Small spaces in our homes have unique challenges, specifically bathrooms. However, with a bit of thoughtful planning and designing, you can transform your tiny powder room into a stylish and functional oasis. For example, an innovative, small bathroom vanity can help you maximize and enhance the overall appearance of the space. Today, in this blog, I’ve made a list of small bathroom vanity ideas that will help you create a beautiful bathing area. From featuring plenty of storage to aesthetically pleasing bathrooms, there are plenty of ideas for everyone.

So, let’s dive in. 

1. Freestanding Small Bathroom Vanity

Freestanding Small Bathroom Vanity

Let’s start with the freestanding small bathroom vanity idea. This one is on the more delicate and compact side as compared to the built-in vanity. It features a small bathroom vanity with sink, two drawers, and an open shelf at the bottom for storage. You can either directly put your towels and stuff on the shelf or use baskets for a more organized look.

2. Vanity With Organizers

bathroom Vanity With Organizers

A small bathroom means a small space for storage! This is why it’s vital to plan and design the layout wisely. To get more storage area, use these kinds of interior organizers. These two-tiered sliding drawers provide a bit more space and functionality than the vertical drawers. 

3. Modern Small Vanity Design

Modern Small Vanity Design

Look at this black and white bathroom vanity; it gives a sleek and modern appearance. To get this, you have to go with simple silhouettes and a streamlined design. Here, the contrasting color palette creates a fantastic visual with great functionality. Here, the framed mirror is actually a recessed medicine cabinet. On the other hand, the glossy surfaces reflect light, giving the illusion of a bigger room. 

4. Small Vanity with Stone Wall

Small Vanity with Stone Wall

No matter whether you have a small, compact bathroom space, you can always create a private oasis that offers serenity and tranquility. The above powder room was created by design firm Arent & Pyke and features a stone wall, a white sink, and a floor-to-ceiling mirror. You can also do the same by adding natural elements like stone and brick to create natural and homely vibes. 

5. Marble Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Marble Bathroom Vanity Ideas

This tiny bathroom vanity with sink features a gorgeous marble top and open shelves. Marble stones are well known for creating a natural and aesthetic ambiance. So, if you want the same vanity design, opt for a wall-to-wall floating vanity, a large mirror, and minimal decor. 

6. Pedestal Sink Ideas

Pedestal Sink in bathroom

Pedestal sinks are great for small bathrooms, as they save plenty of space while offering all the functionality of a classic vanity. These types of sinks are larger at the top and slender at the base, so they can even be placed at corners. If you want more storage, you can place a cabinet or install a floating shelf above the sink. 

7. Bathroom Vanity with Dual Mirrors

Bathroom Vanity with Dual Mirrors

Install two mirrors in your bathroom, one for yourself and one for your partner. Take a reference from the above picture, where there are dual mirrors and a small double sink vanity. This he/she setup will provide adequate space and prevent conflicts in the morning rush hour. 

8. Farmhouse-Style Bathroom Sink

Farmhouse Style Bathroom Sink

Create a fabulous rustic-style bathroom with an exposed brick wall and lightly whitewashed counterparts. The wooden sink and a mirror with a black frame seamlessly complement the entire look. If you want to paint your walls, use muted colors with dual-color finishes. This will make your bath appear bigger instead of boxy.

9. Single Small Vanity Design

Single Small Vanity Design

If your sink is just next to your toilet, install a toilet paper holder on the side of the vanity. This is a good space-saving move for small baths. Also, consider adding more storage by adding drawers and cabinets to your vanity. To give a luxurious appearance, use metal and gold finishes in your small bathroom vanity decor. 

10. All-White Vanity with Lights

White Vanity with Lights

Take a glance at this bathroom design created by the design firm Toledo Geller. This features white marble tiles, a white ceiling, and an off-white window shade. Yes, most of the things here are explicitly kept to make it appear soft and spacious. The brass table adds an antique pop of elegance. 

11. Vintage-Style Vanity

Vintage Style bathroom Vanity

A lack of space needn’t mean a lack of style, right? 

This small bathroom features an antique furniture-style vanity along with white shiplap. The square mirror with structured black framing and metal fixtures is installed, which beautifully goes with the vanity.

12. Minimal Vanity Design

Minimal bathroom Vanity Design

Do you like the minimal aesthetic? 

If yes, this small bathroom vanity idea will be a great option for you! It has minimal finishes, dark wood tones, and a dual floating custom vanity. There is also a long towel bar installed beneath it, along with cabinets installed right above it. The concept behind it is to use the vertical space and height as much as possible. 

13. Wall-to-Wall Floating Small Vanity

Wall to Wall Floating Small Vanity

If you want to use your bathroom area efficiently, never leave any gap between the vanity and the wall. Not only is it a waste of valuable space, but it also creates a hassle to pick up the things that may fall into this gap. The best solution to this problem is to get a customized floating wall-to-wall vanity. This will also add a sleek, modern touch to your tiny bathroom. 

14. Vanity with Open Shelf

Vanity with Open Shelf

Sometimes, closed storage units and cabinets can create a boxy and closed feel to a space, specifically small bathrooms. This is why it’s better to go with the open shelves shown in the above picture. Here, a floating shelf for storing towels is added just beneath the counter to give it an open-style look.

15. Add a Small Bathtub

Small Bathtub

Switch your old traditional tub with a freestanding tub to maximize your existing floor space. Place it near the window to create a focal point and also to enjoy the views while soaking in.

16. Industrial-Style Counter

Industrial Style bathroom vanity

Decorate your bathroom with cool industrial-style small bathroom vanity ideas. This chic style primarily focuses on raw materials and elements like brick walls, exposed pipes, and matte black hardware. These types of vanity are great for tiny bath spaces.

17. Sink with Built-In Lighting

Sink with Built In Lighting

Another challenge that many owners face due to their small bathroom spaces is lighting. If there are no windows, sometimes it becomes a challenge to get the proper lighting. So, to tackle this issue, you can use artificial lighting in different ways, such as LED mirrors, wall sconces, or any type of built-in lighting option.

18. Vanity With Built-In Shelves

Vanity With Built In Shelves

Another great space-saving idea for your bathroom is these types of wall-mounted sinks with built-in streamlined shelves. This way, you can easily maximize the space by using the vertical area to store all your bathroom stuff and essentials. The combination of warm wood and neutral tones is creating a clean and balanced look.

19. Small Vanity Unit at Corner

Small Vanity Unit at Corner

When you have limited storage, you can’t miss any spot, and that also includes corners. Interior designer Christie Hausmann designs the above bathroom space and features a wall-mount cabinet just next to the small sink. The cabinet features both open and closed shelving, which helps to keep the bath area clean and clutter-free.

20. Add a Skylight

bathroom Skylight

We all know how small and compact New York apartments can be, so if your powder room also doesn’t have any space for windows, install a skylight. This way, your space will be filled with ample natural light without invading your privacy. The same concept is used in this small bathroom vanity designed by Studio DIAA. 

21. Install a Jib Door

Jib Door in bathroom

Jib doors are doors that are specifically designed to camouflage into the wall. These types of doors usually take up less space and can easily mix with the rest of the decor. So, this time, instead of a regular bathroom, try this one and create a fun powder room.

22. Small Vanity Unit

old bathroom Vanity Unit

Instead of using one material or element in your bathroom, you can also add various materials. You can also add a small double vanity with two mirrors and cabinets for extra storage. This will create a unique, welcoming look with a personalized touch.

23. Custom Small Vanity Ideas

Custom Small Vanity

The last small bathroom vanity idea on our list is to get a customized one. You can get it made according to your bathroom. A professional will measure every inch and corner of the space and custom-make a layout that works best for your bathroom. From multiple cabinets to an oversized mirror, you can ask to include the things that you would like to add. 

Final Thoughts

While designing small rooms like bathrooms and powder rooms, paying attention to details like layout, storage, and design is vital. The trick is to use multipurpose and space-saving furniture and elements like floating shelves, a small bathroom vanity, and mirrors with LED lighting. This way, you can easily create a stylish and functional bathroom space with a relaxing atmosphere.

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