. The upper level consists of a bedroom with magnificent views of the Ruhr area. A dressing room and a spacious bathroom are also attached to the room. 

House P  bath room with a bath tub a sink and a window
House P living room and outside area

The enormous sliding doors beautifully blend the exteriors to the interiors. There is also a roof-equipped seating area outside with a natural pool. Do you know that the brick that is used for the ground floor has specially ordered from Münsterland? Because of their unique firing process, they have beautiful brown tones. 

House P dining room with a table, chairs and a vase of flowers

Other than the tables and chairs, rest all the furniture is “custom made.” Another interesting thing in this house is the folding unit in the kitchen. Like a beautiful U38 House.

A woman sitting on a couch in a living room

The frame of the windows and doors and made up of oak and aluminum. The wooden panel on the first floor is made of heat-treated poplar. No wonder that the outdoor facilities and natural concrete surfaces represent the simple and basic horizontal designs. From the bedroom windows, you’ll get the breathtaking views and will allow you to take a glimpse of the entire region. 

House P By Heiderich Architekten

As one of the main demands of the client was the lighting, the architects gave full focus on this. They installed a controlled shading system by which the homeowners can easily control the amount of natural light. With that, they also provide enough artificial lighting both outdoors and indoors. LIGHT DESIGN ENGINEERING KOBER has designed and implemented the whole lighting concept. 

The building is clearly divided into two sections of the natural light. The light will enter through the glazed walls into the living room. The tail height of the dining space with the outside is around 3.50 m wide which also has the double-side damper doors.

House P bedroom

The paneling across the windows is extended to provide a homogeneous surface on the outside and prevent the view inside. Here the light filters create a playful effect of light and shadow. The main benefit of this thing is that this will keep the dwelling cool down in the extremely hot weather conditions.


A DALI lighting control system is installed so that the residents can operate the lighting according to them. They operate not only the motion sensors, switchable sockets, and luminaires but also the pool’s watering system. Brilliant, right? 

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