Knowing what to do with your garden or outdoor space doesn’t always come naturally. Whether you’ve got a little or a lot, finding a purpose for the room you do have relies on a bit of creativity, inspiration and simply trying things. Below we discuss a few ways to approach making the most of your outdoor garden or courtyard.

Reserve Different Spaces

Divide your garden space

This is probably easier for some than others, but it’s important not to see your outdoor space as one singular unit. Dividing your garden into different spaces, either with functionality or aesthetics in mind, can be useful to maximize the use you get from it.

For example, one area could be for eating and entertaining, and another can be for growing flowers or vegetables. Zoning doesn’t just have to consider floor space – there is so much you can do with fences, walls and vertical spaces.

Create Atmosphere with Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

The right lighting can make or break a garden space, especially in the evenings and at night. It’s not just about making more usable space, it’s also about creating the right atmosphere and ambience in which you want to spend time.

Small touches such as lights draped across fences or solar festoon lights hanging over your outdoor space are incredibly effective at creating an inviting, homely atmosphere. Focus on areas where you’ll spend time in the evenings or at night, to maximise the benefit gained from your garden or courtyard.

Make It Cozy with a Firepit

Backyard Firepit

Installing a firepit allows you to light up and cozy by the firepit on those long summer evenings or chilly winter nights. They can also be centrepieces in your garden and something to enhance your entertaining efforts all year round.

Endless opportunities for toasted marshmallows and campfire stories can had, whether you have little ones or not. Just be careful when any open flames are alight!

Bring Your Outdoor Space to Life

Rewild your garden

Any outdoor space holds the perfect opportunity to bring some more life into your own. Don’t be afraid to rewild areas of your garden – this can include letting existing plants flourish or growing things purposefully to create a sense of wilderness. Making habitats for the local ecosystem is certainly an honourable way to use your outdoor space.

Even if you don’t have a lot of room or any existing greenery, you can always use planters, raised beds and other containers to make use of the space you do have. Plant flowers or vegetables to bring some life back into a dull courtyard or terrace. What can you do to your outdoor space?

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