Recliners is an awesome piece of furniture that provides unprecedented comfort for a reasonable price. However, it is not ideal, and you will need to adjust it according to personal preference. In this article, I want to discuss how to adjust the recliner in your home for free.

Let’s Get Started

When you adjust the recliner function, the primary thing you’ll need to do is to get the sides of the armrests. Make sure that there is no gap one way or the other. This is difficult since there are no “settings” to readjust them. Hopefully, this will answer any questions about how to adjust a recliner. However, I believe that you will do everything that is needed. 

First Step

First, lean over and firmly squeeze both recliners handle sections together until you hear a click. At this point, your recliner will be in its upright position. Now, look at the armrests. They should be perfectly even with one another right now, but the odds are good that one of these suckers is up higher than the other one. If either is significantly higher or lower, you’ll need to realign them, so they’re precisely even to each other.

Second Step

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Lean over, firmly squeezing the recliner handle sections together until you hear a click. At this point, your recliner will be in its most forward-leaning position. As with the upright position, check, both tests are precisely even with each other. If they’re not, repeat the previous step, so they are equal height to one another right now.

Third Step

Now, lean back slightly in your chair and place your feet up on an ottoman or stool just below waist level. Notice that many recliners can raise the footrest when in their upright position. You may fix your footrest, or it can go higher than it has been raised to.

This is another place where your recliner might have uneven armrests. If the footrest isn’t even with one armrest, you will need to raise or lower it slightly to make them match up perfectly.

Fourth Step

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Lean back even further into your chair and enjoy! This is where you’ll find out if your recliner’s adjustments are perfect for you or not. If you’re satisfied, keep things as they are. Alternatively, you need to readjust until all the armrests are equal in height with each other on both sides, and your feet rest at near waist level when placed on an ottoman or stool.

Most people’s recliners seem to require some slight adjustment after use to go back to their original state, so repeat the armrest height adjustment after you’ve used it a while to make sure everything is still perfect.

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks to Adjust a Recliner

In this section, I want to give you several tips and tricks on making the whole process much easier.

  1. If you’re a side sleeper, add some memory foam topper on top of your armrests. The padding will make it less likely that the recliner will dig into your shoulders while you sleep.
  2. When using the footrest in an upright position, place it back against the ottoman or stool so that you can put your feet up against it just under the knee area when the leg rest is raised. This prevents lower back strain caused by placing your legs up too high and helps take pressure off of your hips.
  3. Sit in front of a mirror when adjusting the height of your armrests so that both sides are even with each other. This is instead of one sticking up higher than another. Sitting in front of a mirror also allows you to see leg placement much better than trying to place your feet under it blindly.
  4. Make sure you turn your recliner off entirely so that the motor isn’t running while making any adjustments.
  5. Don’t be afraid to take apart your chair whenever necessary to remove any visible screws, nuts, or bolts if needed. If something is comfortable can’t be fixed easily with foam padding removal, it may require further disassembling into its inner workings for repairs. This is why it’s wise to keep your instruction manual on hand if anything needs adjusting down the line.


I hope this article was helpful for those who like watching movies at their home but have trouble with their recliner. Thanks for reading!

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