Today we are going to check out one of the famous libraries: Hunters point Library built by the Steven Holl architects. Situated on an amazing site next to the East River, where just behind are the high skylines of Manhattan, the 22,000 square foot Queens Public Library consists of a library where the locals can find, sit, relax and read a variety of books. It also consists of a public park.

Hunters Point Library New York

The terrace offers an exciting view of the high-rise buildings. Opposing late patterns of fusing open libraries and genuinely necessary social space inside very good quality private pinnacles, the Hunters Point Library stands autonomously, ascending with a negligible impression on its 32,000 square foot site to offer greatest encompassing green space to the people of the neighborhood and turning into a coordinated piece of the dynamic open park that lines the waterway’s edge. 

Hunters Point Library with buildings in the background

The model consists of vertical alignment, giving a different amount of space for both, reading as well as gathering for social reasons. The structure’s aluminum-painted solid shell isn’t only a veneer however a heap bearing structure, which precludes certain types of things such as prolonged curtains and columns. 

Hunters Point Library inside

Outside the Façade, the sculpture cuts are constructed just to give the locals a glimpse of outside beauty, making it complete transparency in making people visualize the movement of the people inside as well as the elongated skylines of Manhattan. 

Hunters Point Library  with a lot of books on the shelves

The area gets divided into different 3 sections, namely one for the children, the other two areas getting settled for the teenagers as well as adults. Inside, warm bamboo creates an enticing social space, open to the network, and offering drawing in spaces for all ages. Through the large window panes located on the side of the wall, the natural sunlight enters the room and shines it.  

Hunters Point Library and a staircase

The advanced section of digital books is kept alongside the conventional books that are converged through the shelves and neighboring computerized workstations that stream upward alongside a progression of open steps. A ground-level assembly room under the fundamental segment gives open gathering and occasion space. The steps switch again from the lower balcony and connect to the other one present at the opposite end, associating understanding territories and deducing in a housetop perusing porch with perspectives on the city and the waterway.

Hunters Point Library with tables, chairs, and bookshelves

The library’s mark component is a lot of terraced study seats, upheld by stacks, that climb from the fundamental passage to the bi-level grown-up assortment. These seats will, without any uncertainty be pined for their capability to move and divert, since they open to the astounding scenes over the East River to the Manhattan horizon through the gigantic freestyle window divider. 

Hunters Point Library back side

The silent room along with another similar type of room is located on the first floor along with some reading areas. Technological Centres along with a place for working of staff as well as a lounge area are situated above. For the teenagers out there, there is a special section to read on the fourth floor along with a cafeteria. 

While the arrangement is reduced, the structure area of the new library is open and streaming to take into account the most vitality productive plan and the best measure of open green space on the site. Next to the eastern pathway, there lies a garden meant for the purpose of reading, which in fact bordered by an office. Around evening time, the shining nearness of the Hunters Point Library along the waterfront joins the Pepsi sign and the “Long Island” sign at the old Gantry to turn into a guide for this new place specially built for the local community. 

Hunters Point Library from front view

This was all about the Hunters point library located in Queens, New York. The place is an astounding visual of an attractive library. Located beside the high skyline of Manhattan, the place gives us amusing scenes.

Hunters Point Library from top view


The library consists of various sections, even for the workers there as well as for the people of the community. Surely, the Hunters point library construction is amazing and it is an inspiration for the budding young architects for sure!

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