This beautiful architecture is constructed by the renowned architects richärd+bauer (now known as Richard Kennedy Architects). Located in the state of Arizona, this desert broom library has been home to many national awards for its specialization in sustainable growth. Opened in 2005 and spread across 15,000 square feet, this library can accommodate up to 60 persons at a time. Designed in a way to keep its environment free from disturbance, this building has been an awardee of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) by the USGBC (United States Green Building Council).

The desert broom library, mostly famous for its “sustainable development” concept has been awarded numerous accolades and is an inspiration for young architects. The 2004 Merit award by the AIA under the category of design awards, the 2005 Pride award, the 2005 Honour Award as well as the 2005 Crescordia for Environmental excellence, along with its biggest achievement, the 2006 ALA/IIDA award for its remarkable efforts in providing sustainable design in its innovation. 

desert broom library pole structure

Acquiring from the cooperative relationship of a youthful saguaro desert plants and its attendant tree along the edge of the arroyo, the sweeping top of this branch library makes a concealed microclimate, giving differentiated sunlight, cover and an assisting situation for scholarly development. This present undertaking’s quality is in the coordination of the outside with the inside of the structure.

The rooftop extends itself into the natural desert providing ease in access to the outside view along with coherent transition between both the spaces. The roofs have been perforated to let the flow of natural light in both internal as well as external spaces. Just on the top of the kid’s area, every opening has been created with the help of colorful vibrant glasses to make the view mesmerizing.

desert broom library exterior

There are multiple channels along the same roof that makes their way out to nature’s beauty with minimal effort. The multiple blocks include the meeting segment, where there would be discussions held, while the other thing is the information cube, followed by staff who works there to help the people along with computer training areas where training about the device is given.

There is even online support assisted by the department about consultation of books, e-library setup, electronic items list out during an emergency, guidelines about staying home and staying safe, tools and resources that can be used to manage the work by the staff workers as well as the public access to the available books. As we can see, there are tons of reviews on the internet about the library where the majority of the audience has found the area large and peaceful along with the staff being very helpful and kind towards new members and old members.

outside of desert broom library

With the advancement in technology and ease of access to the internet, along with development in the wireless field, the study area for the students has been transformed with ease into a wireless lounge, making the place better to research for things, to study on the web and to indulge in your works on the internet. With only a slider between the PC labs, they can be used by the public for their work. The walls at the children’s’ area are constructed in such a way that they can be dismantled at any time, making the area expand across the plan more, providing better space and comfort for the public. 

Most beautiful parts of such projects are that they are built keeping nature in mind, the technologies and advancement don’t harm the environment, neither does the construction of the workplace. That’s why it has been rewarded by the LEED and is certified as it has scored approximately more than 40 % of the basic points necessary to get certified. As we can see it has a very soothing interior as well as ease in access to the external atmosphere.

books and book shelf  in desert broom library

Here we enlightened you about the Desert Broom Library, built by richärd+bauer. This architecture is very famous around the city and is often difficult to manage a free slot there. So, we suggest you keep looking there and grab the opportunity to visit the place whenever you feel like. 

It was all about sustainably developed buildings, not only keeping the public desires in mind but also developing the premises in such a way that it harms the mother Earth in the least way possible. The architecture will be an inspiration for young architects over the years and it will inspire them to build the buildings keeping nature at the first position.

 desert broom library  conference room
A walkway leading to a building with a fence
A building with a tree in front of it
A library with a glass ceiling and a circular light fixture
Desert Broom Library room with a bunch of chairs in it

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