Minecraft game has different playing modes, and one of the exciting ways of the game is the Minecraft Survival Mode. And when we talk about the survival mode, it remains incomplete unless you design your own ultimate Survival base to build a Minecraft house.

You can access the fun building and design your very own ultimate House according to your wish and personality. The beautiful and exciting part of the survival mode is; it grants you to construct by collecting every single blog that completely blends with the structure and construction. This gives you absolute satisfaction and accomplishment, as no other game-play would provide you.

If you are building a Minecraft survival house personally, we would suggest designing and building it to customize all your needs and inspirations and make it truly your personal virtual heaven space in the game. If you want, you can get countless examples on the internet available for payers to recreate and decorate.

Here we have taken up the opportunity to select 7+ exciting ideas, which you can use to replicate in your dream Minecraft survival house! Come, let’s have some fun while building your home.

7+ Minecraft Survival House Ideas!

Come let us have a tour of all that we have collected for you and your dream Minecraft survival house.

1. Dream Kingdom Farm House

minecraft survival Dream Kingdom Farm House

This can be known as an authentic farmhouse; small, cozy, and warm House. This House can be imagined as the best farmhouse where you can share your house with a roommate and a pet if you want to adopt and have a companion like them.

Imagine waking up to the view with the horizon and feeling the cool breeze of the sea on your skin and face, and sharing the land with your active farm animals. What else do you need in your farm survival house?

If we talk about the interiors, we have two single beds, a small chest to store your essentials objects, and two windows to welcome the natural sunlight and breeze from the outer side of the farmhouse.

2. Survival Offshore Ocean Fishing House

minecraft Survival Offshore Ocean Fishing House

I guess this can be the best dream house, everybody! This is just wow, it is actually literally offshore and best to experience living in.  

You can see how beautiful this offshore fishing house looks. Between the fishing ocean and lake, you can build this House full of exciting and lovely scenes and nature outside. Your very own private offshore fishing house. 

Speaking about the interiors, you get a wholly cozy and warm atmosphere. Small rooms and minimum furniture give you a perfect vibe for an offshore home. You can enjoy having a double bed with windows for wind circulating and a chest for storage. The best feature is the wooden touch interior in the entire House.

So what do you think about this fascinating House?

3. Small Survival Victorian House

minecraft Small Survival Victorian House

How can someone not fall in love with this Victorian-style house? Just look at the House how beautiful, classy, and fancy it looks. The brown and wooden finish gives the perfect finish to the entire exterior look of the House. 

The porch with the outside view can be the best place for your evening and evening coffee time. Sitting over there and enjoying the coffee is the next level of satisfaction.

You can design two beautiful bedrooms with a window view to enjoy the exterior view. Install an external open bathroom to enjoy the feel of having a shower under the sky in the open.

Best family survival weekend house for your Minecraft home. Build a large living room with full modern furniture and lots of interior plants and saplings, which can make your living space feel lively and exciting to spend time in.

4. Small Survival House

Minecraft Small Survival House

Now honestly, this is personally our favorite home design. Look at this beautiful, small, and modern survival house in the middle of the forest. You can enjoy the view with your family. Surrounded by a lake and flowers, what else do you want?

If we talk about the interiors, you can design a modern look for your rooms and interior. Build a living room in the center of the space. And connect all the other rooms with the main center living room. Have two luxurious bedrooms with all the facilities that a modern master bedroom must-have. 

And with all these features, your small survival house is ready!

5. Simple Survival Modern House

minecraft Simple Survival Modern House

Are you fond of a minimalistic and straightforward living style, then this is the best option. This is a simple and small house with minimalist furniture and interiors. You can have a large living room and wall arts, interior plants to make the room and space look lively and exciting.

You can get one large king-size bedroom with two partitions where one can be your room, and the other can be the kid’s room or your personal walk-in closet. And you can have one another space for guests, or it can even be your armor and chest room.

For the exterior, you have a large space of land, and with that, you can be absolutely creative and innovative. Place outdoor sitting arrangements with lights and plants to border the room, and a glass shed to cover it during the rainy season. 

We guess this can be perfect for your family who loves to live in simple and minimalistic features. 

6. Wooden Survival House

minecraft Wooden Survival House

Fancy, Classy, Modern, and Elegant can be the perfect attribute for this modern wooden survival house. The design and architecture of this House are just unique and mesmerizing. You get a fountain on the House’s exterior porch, which makes your home look even more beautiful and attractive.

The best part of this modern wooden house is the terrace view, which you get to enjoy. This is the most fun and exciting part of the home. The entire space is covered with glass windows to provide you the exterior view with complete safety.

This can be the best space to host parties and get together, especially with the night view where you can light up the area with different lightings and artifacts.

7. Wooden House

wooden house minecraft

Entirely giving an authentic rustic and aesthetic look to the House, this is the Minecraft Wooden Survival House, which can be altogether rural in look from the house exterior but can be absolutely modern when we see from the functionality perspective.

You can get modern interiors of this rustic House. Large bedrooms, dining space, kitchen area, and living room, what else do you need to make your home functional?

Just be absolutely creative and innovative with the space available to you. Just enjoy creating your dream house, and you are ready to go!

So what do you think about this Minecraft Wooden Survival house?

8. Modern Private House

Mincraft Modern Private House

This House is absolutely private and can be built on an abandoned land to maintain your privacy. This is entirely for you and best for a one-man family. This space gives you a studio home setting. There are no partitions in this home.

What you need to do is divide the room into four different parts without any actual partition. This can help you have a large space and colossal area to decorate and stay in. This can be perfect for you if you are just two people in the family or a single person family man.

We suggest you should definitely think about this interior idea for your Minecraft survival wooden private house.

9. Sky Survival House

Minecraft Sky Survival House

Do you want to have a life in an unpredictable life? This is amazing. You can have a skyscraper survival house. Beautifully situated at a height can give you a great look at the entire city. 

You can build all the rooms nicely with windows on two of each room’s walls so that you can have plenty of natural sunlight and air in your house. For interiors, you can use bright color furniture to enjoy the vibrant vibe of your House. 

For the House’s exterior, you can plant beautiful flowers and trees and a waterfall to enjoy the lovely atmosphere while having a cup of tea or coffee. 

10. Underground Survival House

minecraft Underground Survival House

This can be the perfect Minecraft survival house if you are a party love and like to host parties every day. This is actually perfect if you want to live in an elegant, classy style. You get to have a spacious swimming pool where you can host a pool party. 

You get to design large and spacious rooms for interior and have a classy and modern interior which can look absolutely attractive.

So what do you think about this Minecraft Survival House?


With this, we end the Minecraft Survival House Ideas for you. We hope you would have selected your perfect dream house. Just make sure you choose a proper space and design your house according to your personality and liking.

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Happy Minecrafting!

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