Having a luxurious house in everyone’s dream! In this blog, we are going to talk about one. U38 House, owned by Mr. Pongsak Korkiatsanti, is the best example of minimalism with functionality with mind-blowing construction. There is one thing that made us go – Woah. The house is built in a span of four months only. Let’s look at the project closely.

 U38 House living room with furniture and a large window

Project Details of U38 House

  • Project Name: U38 House
  • Owner: Mr. Pongsak Korkiatsanti and Ms. Naruemon Tantikarun
  • Architect Firm: OfficeAT (Office of Architectural Transition)
  • Architecture Style: Modern Residential (Steel House)
  • Year: 2014
  • Location: Soi Udomsuk 38, Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Area: 400 sq. m.
U38 House hat has a pool in the middle of it
U38 House  large driveway and entrance

The project is built for the family of three (husband, wife, and son). There are many things about the project that makes us admire the designer. 

U38 House  room with tables and a piano

The U38 House is built next to the owner’s parents’ house. It is a two-story house with a swimming pool, working area, master bedroom, son’s bedroom, family room, dining room, and an open terrace.

U38 House that has a pool in front of it

The ground floor has a combined living room and dining room facing the swimming pool. And the second floor is consists of a master and son’s bedroom along with the family room. 

U38 House bedroom next to a window

As the owner and architecture himself wanted this project to be done within four months, he planned to utilize the steel structure on a 6 by a 5-meter grid to complete the work ASAP.

 U38 House inside
 U38 House stairs

The materials used in the construction of the entire building were steel structure, painted plastered wall, brick wall, and wood lattice. All these materials made the house close to nature. To add more, the outer area of the house is decorated with plants and trees.

The house location is South East Asia, we all know the tropical climate of the area, considering these things only the screen of the house was decided. To protect it more the heat, the architect designed a long terrace on the side of the room and installed moveable recycled wood skin panels on the glass, which also create privacy for the family.

living room with furniture and lots of windows

The interior of the house is kept more minimal and elegant, and the color palette is neutral with a grass top canopy on the car parking area. The wood panel flooring beside the swimming pool area adds a great charm to the place.

 U38 House living room with a couch a table and a tv

This whole project was completed in four months and is the best example of modern architecture, be it for its structure, materials used, durability, or project completion. From outside, the house looks small and simple, but when observed from inside, it is beautiful as well as functional.

U38 House Washroom with sink
U38 House balcony area
U38 House by OfficeAT

Wrapping Up

The architecture proved that an area should not be a hindrance to designing. You can create marvelous designs for smaller areas as well.

Take inspiration from U38 House and (get) designed your own dream house.

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