Evacuation and entry alarms are both possible with door alarms. Door alarms are an important component of any security system. Your front and back doors, and also the door entering your home through the garage, are among the most crucial entry points to the property that must be protected. 

They can be installed on every door in your house and will detect vibrations and activate the alarm. Any attacker will be scared away by the first warning sound. Door alarms are sometimes disregarded when setting up home security, yet they can provide simple accessibility into the residence afterward.

Types of Door Alarms 

Types of Door Alarms 

There are two basic types of door alarms: 

Door-Open Alarms

Door-open alarms are also known as door-left-open alarms or door-held-open alarms. This type of alarm gets activated when an intruder opens a door and is held open for a specific period of time. This way, the alarm warns the owner by emitting a loud siren sound or a flashing light, or both. 

Door-Forced-Open Alarms

These types of alarms only get activated when a door is forcefully opened.  For example, a door that can only be opened with a valid key is opened by an intruder through physical force.

Uses of Alarms

Uses of Door Alarms

Entrance and exit alarms are most commonly used to warn householders but would target possible invaders. It is totally up to you how many and what kind of monitors you will need. Many store owners choose just single or multiple alarms. 

A shopkeeper will frequently use a doorway sensor mostly on the entrance door and the collecting area to notify them of customers entering, as well as a separate sensor in the distribution center to notify them of messengers or other packages arriving.

Clients or workers accessing your business or facility are alerted by fixed and mobile door alarms. These commercial door alarms can be used in a variety of settings, including storefront access, storage alleys, delivery entryways, and more.

The Benefits of Including Door Alarms in Your Home Improvement

The Benefits of Door Alarms in Your Home Improvement

When you are not at home, you must ensure that your residence is secure, and door alarms can provide that security. Check out some reasons why you should include door alarms in your upcoming home improvements.

Here are the top 4 benefits of using door alarms in your residence: 

To Keep Safe From Criminal Activity

To Keep Safe From Criminal Activity

The primary motive for installing a doorway alarm is to deter criminal activities. It can act as a barrier to criminals, and if they notice that you also have one, they may move on to the next house. If an attacker breaches through the entrance, they will be greeted by the alarm’s loud sound.

This should be enough to scare criminals away even before neighbors or the cops arrive. If your door is protected by an alarm, robbers are more inclined to flee and seek refuge in a safe location.

They Can Be Installed On Any Door

When installing door alarms as part of a home makeover, you do not have to stop at the front entrance. So the main door is the primary entrance; you could also possess a back door, a basement entrance, or other entrances.

Door alarms can also be installed on the inner doors of your home. The door alarm might provide peace of mind if you maintain a room with expensive belongings or a child’s room. When you are away from town, set the alarm on each door so even if an invader sneaks past one already, they will need others to deal with.

They Can Be Linked To The Security System

They Can Be Linked To The Security System

Another benefit of installing door alarms seems to be that they may be linked to existing security systems. They can be set to turn on the outside lights or any lighting fixtures in the household.

You can connect them to smart devices to get recordings, notifications, and other features. You will know immediately if someone turns off your door alarm. 

They Can Be A Budget-Friendly Option

Whenever you adopt actions to safeguard and secure your house, insurance companies can frequently give you a discount. They encourage residents to take precautions to avoid theft, robbery, house intrusions, and other expensive activities.

This is easy to blow small money on home security, yet door alarms are quite inexpensive. They might be a simple yet practical solution that would be loud enough to keep any burglar away. 


Door alarms are one of the inexpensive and easy ways to keep your home safe. These security devices will immediately alert you whenever someone opens or tries to open the doors of your house. So, include door alarms in your home security set-up and stay safe and secure. 

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