Craving a living room that exudes both style and comfort?

Try living room curtains! Yes, curtains play a pivotal role in any interior design, as they hold the power to transform a simple space into a haven of personality and function. From dreamy, soft, pastel floor-ceiling curtains to luxurious gold drapes, there are plenty of options to choose from. How to choose curtains for living room? You can pick the curtains on the basis of fabrics, style, and your living room’s overall vibe. Today, in this blog, I’ve made a list of the top trending living room curtains in 2024. So, whether your interiors are modern, traditional, or something personalized, you’ll surely find the perfect curtains for your space. 

Let’s dive in. 

1. Floor-Ceiling Curtains

Floor to Ceiling White Curtains

If you want to make your living space seem bigger and more spacious, go with ceiling-height curtains! These types of curtains are hung all the way to the ceilings, which gives a fantastic illusion of tall ceilings. Doing this can instantly add more visual height and grandeur while making it more open.

2. Sheer White Living Room Curtains

Sheer White Living Room Curtains

The best way to add a soft touch to any space is through neutral colors and light fabrics. For example, take a look at the above room, where semi-sheer white curtains are installed over the doors and windows. These drapes will allow ample natural light and air into the room while eliminating the line between indoors and outdoors. 

3. Color Block Curtains For Living Room

Color Block Curtains For Living Room

Color-blocked curtains are another fabulous way to bring a dose of color to the space while maintaining the neutral theme. You can get white, beige, or cream color drapes with solid, thick strips at the end. Pair it with vibrant cushions on the couch and wooden furniture to complete the look. Don’t hesitate and try these modern living room curtain ideas for your home. 

4. Living Room Curtains with Rings

Living Room Curtains with Rings

For a classy and contemporary look, consider placing curtains with rings. The rings add a decorative element and provide ease of closing and opening. This style works with almost any fabric, including light sheers and heavier drapes. Try this trick to add a versatile design to your family room, and that too without spending too much. 

5. Luxurious Gold Drapes

Living Room Curtains with Gold Drapes

Channel the royal and luxurious vibes with these gold drapes. This is a draped valance and complementary Roman shade installed in a Midas-touched bedroom in a historic Italian tower. Go with fabrics like velvet or embroidered silk with shimmering details. To balance the look, pair it with neutral color blinds. This is an excellent addition to your windows as well as to your space, as it brings a sense of warmth and richness.

6. Curtains with Watercolor Effect 

Curtains with Watercolor Effect

Let your living room curtains become a canvas that portrays your creativity and imagination. These watercolor effect fabrics will be a huge interior design trend in 2024. They are airy and flowy, which can be used to add a touch of whimsy and romance to any living room, regardless of style. Choose these fabrics in soft colors like blush pink, lavender, and pistachio. The above North Carolina home belongs to designer Ariene Bethea, where white curtains with brush strokes of watercolor paint have been placed. 

7. Teal and Gold Linen Drapes

Curtains with Teal and Gold Linen Drapes

Bring together the tranquility of teal and the opulence of gold in the form of linen curtains. This combo is perfect for large living rooms with lots of windows and doors. These two colors instantly bring calm and sophistication without being too dramatic. Take inspiration from the windows of the Nantucket cottage designed by Kevin Isbell.

8. Curtains with Floral Patterns 

Curtains with Floral Patterns

Add these striking curtains with bold floral prints in vivid colors. The pattern of roses, wildflowers, and leaves will add a delicate and statement look to the room. From large prints to minimalist prints in saturated shades like fiery orange, bright yellow, and emerald green, there are numerous options available on the market. Mix and match these drapes with rattan furniture and woven rugs to get a natural, harmonious appearance.

9. Striped Roman Shades

Curtains Having Striped Roman Shades

Sometimes, you don’t have to put much effort into or add vibrant colors to a room to make it attractive! This means that even the smallest and simplest decor can create an impactful ambiance. The best example are these gorgeous Roman curtains with stripe patterns. These lines create a clean and modern interior in the living room. Try combinations like navy and white or black and white, as they’re the most popular living room curtains. 

10. Simple Curtain Designs

Simple Curtain Designs for Living Room

There is nothing wrong with bringing bold colors and striking patterns, but there is something so soothing and relaxing about simple curtains. White or beige curtains can easily camouflage into the walls painted in the same color, creating a cohesive and seamless vibe. Instead of plain curtains, you can also get the ones with textures and decorate them with natural wood furniture. 

11. Curtains With Fringe Details

White Color Curtains With Fringe

Here are some other elegant living room curtains that can create captivating and attractive visuals with drapes with fringes. These dreamy cream-colored curtains have vertical, delicate fringe designs matching the couch and the rest of the furniture. It is a timeless combination that adds a touch of texture and depth without overwhelming the space. 

12. Curtains with Delicate Lattice Design 

Curtains with Delicate Lattice Design

Looking for a unique way to add visual interest? If yes, consider curtains with geometric lattice patterns! 

You can include this pattern in two ways: for a minimalist look, go with neutral colors and organic fabrics, and choose contrasting colors and heavy materials for a striking look. This trick will work for almost every type of interior decor and style, from contemporary to traditional. 

13. A Contrasting Combo of Wall and Curtains 

Living Room with Blue Walls and Purple Curtains

Have you spent hours on the internet trying to find perfect living room curtains ideas? Well, here’s one trick that works with every space: contrast your curtains with walls! 

To understand this concept, first take a look at the above image. Here, blush pink curtains are installed against the powder blue wall color as a contrasting hue. If your living room wall paint is solid, go with curtains with graphic prints, and vice versa. This will really create a dynamic visual tension.

14. Alluring Curtains Subtle Pattern

Beige Color Curtains With Subtle Pattern

Here are modern living room curtains ideas for you to elevate your space on a budget. Use subtle prints and patterns, such as stripes, tiny checks, or simple geometric shapes. This is a wonderful way to bring interest and depth to the room without being too dramatic. Don’t forget to pair them with simple furniture and clean lines for a minimalist haven of tranquility. 

15. Pop of Color

Living Room having Sofa Curtains and Dining Table

Splash some color and make your living room alive!

Room decorations like rugs, pillows, and curtains are an excellent way to make it more intriguing and captivating. Use colors and hues like cherry red, cobalt blue, or lime green to inject a burst of energy instantly. You can also put a large artwork with cool print. However, keep the rest of the decor minimal and neutral so that these elements do look like a pop of color. 

16. Soft Blue Living Room Curtains

Soft Blue Living Room Curtains

This room features half wainscoting and half a wall painted in a beautiful soft blue color. To match the theme, the designer Heather Hilliard decided to go with the curtains in the same shade. The floral sofa and the green Lucite coffee table are other statement elements of this California home, featuring organic materials and natural textures. To create the same look, try shades like sky blue, aqua, or powder blue. 

17. Small Check Curtains

Small Curtains with Checks Design

Bring fun to your space with curtains with patterns like small checks, polka dots, and geometric designs. These small but distinctive prints will add a touch of charm to your living room. So, try these types of living room curtains for a timeless look with a playful twist. 

18. Tropical Living Room Curtains

Living Room With Green Curtains

Tropical prints are well known for connecting any space to nature! There are prints like palm leaf motifs, botanical prints, and exotic bird designs to choose from. Pair these curtains with tropical-inspired decor and natural textures like rattan furniture and woven baskets to complete the ambiance. Also, use colors and hues like deep greens, turquoise blues, and pops of coral to create an island feel in your living room.

19. Blackout Curtains

Living Room with Blackout Curtains

Sometimes, we all just want good-quality blackout curtains, but we often have to compromise with the style. This will not happen from now on, as there are blackout curtains available that not only offer privacy and light control but also look stylish. Apart from living rooms, these types of curtains are highly useful for entertainment rooms and bedrooms where light and noise blocking are necessary. 

20. Cherry Red Curtains 

Living Room with Cherry Red Curtains

Another viral color from Color Trends is cherry red, so use it in your curtains to enhance your interiors. For this Upper East Side apartment, designer Phillip Thomas exactly matches the color of the curtains and walls. This monochromatic look has a high-gloss finish and other elements that evoke warmth and energy. 

21. Double-Panel Living Room Curtains

Double Panel Living Room Curtains

Double-panel curtains for a living room are another great idea to decorate your space and add sophistication and elegance. From neutral colors to curtains with bold geometric patterns, select the ones that go best with the rest of the color scheme and decor. You can also layer two curtains to create a bohemian and textured look. 

Wrapping Up!

So, this is all about the living room curtains. Choosing the right curtains for your space is a wonderful opportunity to use your creativity to decorate your home as you like. Whether you prefer dramatic floor-ceiling curtains, bold, colorful patterns, or the simplicity of neutral tones, the above list has an idea for every style and design. They will help you create a space that invites relaxation and escapism. So, try various living room curtain ideas and see which works best for your space. 

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