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Redefine the Definition of Modern Beach House with these Houses

Redefine the Definition of Modern Beach House with these Houses  

Beach house is a dream of many of us, but only a few are lucky enough to accomplish such a goal. Imagine how beautiful life would be when you wake with the sounds of the waves lapping against the shore, experiencing the beauty of chirping birds, sunrise, and a beautiful sunset. Beach house is a dream to escape from the madness and the busy world as it allows us to pause for a few seconds and soak the happenings of life. If you are lucky enough to have a beach house, then this post is for you as here we brought to you here the best modern beach house around the world.

Avant-Garde Beach House

modern beach house


Area: Cachagua, Chile

Designed by: Max Núñez Arquitectos

Size: 3,660-square-foot 

Just like the designer inspired his client to go for the bold plans, this house was built using a cast-concrete structure with the dizzying angle of the beachfront bluff. This 3,660-square-foot house consists of concrete rooms with the timber-clad boxes that pierce through the rakishly canted roof plane. This modern beach house has everything into it from the mesmerising kitchen setup to concrete stairs. In the entrance, you will be welcomed with the column surfaces and the underside of the roof plane. The occupants can feel and enjoy the sea view from the pool terrace. Its floor-to-ceiling walls of low-iron glass is like a cherry on the cake. The flooring is done with the local wood similar to American cherry; this is the perfect example to question the old equation of site and topography.

Modern beach house in Scotland Beach

modern beach house


Area: Scotland

Designed by: WT Architecture

Size: 3,000-square-foot 

Set up on the beautiful beach of Scotland, this is the best beach house that is considered to be a masterpiece of WT Architecture. The house is spread in the area of the 3,000-square-foot house featuring a glass connector and two wings. The main wing contains a living room along with the Kitchen, and the other wing consists of a game room and a sleeping loft. To coordinate with the wave color, everything inside the house is very clean, simple, and clear. 

Flying Point House

modern beach house


Location: Water Mill

Designed by: Steven Harris and Lucien Rees Roberts

Size: 4,500-square-foot

This simple yet elegant house is spread in 4,500-square-foot. The structure seems like a concrete box set on top of two piers. One pier is faceted with the smallest possible footprint while the other pier is partially embedded with the natural fall of sand dunes. The second pier is large enough to provide space for a garage. The house contains steel cables for the delicate staircase. It contains mirror-polished stainless-steel frames. Platform, paths, and steps are made of teak. Do you have any beach cottages in mind?

A Sophisticated Design

modern beach house


Location: Amagansett, New York

Designed by: Bates Masi + Architects

Size: 16-acre

The beautiful and sophisticated modern beach house is made out of 1950’s cottage to spend the summer vacation. Let’s talk about its interior design and outer structure. The house is designed in such a way that one can enjoy the cool breeze of summer while blocking the winter wind to enter into the house. The floor is bleached with white oak while the walls are rough-sawn Western red cedar. The ground floor consists of a living area, kitchen, and dining space. Upstairs is the master bedroom, guest room, and children’s room. The best part about the house is its openness and wide spaces between the different areas. 

Hamptons Summer House

modern beach house


Location: Hamptons

Designed by: Ghislaine Viñas

To understand what actually a dream beach house looks like you must visit the Hamptons Summer House. Here each corner of the structure is beautifully designed to enjoy each moment of the vacation period. This 10 bedroom house is full of beautiful color and so really bold wallpaper to catch the attention of the guests. This three-story structure is completely contemporary style with its traditional touches. All the rooms have a different and beautiful theme where one can slip into different moods. This structure is truly the symbol of beauty with functionality. 

Build your own Structure

The modern beach house is an excellent escape from the daily mundane life. We hope that with the above stated modern beach house ideas, you can build your own dream beach home. What’s your take on this post, let us know about your views and ideas in the comment section below. Keeping coming to ArchitecturesStyle for more ideas and amazing structure tips. 

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