Purchasing a property abroad is a responsible and hard action for many. Entrepreneurs notice the opportunity to buy real estate on the front line in Spain as a reasonable asset, as recently, there has been a tendency for property prices to increase in large metropolises like Barcelona or Valencia. Most people desire to purchase a house in Spain for a lovely overseas stay at any time of the year. Remote resort towns like Denia and Javea on the Costa Blanca are most suitable for these purposes.

If you enjoy living by the sea but in a large city, look for your unique residence in Valencia or Barcelona. Love smaller cities? Then your favorites will be Alicante, Benidorm, and Malaga.

There are different property types in Spain and, having chosen yours, you will probably ask yourself the question: what precisely to select? A villa, a chalet, an apartment, or perhaps a bungalow?

Flats and Apartments

Flats and Apartments in Spain

The distinction between an apartment and a flat in Spain is that the apartments are in buildings without space for a garden or pool. The apartments are located in houses with a private area, which the owners share.

Flats in Spain are usually discovered in urbanization or residential complexes. They have big private spaces with collective playgrounds, swimming pools, entertainment places, playgrounds for kids, and barbecue areas. Some even have sports establishments on the territory: tennis court, gym, sauna, and heated pool.

There are also penthouses – apartments discovered on the highest floor, often with a little private pool on the roof. No less popular in Europe are duplex apartments, which inhabit two floors at once – duplexes.


Bungalow  in Spain

The principal distinction between a bungalow and an apartment is the number of floors in the facility. It is a low 2 or 1-story construction with apartments on both floors. Due to the few apartments, bungalows are not built with porches and elevators. The entrance to the apartments on the lower floor is through an attached courtyard, usually decorated as a garden or playground. You can occupy both floors or buy an apartment on one of them. Bungalows are found in small and subtle urbanizations with several proprietors with 1 area – a pool, garden, and recreation areas.


Townhouses in Spain

Townhouses are houses discovered on the territory of urbanization but have a garden and often a small pool. As a rule, these are three-story houses. However, there are also 1-story and 2-story houses.

Villas and Chalets

Villas and Chalets in Spain

Status and the comfiest kind of real estate. The villa’s cost depends on the house’s area, adjacent land, and remoteness from the coast. On the territory: personal garden and pool, sometimes a tennis court. Chalet is a Spanish villa built on a plot of land from 400 to 3000 sq. m. On the territory of the chalet, there can be a stable, a small vineyard, orchards, and, of course, a swimming pool. You can often meet Spaniards who prefer to live in apartments in a big city but at the same time have a villa or chalet on the coast, where they come in the summer and on weekends.

Living in a villa by the sea with a private pool and stunning sights is probably everyone’s fantasy. Here, in Spain, buying a villa on the seashore is quite possible! And most importantly, there is an abundance to select from.

Land Plot

Land Plot in Spain

Buying a land plot is the perfect option if you intend to implement a building project independently. Its cost relies on the area of land, its rate, and its surroundings. Costs slowly reduce with distance from cities, resort locations, and the coast.

What Do You Need to Learn About Holding Real Estate in Spain?

What Do You Need to Learn About Holding Real Estate in Spain

You may not concentrate only on large municipalities, attempting to discover comfy housing there. There are numerous fantastic locations in Spain!

You should carefully study the issue of buying real estate on the front line. The proximity to the sea has its obvious benefits: 

  • stunning view, 
  • morning and evening chill, 
  • the calming sound of the sea, 
  • direct access to the beach. 

High humidity and if the house is located near the sandy beach, the constant existence of sand in all the most surprising areas in your home. If you are considering buying a villa on the first line, you must study the area – somewhere the humidity is higher or lower. There are places where the humidity is hardly noticeable, even if you are right by the sea.


If you want to get a residence visa in Spain, then one of the best options for you is to buy a property. In this case, you can get a Golden Visa for you and your family associates.

Comprehending that purchasing property in another country is a responsible action is necessary. Regarding purchasing a property but can’t decide? Don’t know which region and type of property to choose? Turn to Spain Real Estate and receive assistance learning precisely what you demand.

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