The attraction of a picturesque beach retreat is difficult to match when it comes to the extent of fine luxury living. Coastal scenic waterfront and pleasant settings draw everyone towards staying in homes nearby the beachfront. However, it is a dream come true for many. 

Staying in coastal homes, one can experience enjoyment, delight, and well-being near water. It is because of the sun reflecting off the water’s surface, the sound of the waves, the want for adventure, the nearby waterfront vistas, and the sentiments connected to water. Sands that are white and creamy provide depth and texture to the landscape, which gives a welcoming feel.

With the ever-growing population and increasing urbanization, people are staying in a closed atmosphere with little connectivity to the outdoors. Many of them work long hours dedicated to their professional services. Moreover, detaching themselves from the exterior affects their health drastically. 

Staying in dwellings along the coast is one way where one can relish the beauty of nature and its well-being. Coastal homes are trending in this year as they set a subtle difference between outdoor and indoor atmospheres. 

You can experience scenic views of waterfronts, exposure to bright sun and have a sun bath, feel the warm/cool waves, and go on an adventure, creamy sands that invite you along with the flora and fauna with fun and excitement.

1. 22446 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA

22446 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA
  • Coastal Home: Pacific Coast Highway
  • Location: Malibu, CA
  • Designers: Landry design group
  • Square footage: 6125 sq. ft
  • Exterior: 0.377 acres

In one of Southern California’s prominent settings, this remarkable oceanfront mansion is magnificent and livable in equal measure. The property, which occupies around 70 feet of coastline frontage on a valuable carbon beach, is perfectly scaled to the beach’s opulent finishes.

Award-winning Architectural firm – Landry design group transformed this coastal home to suit the style of the 21st century. The private residence features plain glass walls, courtyards, generous patios, and a seamless flow of decks that provide dazzling views of the sky, islands, and beach.

2. Castillo Caribe, Cayman Islands

Castillo Caribe, Cayman Islands
  • Coastal Home: Castillo Caribe, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands,
  • Location: Cayman Islands
  • Designers: John Doak Architecture
  • Square footage: 48,000 sq. ft
  • Exterior: 1.38 Acres

Designed by renowned architects, John Doak Architecture is one of the finest coastal homes with 250 feet of fine white sand beachfront. It features outdoor areas with mature gardens, many tropical fruit trees, stucco, coral stone exterior, sculpture, Tiki torches, and Hammocks Cabana.

An extraordinarily high-end luxurious decor complements the interiors, split into three levels. Beautiful stone walls, enormous windows and drapes, dramatic woven ceilings, polished and honed Jerusalem Gold floors, and antique decorations adorn the interiors where you can enjoy the exceptional views of the Carabian sea.

3. Localita Pevero Golf Porto Cervo, Sassari, Italy

Localita Pevero Golf Porto Cervo, Sassari, Italy
  • Coastal Home: Località Pevero Golf Porto Cervo
  • Location: Sassari, Italy
  • Designers: Ward young architects
  • Square footage: 20,451 sq. ft
  • Exterior: 1.48 Acres

Prestigious and elegant coastal home with a view of Cala di Volpe and Pevero Bay lies in the center of the Costa Smeralda. It is a coastal home with a contemporary and refined design with the latest technologies and precious materials, functional and never excessive.

The interiors are wrapped in an atmosphere of charm and style, featuring distinct works of art and precious sculptures. Light and sophisticated tones adorn the Panoramic living rooms, master suits with sea views, and luxurious cellars that offer a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

4. Savannah Dhu, Attitude Adjustment Road, United States

Savannah Dhu, Attitude Adjustment Road, United States
  • Coastal Home: Savannah Dhu, Attitude Adjustment Road, Savannah, New York, 13146 United States
  • Location: New York, 13146 United States
  • Square footage: 25,000 sq. ft

Savannah Dhu is a superb location in Central New York that spans over 3,900 acres. It was created as a hub and homestead to fulfill various functions – a meeting place for collaboration, explorations, and get-togethers for friends and family to enjoy, and where people can live a simple life to get back to their roots.

This coastal home is an adobe of organic gardens, greenhouses, and exquisite furniture that can hold hundreds of members besides several outbuildings and residences.

5. Manor House, France

Manor House, France
  • Coastal Home: Manor house
  • Location: France
  • Designers: Architect Schmidt
  • Square footage: 10,365 sq. ft
  • Exterior: 0.66 acres

Manor house, a coastal home, is an architectural masterpiece with an unobstructed panoramic sea view of South exposure West. Exceptionally spacious and magnificent, it is considered a tribute to Rivarias’ glorious history.

The luxurious villa’s garden apartments, elegant solid wood entrances, majestic staircases, vast terraces, and luxurious materials – all together present a rich, authentic asset with unique architecture.

6. Munroe Dr Miami, Florida, United States

Munroe Dr Miami, Florida, United States
  • Coastal Home: Munroe Dr Miami
  • Location: Florida, United States
  • Square footage: 7279 sq. ft
  • Exterior: 0.56 Acres

One of Miami’s best-kept secrets, camp Biscayne, is in the heart of the coconut groove. A beautiful wood enclave, where just 26 coastal homes can enjoy its natural environment, surrounds it.

With a waterfront of over 300ft, this renovated coastal home comprises multiple entertainment areas and a chef’s kitchen, as well as views of Sailboat bay. The interiors are featured Jerusalem’s stone floors, mahogany wood floors, coffered ceilings, meticulous details, and fine finishes, which offer coziness and warmth to all rooms.

7. Villa Katsura Little Dix Bay, British Virgin Islands

Villa Katsura Little Dix Bay, British Virgin Islands
  • Coastal Home: Villa Katsura Little Dix Bay
  • Location: British Virgin Islands
  • Square footage: 23,500 sq. ft
  • Exterior: 2.739 Acres

Villa Katsura is one of the exquisite oceanfront coastal homes, which is a retreat to the eyes overlooking Little Dix Bay. With its spectacular Asian-inspired architecture, the villa offers the ultimate luxurious living along with breathtaking Carabian views.

The interior spaces blend and flow with the surroundings, which combines remarkable attention to detail. Also, it offers a spectacular view of Drakes Channel comprises islands silhouetted in the sunset. It includes a pool nestled in the rocks, lush gardens, bamboo groves, and a heated spa rock pool, besides other common facilities.

8. St-Prex Other Vaud, Vaud, Switzerland

 St-Prex Other Vaud, Vaud, Switzerland
  • Coastal Home: St-Prex Other Vaud
  • Location: Switzerland
  • Square footage: 720m2
  • Exterior: 0.93 acres

St-Prex is a distinctive coastal home that has direct and private access to the lake and perfectly lies in a unique and ideal environment close to all amenities.

Built on three different levels, it has bay windows that provide the best possible lighting throughout the day. Natural hues and fine materials further accentuate transparency and modernity. 

9. Fox Point Retreat

Fox Point Retreat
  • Coastal Home: Fox Point Retreat
  • Location: Fancher Avenue Fair Haven, New York, United States
  • Square footage: 2304 sq. ft
  • Exterior: 1 Acre

The Fox Point Retreat is strategically located on about 204 feet of Little Sodus Bay coastline with a permanent dockyard. Providing a 180-degree view of lake Ontario, this coastal home features magnificent open rafters, en-suite baths, and bedrooms with large bay windows overlooking the coastline.

10. Agios Sostis, Southern Aegean, Greece

Agios Sostis, Southern Aegean, Greece
  • Coastal Home: Agios Sostis
  • Location: Southern Agean, Greece
  • Square footage: 2690 sq. ft
  • Exterior: 0.99 Acres

In a serene waterfront location with private access down to a sandy beach, Almyra offers comfort and premium luxury besides delivering world-class amenities in every detail. It expresses a modern contemporary style approach with bold design and sturdy linear lines inside and out.

The interiors of this coastal home are an adobe for modern elements and details that comprise neutral decor, marble floors, wooden beams, and a color palette inspired by nature.

11. Scarlet Hideaway

Scarlet Hideaway
  • Coastal Home: Scarlet Hideaway
  • Location: Ionian Islands, Kefalonia
  • Square footage: 630 sqm
  • Exterior: 4200 sqm

Residing high on a cliff-top location, Scarlet Hideaway provides breathtaking sea views and magnificent golden sunsets. Golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and green mountains surround the spectacular Hideaway. You can feel a sense of fresh sea breezes, fragrant Mediterranean scents, and a refreshing atmosphere necessary for one’s well-being.

Designers embraced the interiors of the coastal home with spacious living areas, luxurious lighting, landscaped grounds, bold colors, opulent fittings, stone walls, wooden beams, and covered pergolas.

12. Nishizawa at Ochoquebradas

Nishizawa at Ochoquebradas
  • Coastal Home: Nishizawa at Ochoquebradas
  • Location: Coquimbo, Chile
  • Square footage: 3,799 sq. ft
  • Exterior: 1.78 Acres

Exclusive Pritzker Prize-winning architect Ryue Nishizawa created a masterpiece for ochoalcubo through Chile Sotheby’s International Realty. This coastal home is a reflection of his style, built in harmony with nature and landscape. The 50 m-long undulating concrete roof resembles waves of water, creating a dialogue between land and water.

The interiors of this coastal home encompass transparency with full-height glass windows, providing mesmerizing views of the waterfront.

13. 1 S Grant St Savannah, Georgia, United States

1 S Grant St Savannah, Georgia, United States
  • Coastal Home: Grant St Savannah
  • Location: Georgia, United States
  • Square footage: 5,081 sq. ft
  • Exterior: 1.04 Acres

One of the remarkable retreats on Little Ogeechee River is on one south Grant street that offers views of forest and river. 

The family room is a meeting area for games, movies, and sunset viewing because of the striking 2-story windows that were created to surround the river views. Other facilities include a gourmet kitchen, offices, and a private gym in addition to multi-functional spaces.

14. Club Paradise Current, Eleuthera, Bahamas

Club Paradise Current, Eleuthera, Bahamas
  • Coastal Home: Club Paradise
  • Location: Eleuthera, Bahamas
  • Square footage: 1,872 sq. ft
  • Exterior: 3.79 Acres

Club Paradise is an extraordinary location for marine and boat enthusiasts. It offers mesmerizing sea views of brilliant blue waters and powdery beaches of the Caribbean side of North Eleuthera. The lush grounds welcome you with fruit trees and herb gardens.

This coastal house plan includes two cottages, along with other rooms and entertainment areas. The two buildings were designed and constructed with open-concept plans, storm-rated roof shingles, patios, fire pits, along with other amenities.

15. Chateau des Palmiers, Cities In Saint Martin, St. Martin

Chateau des Palmiers, Cities In Saint Martin, St. Martin
  • Coastal Home: Chateau des Palmiers
  • Location: St. Martin
  • Exterior: 4.8 Acres

A world-class beachfront coastal home offers a relaxed, exclusive, and intimate setting within the walls of a gated enclave. One can visualize the beauty of the white sands at the beach of Plum Bay.

This coastal home features lavish living rooms and bedrooms, along with other amenities such as heated pools, fitness centers, tennis court, and billiards besides outdoor bars.

16. Old Herring Creek Road West Tisbury, Massachusetts, United States

Old Herring Creek Road West Tisbury, Massachusetts, United States
  • Coastal Home: Waterfront on Vineyard Sound 
  • Location: Massachusetts, United State
  • Square footage
  • Exterior: 5.3 Acres

This coastal home is a private waterfront estate that includes 425 sq. ft of an independent vineyard sound beach. Elegantly refurbished, it features modern facilities for a gourmet kitchen and private decks for ensuite bedrooms.

One can enjoy spectacular views of the waterfront from every room, connecting with the outdoor atmosphere.

17. Palma De Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Palma De Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
  • Coastal Home: Palma De Mallorca 
  • Location: Balearic Islands, Spain
  • Square footage: 1,185 sq. ft
  • Exterior: 0.55 Acres

With a provision of the main house and guest house, the coastal homes have breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding area from every part of the property. The main house has a vast exterior and interior hall, three living rooms, two kitchens, a dining room, six bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, a gym, a sauna, a movie theatre, etc.

The outdoor area features uncovered terraces, a large swimming pool, ample parking, a tennis court, well-maintained gardens, etc.

18. 28 Seven Oaks Drive Bluffton, South Carolina, United States

28 Seven Oaks Drive Bluffton, South Carolina, United States
  • Coastal Home: Riverfront Estate, Colleton River Club
  • Location: South Carolina, United States
  • Square footage: 20,100 sq. ft
  • Exterior: 9.76 Acres

This riverfront is a design marvel with a deep water dock and boat lift that commands 500 feet of the Colleton River shoreline. Nearly ten gorgeous acres of coastal woodlands surrounded this charming lifestyle.

This coastal home presents unparalleled quality, premium materials, meticulous construction, and timeless design with traditional standards.

19. Other Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain

Other Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain
  • Coastal Home: Mediterranean Villa
  • Location: Mallorca, Spain
  • Square footage: 498 sq. ft
  • Exterior: 0.03 Acres

The Mediterranean Villa, with its mesmerizing sea views, is located in a quiet residential area with nearby shops and restaurants. Constructed with luxurious details, it comprises a large bright living room, a high-end equipped kitchen, a garden, and pools. 

The coastal house plan comprises contemporary design elements such as large glass windows, stone cladding, and clean and bold lines. 

20. Paradise West Beach Villa 3 Paradise Island, Bahamas

Paradise West Beach Villa 3 Paradise Island, Bahamas
  • Coastal Home: West Beach Villa
  • Location: Bahamas, 
  • Square footage: 5250 sq. ft
  • Exterior: 0.25 Acres

This luxurious Villa offers unparalleled privacy with the luxury of a beach and Harbourfront. It is concealed away amid lush vegetation and bordered by a magnificent bank of pearl-white sand. 

The coastal home features large living areas, full-height windows from floor to ceiling, ocean-facing balconies in guest rooms, as well as a fully equipped Kitchen.

A Review of Coastal Homes

A Review of Coastal Homes

These delightful coastal homes are family-friendly with their elegant facades, versatile interiors, breathtaking views of the waterfronts, modern and contemporary features, and luxurious lifestyle elements, along with lush green vegetation and private pools to enjoy.


1. What Are the Advantages of Living in Coastal Homes?

While staying in coastal homes, you can enjoy stunning views of nature, superior air quality, a practical outdoor atmosphere connecting with sunlight, air, and water, as well as creamy sands and earth.

2. Why Are Coastal Homes So Elevated?

Coastal homes are constructed on raised platforms to minimize the damage because by floods. Water and erosion can wash away your home and its interior if it is nearby to water.

3. What Are the Various Amenities/facilities You Can Enjoy in Coastal Homes?

Amenities you enjoy in coastal homes are spacious living rooms visually connecting with waterfronts, chef’s kitchen, swimming pools, and access to the beach, along with water sports activities such as boating, surfing, coastal reefs, etc.

4. How to Select Furniture for Coastal Homes with a Lot of Moisture?

One of the significant considerations is to select materials that are resistant to water. You can choose wood that is resistant to moisture, such as teak wood or timber, without polyethylene finishes. Also, paints such as marine paints can be used for cabinets and other furniture so that moisture does not affect them.

5. Are Coastal Homes Worth to Stay?

Staying in coastal homes is an amazing experience. Breathtaking views of mountains and waters, the experience of spectacular sunrises and sunsets, the feeling of dazzling breezes of water, lush green surroundings, fun and excitement of beach activities, and whatnot! 

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