There are lots of cool modern bathroom ideas that can make your personal space feel like a magazine cover. Whether you prefer a cheery, lively vibe or a more refined, elegant taste, modern bathroom designs can make a big difference. We all use our bathrooms every day, so they’re way more important than we realize. Modern bathroom designs give your space a clean appearance. You can easily turn your bathroom into a modern oasis by using geometric shapes, simple lines, a few basic colors, unique patterns, and mid-century furniture.

For a modern bathroom, simplicity is key. If you’re thinking about remodeling or starting from scratch, make sure to aim for an open and clutter-free space. Use built-in storage to keep personal items out of sight and pick textures and colors to build a character without straying from the minimalist vibe.

Here are some easy modern bathroom design ideas to consider: try geometric mirrors, incorporate natural materials like wood and concrete, stick to a neutral color scheme, and maximize natural light whenever possible.

Modern bathroom ideas small rooms, focus on cleanliness and functionality. Opt for wall-mounted shelves and vanities to save space, and add some greenery for a touch of freshness. For fixtures, think glossy white countertops, concrete, or laminate tile flooring for a sleek look.

In a larger bathroom, you have more room to play. Consider adding a spacious soaking tub or a retro shower. You can also explore high-tech features, eco-friendly appliances, subway tiles, and even heated floors.

Feeling inspired to give your bathroom a modern makeover? No matter your style, it’s sure to become a serene retreat you’ll love spending time in. Check out these inspiring modern bathroom designs to kickstart your project!

1. Play with Patterned Tiles

Play with Patterned Tiles

Adding decorative flooring can completely transform a drab space. To make the floor the focal point, keep the surrounding items muted. Minimize decorations, stick to a neutral color palette, and use natural elements like wood and marble. In this manner, your floor may shine without any other elements drawing attention to it.

2. Twist the Elements

modern bathtub

By including an unexpected element in the fundamentals, you can convert your bath into a tranquil sanctuary. A floating vanity with a backdrop that reaches the ceiling is one possible design. Keep things tidy and shiny with wall-mounted fixtures, and brass accents can also be integrated.

3. Use Natural Accents

natural wood paneling bathroom idea

To make your contemporary bathroom seem more inviting, try incorporating some natural features. Make use of natural wood paneling, carpets made of jute or sisal, and ornamental pieces like vases and pendant lights. These accessories soften the harsh angles and smooth surfaces in modern bathroom decor, creating a more welcoming space.

4. Drive Away the Blues with the Blues

modern blue bathroom idea

These modern blue bathroom ideas get a modern update with glossy wall tiles that mimic the effect of sunshine reflecting off the water. Stacking them side by side, their varying blue tones contrast sharply with the floor tiles that mimic the look of actual stone. Installing a little ledge above the tiled area may offer extra storage or a place for décor in your bathroom. It’s ideal for storing little toiletries and showcasing floral arrangements.

5. Comb for the Perfect Color Palette

Color Palette bathroom

Nothing beats a minimalist color palette when it comes to creating a contemporary atmosphere in a room. For a really modernist look, stick to chilly grays and other cold tones, accessorize with matte black hardware, and install white porcelain fixtures.

6. Create a Contrast between the Light and Dark

Wall paneling and contemporary vanity drawers in bathroom

What distinguishes a modern bathroom from a traditional one is its clean design and use of muted tones. A wooden vanity and bright white counters contrast with the dark paneled walls, which are some of the best small modern bathroom ideas. Wall paneling and contemporary vanity drawers have straight lines that complement the curved light fittings and spherical mirrors.

7. Carved in Stone

wood material in bathroom

The use of stone for the flooring, walls, and even the tub and shower bench lends this lovely bathroom a contemporary feel. The natural materials and the modern tub fittings provide a beautiful contrast. The vanity’s natural wood finish and stone sink bring everything together.

8. Soothing Colors

Green glass tile bathroom

Green glass tiles, stone surfaces, and natural wood all combine to create a calming haven in this bathroom. Its minimalist design and clean lines give it an urban feel. Touches of gold hardware give the room a soft, cozy feel.

9. Go for Glam

chandelier in bathroom

It is entirely up to you how you want to decorate your bathroom. By adding a gorgeous chandelier to a modern shower, you can combine glam and modern designs. You can also get creative and use two different kinds of wall paint to create contrasting moods in one space. In this instance, the sophisticated standalone tub and industrial-style faucet combine to provide an intriguing combination.

10. Modern Bathroom Shower

Modern Bathroom Shower

A simple shower wall with panes of glass lets in natural light while demurring sharply between the two sections for distinct purposes. The use of various sized and shaped black and white tiles unifies everything without becoming too monotonous. Consider tiling the shower’s overhead ceiling as well for an additional dramatic touch.

11. Keep It Clean

large bathroom with shower

If you’re updating a large bathroom, consider incorporating modern design elements. A sleek built-in tub, a glass-enclosed shower, and an upscale vanity may all help your bathroom seem tidy and modern. Keeping things nice and tidy also involves sticking to a basic color palette of white, beige, and black.

12. Make an Accent Wall

Accent Wall in bathroom

The modern small bathroom ideas seem anything from basic thanks to a gorgeous white half-wall and a delicate wallpaper design. The room gains vitality from the bright wall while maintaining the clean lines that run throughout.

13. Shower Wall Tiles

Shower Wall Tiles

Hexagon shower tiles that reach the ceiling and gold hardware provide a modern twist on traditional bathroom decor. A two-tone color palette is ideal for maintaining the sleek and uncomplicated look of modern bathrooms.

14. Modern Bathroom Flooring

Atlantis smoke porcelain tile with stone effect bathroom floor

bathroom’s flooring is very important; it must be durable, water-resistant, and secure for foot traffic. However, it doesn’t mean it can’t also look great. Think about how the flooring can improve the room’s overall design. For instance, to create a trendy ambiance, go for huge slate-like tiles.

15. Open Layout

Open Layout in bathroom

It is important to keep your bathroom’s sightlines open. The emphasis should be on the lines, forms, and materials, whether via open shelving, a step-free shower, or windows with roll-down shades when not in use. When you’ve got the ideal arrangement, doors and other decor shouldn’t prevent you from showcasing them.

16. Maritime Bathroom

long floating vanity and huge mirrors in bathroom

Modern bathrooms can take many forms. The long floating vanity and huge mirrors are one of the best modern farmhouse bathroom ideas, giving the area an urban vibe with a yesteryear glow.

17. Bring in the Wallpapers

textured wallpaper in bathroom

Use textured wallpaper on the walls to create a stunning albeit simple bathroom. The monochrome wallpaper in this example makes the little bathroom seem airy and bright, and the chic faucet and vanity add to the space’s intrigue.

18. Marble Accent Bathroom

White And Gold Bathroom Designs

This one-of-a-kind modern, minimal bathroom looks stunning thanks to the mosaic accent wall made entirely of marble tiles. Large marble tiles fill much of the floor of the room while varying marble patterns adorn the walls, ceiling, and shower.

19. Mix-and-Match Tiles

Mix and Match Tile bathroom

The combination of a stunning sink with the herringbone wall tiles and the intricate, multicolored floor pattern gives this modern bathroom a sense of grandeur. Floating sink, tiles, and wall mirrors all contribute to the room’s minimalist aesthetic, which creates the impression of ease and simplicity.

20. Modern Bathroom Wall Decor

art gallery in bathroom

Think again if you believe bathrooms aren’t art spaces. Incorporating unique lighting, elegant fixtures, and a large framed artwork above a central feature, such as the tub, can turn your bathroom into an art gallery. Just put it somewhere it won’t get wet.

21. Black and White Bathroom

Black and White Bathroom

Modern bathrooms don’t have to be complicated—they can be simply black and white. This ultra-slim setup’s all-white walls and opulent solitary bathtub maintain a serene, collected atmosphere. If you have bold black window shutters, they stand out whether they are closed or open. This neutral bathroom gets warmth from the brass accents and beige tile flooring.

22. Mid-Century Modern Bathroom

Mid Century Modern Bathroom

Try out some of the delicate pastel shades that were popular in the 1950s. Bathroom tiles, such as the gentle blue scalloped tiles in the midcentury modern bathroom design ideas (sometimes called fish-scale tiles), are ideal for experimenting with these lovely colors. It is not too dramatic but serene nonetheless—the abstract pattern and vanities complement the soft aqua hue. Additionally, the wall sconce, curved mirror, and brass vanity handle all deftly replicate the scalloped accent.

23. Floating Vanities

Floating Vanities in bathroom

In the bathroom, while some components are necessary, consider how you might add an unexpected aspect. For instance, a floating vanity exudes modernism, particularly when paired with rectangular sinks, sleek cabinets, and geometric tiling.

24. Industrial Bathroom

Industrial Bathroom

Consider the materials you wish to utilize while designing modern bathrooms. Natural wood, exposed pipes, and concrete can all help you get the desired look. Clean geometric vessel sinks contrast with the concrete worktops in this bathroom. It provides a contemporary, industrial feel to the space, with a hint of warmth from the wood-framed mirrors.

25. Go for Modern Silhouettes

bathroom trends lance

Consider using components with eye-catching patterns and forms while searching for modern bathroom ideas. Geometric elements, whether they are subtle touches or found in furniture or the floor, are ideal for a modern bathroom layout. A sleek abstract mirror on the wall accentuates the space of the bathroom, which has striking patterned floor tiles.

26. Stone Shower Walls

stone mosaic tile on shower wall

A stone mosaic tile on one shower wall is a common element in modern master bathroom ideas. This is where the veining in the huge tiles on the other walls meets the grain of the bamboo vanity. The same gray stone is used on the floor as well, although it is arranged in a complex herringbone design.

27. Space Saver

Gray horizontal tiles in bathroom

Selecting modern bathroom tiles could drastically alter the look of your bathroom renovation. Gray horizontal tiles in this compact area give the room an air of spaciousness and visual intrigue. Another way to provide more visible room is to float the vanity and toilet. With its espresso-colored wood and white accents, this bathroom is reminiscent of a high-end spa.

28. Think of Non-Traditional Designs

smooth texture in bathroom

You can create a textured spa atmosphere in your bathroom with a floor-to-ceiling pebble wall. The wall is naturally waterproof and has a smooth texture. The unadorned simplicity of a shower is best shown by keeping the wall free of decorative decorations.

29. Add Bigger Windows

Bigger Window in bathroom

You can enjoy the outdoors in complete seclusion in this modern bathroom. Natural light pours in via the floor-to-ceiling windows, making them the showpiece. The remainder of the bathroom is spare in contrast to the breathtaking vista, consisting simply of a pedestal sink and a freestanding tub.

30. All Teaks Clicked

teak tub and twin basins in bathroom

These luxury modern luxury master bathroom ideas maximize the use of natural colors and materials. In this otherwise spare bathroom, the teak tub and twin basins provide a cozy touch. The floor and walls, which are cream-colored limestone, maintain a calm feel. If you wear a white robe, you will feel as if you are in a luxurious spa resort.

31. One Eye Symmetry

Symmetrical modern bathroom

Use symmetry to establish a soothing visual equilibrium in your space and get a classic contemporary appeal. The mirrored built-in shelving and general uniformity in this contemporary bathroom make the use of a variety of materials—including wood, slate, and glass tile—appear harmonious and rich.

32. Bold Accessories

Bold Accessories in bathroom

Keep the fixtures and finishes minimal for a contemporary, streamlined bathroom. However, it is no excuse for a dull living area! For an eye-catching design, try suspending a colorful pendant light over and round-shaped tub that stands alone.

33. Green Inspiration

Subdued green tones in bathroom

This modern bathroom has an aura of tranquility thanks to the use of soothing natural hues. Subdued green tones, similar to what one might see outdoors, create an atmosphere of peace. Pendant lights offer a touch of glimmer to the modern room.

34. Hint of Color

square soaking tub in bathroom

The state-of-the-art bathroom has a square soaking tub as its main attraction. Despite the prevalence of neutral colors in contemporary design, it’s okay to inject some color. To maintain the same chic mood, stick to earthy tones like the subdued blue-gray of these vanities.

35. Keep it Open

open floor plans bathroom

Despite the open floor plans common in modern houses, bathrooms often have partitions to provide seclusion. Nevertheless, the en suite bedroom in this light-filled property has an air of openness and space thanks to the vaulted ceiling, strategically placed walls, and huge windows.

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