Minecraft is a well-known incredible game that is famous amongst the kids, but even among the youngsters that provide the platform to create the gaming zone with once own creativity from out of the box thinking process. 

This is famous because the gamer can quickly and openly interact with everything they encounter.

From finding and encountering different new items to crafting a meaningful structure, there is no way to deny that this game provides the platform to build your world full of your imagination.

Why Is This More Famous Than Any Other Crafting Game?

Minecraft allows the gamer and players to build their world to develop your Small Minecraft house into a Royal Minecraft Castle depending upon the version or the mode you have selected to play in.

 If you ask me, what I like the most about this game? Then my answer will be that there are no boundaries and conditions & limitations.

You can build your house on the mountain’s peak or deep inside the ground wherever you want to develop.

In today’s blog, we will explore the basics of Build a Small Minecraft House?

I will be showing you how to build and design the Small Minecraft House with some easy and exciting Steps!

Below I have listed the content we are covering here in today’s blog.

Map of the Content

1. Small Minecraft House Building Tutorial

  • Step 1: How to build the walls.
  • Step 2: Adding the Doors & Windows.
  • Step 3: Constructing the Roof.
  • Step 4: Installation of the Lights.
  • Step 5: Furnishing the House.
  • Step 6: Decorations and the final finishing touches

2. Three Different Ideas for a Small Minecraft House

  • Small Minecraft Basic House.
  • Little Modern Minecraft House.
  • Small Studio Minecraft House.

3. Small Minecraft House Conclusion

Small Minecraft House Building Tutorial

The most straightforward step to building houses in the game is to start with a small Minecraft house. As you begin collecting and storing more resources, you can upgrade your house’s look and interiors.

The primary point of having a house is to have a safe spot to retreat yourself when you find things are not favorable outside. You need to be safe somewhere to keep yourself alive in the game.

Minecraft’s small house provides the platform to give the place according to your liking, resources, and personality. I will be guiding you with the simple steps to build the house. 

Stay tuned till the end of this blog to see what all interesting is awaiting you!

I am starting with the tutorial on how to build the small Minecraft house?

Step 1: Building the Walls

Building the Walls for small minecraft house
  • Let us start with placing the blocks one on the other to form the stiff and sturdy wall.
  • Place the blocks vertically and horizontally according to the height and length you want of your walls.
  • You can use any of the blocks to make your walls. Preferably use sand, wood, dirt, gravel, and cobblestone to have sturdy and robust walls for your house.
  • Just try to avoid making the walls of a wood base to prevent it from fire. Wood can easily catch up with fire and destroy the entire house built with unlimited creativity and time investment.

Step 2: Adding the Doors & Windows

 Adding the Doors & Windows
  • Doors and windows can be made with the help of Crafting.
  • You will need six to seven planks of any building materials.  
  • You need to place the planks in ⅔ formations, and the same you need to follow for forming the windows, just instead of using planks, you need to use the glass.
  • This is the basic necessity for the formation if you want to use more based on the resources. 
  • You may keep the doors and the windows utmost simple, or you may even make them fancy according to the resources available to you.

Step 3: Constructing the Roof

Constructing the Roof
  • As soon as you are done with the walls and the Door & windows, you may construct the roof to complete the house’s basics (four walls, roof, and doors & windows.)
  • Place the side of the block by the side to have a sturdy base to the roof.
  • I would suggest not using sand and gravel as they will collapse in the long run and may destroy your entire house.
  • You may use different color blocks to make the roof look fancy and attractive.
  • And the roof must be sturdy as they hold the hangings on them.

Step 4: Installation of Lights

Installation of Lights
  • A dark house with darkness can welcome the devils and monsters! Haha, just kidding!
  • Dullness in the house makes the house look shabby and small.
  • Make sure to install the lights in the interior and the exterior of the house to maintain the brightness and clarity around the area.
  • For the installation of lights, you just need a set of two things: (1). 1 stick and 1 coal or the other set of pairs is (2) 1 stick and 1 charcoal. Any of the two can work, choose according to your availability.
  • Arrange both the components in the craft table accordingly to form the torch.
  • For your easy guidance, I can guide you, place the stick in the middle square of the crafting table and place the coal or the charcoal, whatever you are using, in the square just above it.
  • And hurry!! The torch is ready to be installed.

Step 5: Furnishing of the House

Furnishing of the House
  • Okay! So now that you have your own house, what are you waiting for? 
  • Build the ultimate furniture for your small modern Minecraft house to make yourself more comfortable, safe, convenient, and easy to use!
  • To start with, let us build the chest so that you may stare more stuff and your collections in them safely.
  • How about adding up the bed and sofa set for a proper sitting arrangement.
  • To prepare a bed and sofa set, you would need three items 3 wool blocks and 3 planks of any of the wood available with you in your resources.
  • You may add a furnace to cook food, melt ores, and crate all other miscellaneous blocks in your kitchen.
  • For Crafting the furnace, you will require 8 cobblestone or black stones.
  • If you want to build a chest, you will require 8 planks of wood
  • For the advancement in your chest, you will need grindstones and enchanting tables.
  • In this blog, we focus on a small Minecraft house, so stuffing with extra furniture fills the house eliminating free space from the surrounding. So, according to my, this is perfect for now, but still, if you feel something can be added, you may let me know in the comment section below!

Step 6: Decor and Final Touching of the House

Decor and Final Touching of the House
  • Okay, as we are done building the house, it’s time for my private part to add a personal touch to space and rooms to make it feel real and personal.
  • You may start crafting buckets to construct water pools and add paint to the walls with stained glasses. You may even prepare dye, carpets, and banners to make them feel real and classy. 

Now that we are done with the building of your Minecraft house’s basics, it is time to explore different types of Small Minecraft Houses that you can build.

Different Ideas for a Small Minecraft House!

Different Ideas for a Small Minecraft House!

Minecraft Gives you a large variety of options to build your dream house type! Here we are with three different types of small Minecraft houses that you can try!

Small Minecraft Basic House

This house provides you with smaller and the basic rooms that every house has.

One main hall, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom.

You get this with the basic detailing to make it look simple yet attractive.

Small Minecraft Modern House

In this Minecraft house, you get to have some modern touch with the same simplicity.

In addition, with the basics of the appliances and furniture, you can even craft and construct lavish amenities to make it look more classy and modern.

Small Minecraft Studio House

I am sure this is very rare to explore that too on a gaming platform. But yes, this rarity is available in Minecraft.

A house with just four walls, no further partitions in the interiors.


So how was it, friends? We explored so much in this blog, right from constructing and crafting a Small Minecraft House to the different types of houses that you may build for yourself.

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