Soaking up in the sun and having your favorite cocktail drink near the pool– sadly, those days are over! Since fall is coming, and it’s getting colder outside, the best way to enjoy this season is with an outdoor fire pit!

A fire pit is an excellent addition to any outdoor space, regardless of the size. This single outdoor element can entirely transform your space and make it more warm, cozy, and inviting. Are you also looking for some creative ways to spruce up your outdoor space? You got on the right page! Today, in this post, I’ve made a list of the best fire pit ideas for you. From large outdoor fire pit ideas to simple DIY fire pit ideas for small spaces, there is an idea for you.

Backyard Firepit Ideas

1. Garden Fire Pit

Garden Fire Pit

Let’s start with a simple but attractive fire pit idea. Here, the homeowners have decided to go with a more traditional and rustic firepit in their backyard. You’ll need a metal drum to bury in the ground to create something like this (take a look at the above image for reference). Later, cover it with sand, gravel, or stones to help contain the heat. Try this traditional wood-burning design for your house.

2. Fire Pit with Lights

Fire Pit with Lights

If you want to elevate your ordinary-looking firepit area to a stunning spot to hang out, consider adding some lights. Lights can make any space look pretty and magical! Hang string lights and lanterns around the sitting area. Along with fire, this setup looks really eye-catching, and the whole ambiance just instantly becomes more romantic. 

3. Fire Pit at a Courtyard

Fire Pit at a Courtyard

Look at this gorgeous firepit built at the center of a 20-foot-tall courtyard of a Los Angeles home. It is designed by Eric Olsen’s team, who dig about feet to lay the foundation, and results are in front of your eyes. This fire pit is undoubtedly the soul of this house, as it brings everyone together to spend time. 

4. Stone Firepit Ideas

Stone Firepit Ideas

If you have a backyard space you don’t know how to use, here’s a great idea: build a traditional-style stone firepit! 

This is one of the easiest yet effective fire pit ideas suitable for spaces of various sizes. You can use stones or concrete landscaping stones to construct the pit. Don’t forget to add the wooden benches along with the wooden chairs so that everyone can enjoy the outdoors. 

5. Metal Fire Bowl

Metal Fire Bowl

If you live in desert regions, you’ll surely love this idea. Here, the firepit has this huge metal bowl, which creates a simple yet sleek ambiance. Add wooden chairs covered in woven fabric and plants to complete the look. 

6. Cozy Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

Cozy Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

Create the perfect moment with your date at this modest yet comfy fire pit! Apart from a small fire pit zone, this place also features concrete slabs and a swimming pool. Every element creates a serene atmosphere. 

7. Firepit with Bistro Lights

Firepit with Bistro Lights

Light up the entire path leading to your backyard firepit seating area. It will look aesthetically pleasing and prevent people from tripping over in the dark. Use a charming set of bistro and string lights to create a glowing path. 

8. Outdoor Brick Firepit Ideas

Outdoor Brick Firepit Ideas

There is something so magical about the traditional fire pits, like brick ones. Take a quick look at the above picture, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Create a classic hangout spot to cherish moments with your loved ones. 

9. Small Fire Pit Ideas

Small Fire Pit Ideas

Do you also need help finding the perfect firepit idea for your small backyard? 

No worries, try this one! This is a single-stove fire pit that can be placed or moved anywhere. And the best thing is that it can double as an outdoor kitchen, which means you can also Carport Grilling your favorite food. 

10. Firepit with a Twist

Firepit with a Twist

Fire pit + Chimney = Chiminea

You indeed have seen a fire pit in a bowl or square shape, but this is something different. This is a sprawling chiminea that has a potbelly-shaped base and is tall like a chimney. If you want something unique and creative, you can try this.

11. A Fire Pit Under the Trees

A Fire Pit Under the Trees

Enjoy with your friends and family members at this really cozy spot, which offers natural surroundings and a warm fire pit. Try this and elevate the experience of your outdoor entertaining area. 

Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas 

12. Simple Fire Pit Ideas

Simple Fire Pit Ideas

Looking for a simple and sleek fire pit idea? 

This modern outdoor fire pit spot features a metal fire pit and four gray chairs. Instead of wooden chairs, use these types of outdoor furniture with this firepit setup to get something sophisticated and enchanting. 

13. Fire Pit with Covered Patio

Fire Pit with Covered Patio

It is not recommended to put your firepit indoors; however, you can add a covered coverage to get similar vibes. Here, wooden beams are used to create a semi-open structure that is surrounded by greenery. Decorate the space with a firepit, outdoor furniture, and cushions to add warmth and coziness. 

14. Rectangle Fire pit Ideas

Rectangle Fire pit Ideas

Here is one of the best outdoor firepit ideas for you: a rectangle fire pit! 

Round and oval shapes are too common for a fire pit, so try a rectangle or a long, narrow-shaped fire pit. This shape is perfect for large outdoor spaces as it will balance the area. Similarly, try to add outdoor furniture in an L-shape to create a symmetric look without feeling clumsy or congested.

15. Outdoor Firepit in Nature

Outdoor Firepit in Nature

Nothing is more serene and beautiful than having a cup of morning tea or coffee at a place surrounded by nature. 

If you love this idea, you can create something similar in your outdoor space without compromising your privacy. Look at the above picture; a concrete fire pit is placed with a comfy wicker seating arrangement. 

16. A Fire pit with Mountain View

A Fire pit with Mountain View

If you’re living in a mountain house, don’t miss the opportunity to create something purely mystical and absolutely peaceful like this outdoor seating setup! 

The best thing about outdoor seating areas is that you can experience the natural scenery and neighborhood views anytime, and that too with complete privacy. Set the chairs in a semicircle shape and a large fire pit in the center. Enjoy the chilly winter nights beside a bonfire and watch the stunning sunset alone or with your loved ones. You’ll feel great here!

17. Fire Pit Matching Exteriors

Fire Pit Matching Exteriors

With so many fire pit ideas and styles out there, sometimes picking the right one becomes challenging. Whenever in a dilemma, it’s best to go with your architecture! Yes, an outdoor fire pit complementing your house exteriors looks effortlessly beautiful.

18. Modern Fire Pit Ideas

Modern Fire Pit Ideas

Fire pits don’t always mean that they should be in rustic or farmhouse style. Look at the above image; a sleek and modern fire pit seating is built in the backyard of this home. You can take inspiration from this and create a fire pit in modern, industrial, or any style you like.

19. Firepit with a Lake View

Firepit with a Lake View

Lake house plans are another great place to add outdoor seating. Don’t believe me? Just take a quick glance at the above picture. Doesn’t it look so ethereal and relaxing? Whether it’s small or big, fire pit ideas are always a brilliant way to enjoy the calm and composed lake views. 

20. Salvaged Brick Fire Pit

Salvaged Brick Fire Pit

This fire pit has a minimalist design, which is added to an ample outdoor space. If you want something simple and in vintage style, you can go with this in-ground firepit, which also requires easy cleaning and low maintenance. 

21. A Firepit in Natural Landscape

A Firepit in Natural Landscape

Imagine sipping your favorite drink in a serene natural landscape with birds chirping. This will be so calming for your body as well as your mind! Recreate this fantastic outdoor arrangement by adding some low-profile chairs and a square fire pit.

DIY Fire Pit Ideas 

Searching for how to build a backyard fire pit ideas? Keep reading! 

22. Portable Firepit Ideas

Portable Firepit Ideas

If you don’t want to put a permanent firepit in your yard, consider getting a portable one! These temporary firepit ideas for backyard offer the same warmth and ambiance as concrete fire pits without spending too much. 

23. DIY Tabletop Fire Pit

DIY Tabletop Fire Pit

Tabletop fire pits are great for small outdoor spaces. Available in several designs and styles at an affordable price, these types of firepits look cute and are functional. Decorate the area with a few planters and chairs; your outdoor setup is ready! 

24. Small DIY Canister Firepit

Small DIY Canister Firepit

Portable outdoor fire pits are famous for two reasons – flexibility and versatility! 

Get a single stove canister firepit; whenever you want to spend time outdoors, just fire it up. You can also carry it around to change the seating location according to your preference. 

25. A Firepit For Two

A Firepit For Two

Create a picturesque spot where you and your partner can spend time together away from the chaos of life. This fire pit arrangement is part of an 1880s countryside cottage with everything vintage.

26. Sustainable Fire Pit Ideas

Sustainable Fire Pit Ideas

If you want something environment-friendly, try a firepit that runs on a solar panel or is built using recycled materials. You can also put this firepit near your alfresco dining. 

27. Smokeless Fire Pit

Smokeless Fire Pit

Whether you’re allergic to smoke or don’t want to spend time starting a fire, you’ll surely love this fire pit! It is a unique fire pit that can start a fire with the help of hot air. 

28. Washing Machine Drum DIY Fire Pit

Washing Machine Drum DIY Fire Pit

We’re here with some creative do it yourself firepit ideas. To build this fire pit, you’ll need an old metal washing machine drum because this will be your firepit. You can also paint it either black or gold to match the rest of the decor. 

29. DIY Firepit with Cooking Grate

DIY Firepit with Cooking Grate

Love grilling? Add a cooking grate to your regular fire pit and enjoy delicious food in a gorgeous ambiance. 

30. Suspended Cauldron Fire Pit Ideas

Suspended Cauldron Fire Pit Ideas

Try this unique firepit idea and surprise your guests! This is made from a giant cast iron cauldron, which looks both stylish and weird (in a good way). Also, instead of lighting the fire underneath the kettle, put the firewood inside garden.

31. Firepit + Grill

Firepit and Grill

The last fire pit idea on this list is this really cool fire pit, which features a grill. With this firepit, you’ll feel like grilling has never been easy.


What is best to put in the bottom of a fire pit?

You can use a layer of sand, gravel, or crushed stone at the bottom of your fire pit. This will evenly distribute the heat, prevent the fire from spreading, and be a lot easier to clean afterward.

How high should a fire pit be off the ground?

A fire pit should be at least 12 to 18 inches off the ground for safety purposes. 

What rocks should not be used in a fire pit?

Never use river rocks, limestones, and sandstones in your fire pit, as they have a high moisture content that can explode.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the best firepit ideas for your backyard and outdoor spaces. From DIY fire pit ideas to large modern outdoor firepit ideas, there are numerous options to choose from. With a bit of planning and creativity, you can transform your outdoor space into a cozy retreat. So, select your favorite firepit design from the above best fire pit ideas and enjoy your winter evenings filled with the crackle of flames to make memories with your loved ones.

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