2024 is here, and so we are with the latest color trends alert! 

This year unfolds with a fresh array of colors that breathe life into our interiors and make our living spaces a place to truly call home! From soothing pastel hues to statement tones, this detailed guide on color trends 2024 has something for every personality and mood. These color trend design ideas are the perfect way to revamp your current interiors and create spaces that reflect your unique spirit and spark joy.

So, let’s dive into the list of the top color trends for 2024. 

1. Forest Green Color

Forest Green Color

Let’s start with a warm color: forest green! 

Sage green was one of the top color trends in 2023, but this year, forest green will take the lead. This shade of green connects to nature more closely and gives a grounding and calming feel to any space. You can use it from your bedroom walls to home decor to both divide the space or use it as an accent color. So, if you want to create a modern yet balanced atmosphere, go with this shade of green! 

2. Rust Color

Rust Color

Bring warmth and coziness to your home this year by incorporating rust color trends. It comes in both earth and autumn color palettes, which directly connect people to nature and inspire them to live a sustainable life. However, be mindful while using the rust color. They are best for accent walls or home decor, but overusing them can ruin the overall feel of the room. For example, you can add a rust-colored pillow to your couch or bed to create an instant visual appeal. So, this shade is definitely for the minimalists! 

3. Pistachio Color

Pistachio Color

Pistachio – A noble color that is expected to be the hottest color trends 2024! 

This gentle tone of green is unique and beautiful in itself, and it can also be combined with other colors, such as black, pink, and white. It will be an excellent option for people who want to bring softness and serenity to their space. You can use it in areas like entry halls, dining rooms, and family rooms. 

4. Lavender Color

Lavender Color

Lavender is a tricky color because you can easily turn it warm or cool by varying the depth of the undertone. While looking at this color, anyone feels instantly good and soothing, right?

“The world is a harsh place for many people at the moment. We need a light and airy color to lift our spirits and calm our nerves, and lavender is a pure, innocent, clean, and often spiritual color,” says designer Kevin Sawyers, principal of Sawyers Design. 

5. Mushroom Gray Color

Mushroom Gray Color

The next color trend on the list is mushroom gray, which is a warmer counterpart to traditional gray. Depending on your preference, you can turn the mushroom shade towards dark or light by adding brown, beige, or gray. This color gives a neutral and subtle look, which is perfect for kitchen and dining areas. 

6. Dark Pink Color

Dark Pink Color

Pink – A soft and feminine color that has been one of the top trending colors for interiors for ages. 

From pastel pinks to fuchsia, there are endless shades of pink, but this year, dark pink will dominate. The eye-catching and intriguing shade of pink can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it as an accent color with neutral tones or do the layering effect with multiple shades of pink. This way, you can easily add some depth and texture to your living spaces.

7. Soft Blue Color

Soft Blue Color

Blue is considered a timeless allure that never goes out of style. This fresh shade of blue with muted tones will remind you of the calm and depth of blue waters. Also, if you want something statement-looking, pair this shade with deeper, darker tones. 

If you’re searching for a classic and beautiful paint color to decorate your house, this soft, mid-blue will be an excellent option to consider. You can always try to experiment with various colors to see which goes well with the rest of your house’s interiors. 

8. Moody Black Color

Moody Black Color

For a chic and sleek look, there is nothing better than using a deep and dark color like black! Designers and interior experts have suggested that black will once again rise as one of the most popular color trends in 2024.

Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs says, “Small bathrooms and kitchens are going to start using this strong accent color as the main hue for a space.”

9. Gold Color

Gold Color

There is something so magical about the soft, shimmery gold color that can make any space appear luxurious and glamorous. Interior decor pieces like chandeliers, light fixtures, and furniture with gold finishes are the best way to give a sense of elegance and opulence to your room.

10. Deep Red Color

Deep Red Color

Doesn’t this shade of red look so versatile and inviting? Get ready to see this deep, earthy red color everywhere, from home decorations to house exteriors. This vivid and intense shade can be used in a variety of settings and rooms. Pair it with metal and wood finishes for an elevated ambiance.

11. Royal Purple Color

Royal Purple Color

Another great alternative to deep charcoal grays and blues is dark purple. Use this color palette on your staircase, hallways, and window trims to add a touch of elegance and sophistication. The royal purple or eggplant shades work well with pink and nude tones.

12. Warm Beige Color

Warm Beige Color

Set the neutral theme with this exact shade of beige! 

It is known as the warm beige shade, which makes it on our list due to the versatility and comfort that it brings to the living space. It is already a popular choice among homeowners and designers for interior design. 

13. Jewel Tones Color

Jewel Tones Color

Jewel tones not only bring warmth and personality to your space but also create a sense of luxury when used on walls or in textiles and fabrics. From rich ruby reds to jade green, there are paints in numerous jewel tones available in the market that you can use as per your liking. 

14. Deep Brown Color

Deep Brown Color

Yes, the brown shade is back! 

Just like last year, brown is having a major moment in the interior design industry. This versatile hue can be used both as a matte finish or glossy to create a warm and cozy environment. 

15. Warm Red Color

Warm Red Color

Another year, another shade of red is coming in the latest color trends! From kitchen cabinets to couches, you can efficiently decorate your living room and other parts of the house with warm, rusty reds. 

16. Dark Mauve Color

Dark Mauve Color

Interior designers and professionals predict that dark mauve will be used in most interiors, specifically in residential projects. 

According to Emily Henderson, an interior designer, “Dark mauves have been popping up, and it’s going to be a big color trend in 2024. It’s one of those colors that can read neutral but still happy and bold. I used Cocoa Berry by Sherwin-Williams in my powder bath, and I couldn’t love it more. It’s unexpected yet calm.”

17. Yellow Color

Yellow Color

Another bright color that will be leading in 2024 is yellow. From using it in decor as a pop of color to pairing it with dark tones to add character to your home, there are thousands of ways to embrace this modern shade of yellow.

18. Peach Fuzz Color

Peach Fuzz Color

The blend of pink and orange tones creates this fabulous Peach Fuzz by Pantone. Whether it’s your bedroom or bathroom, you can easily create a peaceful connection with warmth. It also goes well with colors like whites, creams, and light browns.

19. Navy Blue Color

Navy Blue Color

Navy blue has already been on every social media platform, so it will surely be a big color trend in 2024. This one is the Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore, which gives a rich and modern appearance to living spaces. 

20. Pale Pink Color

Pale Pink Color

Another pink shade that will remain at the top of the home decor color trends is light pink. Whether it’s fashion or interiors, pale pink always makes a statement while giving soft and delicate vibes. 

21. Burgundy Color

Burgundy Color

Burgundy comes in a category of rich colors that can be combined with multiple light and dark shades. Moreover, this color elevates the overall vibe of the room when paired with materials such as brass, wood, and neutral fabrics.

22. Neutral Stone Hues Color

Neutral Stone Hues Color

Neutral and earthy tones will continue to be seen on interiors on a large scale. These hues bring a sense of grounding and connection to nature while providing a modern aesthetic. 

23. Honeyed Tones Color

Honeyed Tones Color

Honeyed tones are well known for setting the mood while creating a balanced vibe, and that too without putting in much effort. These shades are carefree, energetic, and, most importantly, welcoming.

24. Cracked Pepper Color

Cracked Pepper Color

The last color on our list is cracked pepper, which Behr actually signs out as their Color of the Year 2024. This is a sleek and sophisticated color palette suited for both exterior and interior spaces. 

Wrapping Up! 

So, these are the top 2024 color trends. Whether it’s interior or exterior color decor ideas, you can decorate your house in several ways. Colors are powerful tools to transform and elevate the overall atmosphere of your living spaces. From neutral and earthy tones to bold and bright colors, you can add depth, texture, and personality with the help of the 2024 color trends. So, try different shades, hues, and tones to match your home’s aesthetics and style!

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