Minimalism is one such housing design that is in trend for a long time and this is one such design that would never go out of trend which is great. Now if you would wonder about the specifications of minimalist house design then the main point of minimalist house design is that there should not be extra things and at the same time, everything should be as simple as possible. 

Minimalist houses are very elegant and if you are someone who is not into complex things then you would love such home designs and moreover these houses so simple yet beautiful that almost everyone loves such homes which is great. Another best thing about this house is that it is very easy to design as well as construct and if you would research a little bit then you would be able to design it yourself which is great for sure. 

There are so many minimalist homes and if you want to sure about the trend then you should always go for modern minimalist house design. Modern houses would also get your home modern facilities without compromising with the look of the house which is great for sure and in this way you would not go wrong. 

There are so many such homes that you can, of course, get inspired by them and get your home constructed easily. If you are wondering about some of the best modern minimalist house design ideas then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out and you can try them out as well:

The Mobile Home

minimalist Mobile house design

If you have limited space for the construction of your home then this is the best design to go for, and since it is a small home so it would be great for a family of three members. If you would look at this house then you would be able to find out that this house is so simple and it is just like two boxes but the presentation of the house would make you fall in love with it which is great for sure.

Back to Black Home

Back to Black Home

This seems like a treat to watch and who knew that just black color could be so beautiful and this house is just a perfect example of black beauty which is great. This is very simple to construct such a house but despite the simplicity, this house is very beautiful at the same great time. 

This seems like a double-story building but it has limited space of course and if would be great if you have a family of three members to live in this house.

An Ecological Creation

An Ecological minimalist house design

This house is as simple as just a rectangular box but the house has been presented beautifully. Which makes it one of the best minimalist house designs. You can already say by the look of this house that how easy it could be to construct such beautiful home. 

If you are someone who is into simple constructions and don’t want too many designs in your home. Then this is the best house design for you. This house is constructed in between the woods. There is a wood use of glass walls which would let you enjoy nature outside of your home.

Resembling a Film Set

Resembling a Film Set minimalist house design

Who knew that minimalist houses can be as beautiful as a set of a film? Well, we also didn’t know this until we came across this beautiful home. As by the name, it is clear that the architect of this home tried to create the set of a film. But on the other side, he made sure to keep the design simple. So he used minimalist designs for this home. 

The most beautiful thing about this house is the glass wall. That is present in almost every room of the house. This thing allows one to enjoy nature outside the home. While sitting inside the home so it seems like a great addition for sure.

A Winter Beauty

A Winter Beauty minimalist house design

As the name suggests, this house is very beautiful as since it is situated in a place. That is covered with snow so the name of a winter beauty seems perfect for this house. This house is a grey to the black-toned house which goes perfect with the snow. That is around this home and the rectangular rooms just seem so beautiful. That you would not desire to live in a villa after coming across this beautiful house. This thing tells a lot about the versatility of this house. 

There are glass walls in the home which allows the one inside the home to enjoy the nature view of the outside and the best part about this house is that there is nothing is complex and hard to understand in this house which is great for sure.

A Top Choice

A Top Choice minimalist house design

The name of this house goes perfect with the look of this house. Since this house can be one of the top choices of people. Who are passionate about minimally designed houses. This house is so simple yet so stunning. That you would fall in love with the look of this house. This is great for sure and getting inspired by this house is very simple at the same time. 

This house simply like two white boxes place one after the other. This house is quite huge so you can live even if you have a big family which is great. There are huge glass walls in the home which makes the house look beautiful. It also lets the natural light enter inside the home.

Commencing The Dream

Commencing The Dream minimalist house design

This house is someone’s dream and if you also dream of such home then you can of curse get inspired by this house design and since it is a modern minimalist house design so it is very easy to copy the look of this house which is great. This is so beautiful that one cannot tell that this has nothing complex at all in the design of this home which is great and this house has good use of wooden material even at the exterior of the house which makes the house quite close to nature. 

The one side glass wall in each room of the house makes it possible. For one to sit back at home and enjoy the view of nature. This is a double-story building that has enough space for a family of about 5 members. Which is great for sure.

Small California Beach House

Small California Beach House

This beach house in California is so beautiful and simple. That you can create this anywhere around the world. For that, you don’t have to stay by the side of any beach. This is a small house and probably it has just one room inside. So it would be better if you are getting this home for just you or a couple. 

It is a single-story building that has a beautiful entrance. There are a few steps that you can be going for getting in front of the main door of the home. The home is constructed with wooden material which makes it look beautiful. The exterior of the house has our heart and the nature outside is just like the cherry on the top which is great for sure.

Tiny House

Tiny House

This tiny house is not tiny though it is not even huge it is perfect for a family of three. This house has a huge hall inside and there are a few rooms as well. This is a single-story building which has a slanting rooftop that looks beautiful. This house is white in color and the surrounding of this house makes it look pretty. 

There is even a small patio outside the home which is great for sure. The house is mostly construct with wooden material so you would get an earthy vibe inside the home.

A Home on Wheels

A Home on Wheels


This is a huge truck that has been convert into a home. This is not only a minimal home but at the same time it is very unique. These days home on the wheels is very famous. This home is best for those who keep on moving from one place to another. So, this time you can take you home along with you which is great.

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