Many people love the concept of living peacefully in the mountains or hilly regions. Do you also want to live like this? After all, natural panoramic views, a serene atmosphere, and a simple lifestyle are some of the best parts of living in the hilly areas, right! Let’s see the cove house.

Homeowners of this house also wanted to live like this, and the Red Brick Studio has made their dream become a reality. Recently the studio has unveiled amazing pictures of this incredible house in the mountains of the Western Ghats in Pune, India. 

Keep reading to know more details and interesting facts about this unique home named “The Cape House.”

The Cove House

the cove house by red brick studio
  • Architects: Red Brick Studio
  • Location: Panshet, India
  • Area: 170 m²
  • Year: 2021

Designed by Pune-based architecture practice Red Brick Studio, this home is one of the unique living spaces that you may have rarely seen in your neighborhood areas. Architects named this dwelling, The Cape House!

Located near the beautiful site in Panshet, India, this house was completed in 2021. Take a glance at these pictures of this home and you’ll know that this beautiful home is super noticeable, and there is something different about this home. Let’s know more about this unusual construction in the middle of the mountains.

the cove house with a tree in front of it

Concept & Theme of The Cove House

Concept & Theme of The Cove House

The Cove House is a 170 square meters home that is extensively built in the mountains of the Western Ghats in Pune, India. This gorgeous-looking home has not only amazing exteriors but also spectacular interiors

“The homeowners of this house wanted to live in a building allowing him to escape from the hustle of city life.”

Design of the cove house by red brick studio

That’s why architects have created this weekend home nestled in a site surrounded by natural landscapes and mountains. This silent shelter will provide him an opportunity to soak in the breathtaking picturesque views of the backwaters of the Panshet Dam.  

A view of the cove house with a garden in front of it

Construction of The Cove House

Construction of The Cove House

The lead designers on this project were Ankur Kothari, Anil Poduval, and the assistant designers were Kalyani Shah, Azhar Poonawala. The team had also included Himanshu Tulpule as the structural engineer, and Arjun Doshi did the roof construction-related work. Devendra Mahor and Ashok Chouhan did the grit-finish plaster and oxide work and fabrication work. 

A man standing on top of a stone wall next to the cove house

After the team visited this site and saw the surroundings, the Red Brick Studio decided to create a built-form. They wanted to blend the structure in these lovely natural surroundings rather than stand out. 

This house is built in such a way that it embraces the environment and the Panshet Dam site. 

the cove house Layout photo

Red Brick Studio said, “The reason we believe the project is unique is because it primarily breaks the notion of how a house is typically expected to be. It attempts to be more of a non-building, much in contrast to the conventional ways of looking at architecture.” 

stone steps leading up to a the cove house

You’ll see that there are a lot of open spaces in this building. This is because the owners want lots of open spaces so that large family gatherings and parties can be held. That’s why architects have faced many challenges in building this house due to the limitation of a tight constructible area.

Model idea of the cove house by red brick studio

Architects have used natural topography instead of constructing the home in a flat area. They wanted to set the house beyond this zone and hide away most of the house from view at the entrance. The majority of the house is embedded beautifully into the ground. 

Architects have hidden a large part of the home into the ground and later covered it by a single mono-roof. This roof has an inverted curved profile that spans across the length of the house.    

the cove house by red brick studio

Additionally, the roof is constructed in a way that it is separated from several beautiful rows of windows on all sides. The roof is placed strategically at the level so that anyone who enters the house can look through the house and enjoy glimpses of the valley across it. Pretty impressive, right?

The studio explains, “Also, it aims to respond to the rich site and surrounds it is nestled within, with a lot of sensitivity. It allows for the client to take advantage of the location but at no point does it interfere with the larger environmental fabric around it.”  

the cove house interior

Serene Exteriors & Outdoor Spaces in The Cove House

Serene Exteriors & Outdoor Spaces in The Cove House

The entrance door is custom designed as per the client’s requirements. The entry area of this home is discrete and can only be accessed by a series of steps. The stairs are built through the courtyard, which is built in a natural setting with vegetation and boulders. 

cove house red garage with a balcony

These huge doors were built in folded metal sheets so that they can completely cover the entire length of the living room (30’ or 10m). They’re slide doors, and the panels will disappear in the cavity walls when you open them.

These massive doors seamlessly blend with the inside and as well as outside of the house. The same stairs of the entryway lead to the center part of the house. You can also say it is the heart of this home, the Living Room. This area is open and spacious and also surrounded by bedrooms and a kitchen on its sides. 

the cove house Exterior

On the other side of the living space, a large deck allows one to soak in the spectacular views of the backwaters and the valley. Here the owner can host parties and gatherings and entertain his friends and family.

the cove house empty hall

If you’re thinking about the materials, look at the exteriors of the building. The grit-finish plaster with a deep red pigment has been used to give finishing to the entire house. 

You might be wondering why only these materials and paints have been used. This is because architects wanted the house to match the tonality of the natural terrain of the region. A thick and coach finish is applied all over the walls. This will provide good weather resistance to the extreme seasons such as rain and summer seasons.         

the cove house pool

Apart from the walls, the roof is only 50mm thick, and it is also constructed out of Ferro-cement technology. It has an inverted shape on which it can harvest rainwater. This water is later channeled and stored in a series of water bodies. The storage water can be used for irrigation in drier months.

Soothing & Spectacular Interiors of The Cove House

Soothing & Spectacular Interiors of The Cove House

Now let’s peek inside of the house and see how The Cove House looks from inside. Just by looking at the pictures, you might think that this place is pretty much about open spaces. 

A wooden chair sitting in a room next to a window

However, there are also many private areas in this home, including a massive living room, a dining area, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

the cove house  large room

This place has magnificent features, including a balcony and beautiful arches that lead you towards the living quarters. Every bathroom has massive skylight windows so that residents can enjoy plenty of natural light. 

the cove house  large room with a concrete floor and stairs

If we talk about the major building materials, you can see lots of wood, stone, and steel have been used in various parts of the house. All the walls have been specifically coated with a combination of white and colored polished oxide. This looks really fascinating and eye-pleasing. 

The firm explains, “The coarse finish also allows for very good weather resistance to the extreme seasons of rain and summer in the region. Internally, all walls are finished in a combination of white and colored polished oxide.” 

the cove house by red brick studio

Huge windows are placed on different areas of the building so that residents can enjoy the mind-blowing views of the surroundings. These massive windows blend outdoor and indoor living spaces beautifully. Apart from bringing a lot of natural lighting, these windows also create an illusion that you are part of nature inside your own home. 

the cove house  empty room with a large window
the cove house bathroom
the cove house with a wooden door

The Bottom Line 

So, this is all about The Cove House project designed by Red Brick Studio. From its location, planning to interior and exterior building materials, everything is selected carefully. Architects want to provide a space to the owner where he can get away from the bustling city. Here he can enjoy the picturesque views of the Western Ghats mountains and Panshet Dam.

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