For fashion-conscious people, the time of autumn and winter is absolutely priceless. You get to keep yourself warm in your favorite jackets and overcoats while looking especially stylish and fashionable. However, it will often be the case that when you return home, you do not feel that warmth and comfort anymore. Oftentimes, this is due to how the interior design of the home is laid out. Interior design really plays a huge role in how to keep your home warm and therefore, it would be wise to pay attention to this particular aspect of your home when designing it

If you find that your home still feels as though it is an ice palace even with the heating all the way up, then it may be a good idea to pay attention to the interior design of your home. Installing a bioethanol fireplace can be a great first step but where do you go from there? Well, read on to find out. 

1. Use Warm Colors

Use Warm Colors

When you use colors that are really warm, it will create a kind of a sense of comfort within the home. This can be achieved in a number of ways including by painting the house in a certain way, or through the use of upholstery, furnishings, slipcovers, and also decorative pieces.

The color brown is particularly useful for achieving this desired purpose. It has the ability to create a kind of natural and earthlike feeling of stability and security and it will definitely be a warm welcome to anyone who enters your home.

Brown can be mixed with other colors as well such as orange, slate gray, and sometimes even purple in order to create a true feeling of warmth. Brown will also work very well with colors such as amber, plum, sage, pumpkin, and buff as well. 

2. Make the Best Use of Both Natural and Artificial Lighting

Make the Best Use of Both Natural and Artificial Lighting

The kind of windows you choose for your home will determine the kind and amount of natural light that you have entering your home. They will also allow you to block the view of the icy cold outside during intense cold weather.

You can also make use of thick curtains and drapes that are in rich and dark hues as they can really detract from the chilliness of the outside. Plantation shutters will be better able to manage the light if that is the direction that you want to go in.

Motorized blinds happen to be the best solution for the purposes of manipulating natural light. It can also be programmed to open and also close during the times that you prefer. This will make sure that your home is exposed to the scenery outside your window and home.

Owing to the fact that there is minimal lighting during the months of autumn and winter, you may also want to make the best use of artificial light in order to create warmth in your home environment. 

3. Heavy Knitted Throws and Pillows Should Be Made the Best Use Of

Heavy Knitted Throws and Pillows Should Be Made the Best Use Of

Making use of heavy knits in order to accent the interior decor of your home happens to be one of the trendiest things that you can do with regard to the interior design of the home. These things have the ability to literally and also figuratively add warmth to any setting that they are in.

You can try and drape your sofa by using a cable-knitted throw that is thick. You can also cover or find pillows that are kind of in the same vein. When you place a folded blanket that is knitted or an ottoman, it will also have the ability to give you a sense of coziness.

Having the knowledge that you can just grab a hold and then bundle up at any time is a very comforting knowledge to have. A number of different color schemes will work well in almost any room including beige, off-white, and slate grey. 

4. Introduce Wood into Your Space

Introduce Wood into Your Space

When you make use of both natural as well as engineered hardwood, it will have the effect of complementing the color usage in order to create a sense of warmth. Try introducing some tables and wood shelving that are rich-toned into your space. You will find that they will have a pretty significant impact.


However, the thing that will really bind the whole thing together is the finishing of the floor. If you want something that is a bit more durable than hardwood then you can opt for the ceramic faux wood.

Not only will it provide for that much more durability but it will also be able to keep your home warm . Another thing to consider might be the faux luxury wood vinyl that is available in the market.

Both of these things are very popular and in-trend at the moment. Make sure that you also consider the walls and also the room trims. If you can get even one of them finished with a wood veneer then it really does have the ability to bring your whole room together and make it feel like a big and cozy hearth. 

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