When planning your staining project for your log cabin, the project is one that many owners prefer to have specialty contractors perform. The professionals enlist expertise and knowledge when using specialized tools and equipment to implement the latest techniques.

The efficiency the contractors are able to achieve means extended longevity and fewer re-applications. When planning the project, the color is a crucial element that will produce a distinct aesthetic for the cabin.

Several choices are available, making it important to be able to convey the feeling you’re going for with the supplier. Contemporary manufacturers offer shades that can range vastly from pumpkin to crystal blue, all inspired by nature, of course.

These are all formulated to last longer and offer more protection with few toxins, making them much safer. The contractors will let you know which stains are better to apply: the best for UV protection, deeper penetration, and perhaps even a suggestion on the color.

What Color is Your Log Cabin ?

Color of Log Cabin

The stain shade you choose for your log cabin creates a distinct aesthetic, but there’s more to the selection than the color choice. The stain must perform above expectations for optimum efficiency and an extended lifespan.

More log cabin owners are also eco-conscious, preferring environmentally friendly products. The process of staining is time-intensive, making it a chore most want to endure as few times as possible.

For those who believe the task is one better handled by professionals, log cabin staining contractors will take over by employing expert techniques using specialized tools and equipment to ensure the greatest outcome.

How to Choose the Color ?

Log Cabin color

Many people automatically want to choose colors that reflect their current aesthetic or style. The objective is to envision the stain you select far into the future to see if this is something you see as being able to withstand the test of time.

Re-staining a log cabin a different color is more complex than it would be to repaint the interior of a traditional house or reapply wallpaper. Neutral is always an excellent choice and can include an array of options, including gray, which is particularly favored for those on the East Coast.

On the West Coast, the golden colors are more popular, giving the vibe of the sun’s rays, the desert, and mountain ranges.

What About the Accents ?

Log Cabin accents

Roughly a decade ago, the selections for stains included a light stain for the interior and a darker one for the exterior, just two stains. With the many hues on the market nowadays, people take more chances with color.

You can highlight shutters, decking, or showcase porch rails and gingerbread trim with cottages. No rules apply when planning out the color scheme for either the interior or exterior color scheme of your log cabin. It just needs to be tasteful and timeless.

Take a Test Run

Log Cabin Color Test

Before you decide on a color, test the colors you choose in inconspicuous areas to see how the shade looks at different times throughout the day. This way, you’ll get the exact hue you’re looking for before you apply it to the entire cabin.

It could look one way at the supplier or in the container but look entirely different on the log cabin. If you’ve ever painted drywall and come out of it with utter disappointment, this will resonate with you, particularly since different wood species accept color in their own way.

It’s suggested that trees of the same species but grown in other areas can produce a different outcome. Do a large enough test that you get the idea of how an entire wall will turn out. You can use an area inside a closet or cupboard.

You won’t be able to alter a stain color that you’ve already purchased. You’ll need to buy another product or choose another color in that same brand.

In that same vein, you’ll want to try to use the same technique the contractor will use when staining the cabin. If a brush or a sprayer is used, these will look entirely different from each other. Find out how the stain will be applied and then mimic that when testing your color to get the full effect.

Final Thought

Some log cabin owners prefer to leave their property as natural as possible. The suggestion is to use at least a subtle color. While naked walls look good, these are porous and tougher to clean than if there’s a gloss finish. That’s particularly true inside a bathroom or kitchen space.

A color with pigment close to the wood shade will add UV protection. This can mean less maintenance than if you were to go with a more transparent stain. 

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