Bungalows have to be the most beautiful as well as luxurious looking house ever and if you are into big houses that would look like a resort or villa then bungalows would be perfect for you. however, nowadays people are not into bungalows anymore because let us just face the reality that our earth doesn’t have that much land left as the population is growing and the land is been consumed by factories, malls and buildings like that so we rarely get space for our residential buildings.

Back then people used to get bungalows and the trend of bungalow is not new as since ancient times people were into bungalows and stuff like that to show their power and wealth and as people could not wall everyone and show how much money they have so they used to make really huge houses namely bungalow to show how wealthy they and as there were an assumption that the bigger the house the wealthier the one stays inside the home. Besides this fact of wealth, it is also a true thing that bungalows are the most luxurious as well as beautiful huge houses where a big family would be able to reside in without any problem.

Bungalows are basically huge villas that have the industrial infrastructure and they are not at all modern looking rather they are luxurious as well as huge old-school kind of houses that may look like a king’s palace. If you are wondering about some of the best bungalow architecture design then here are some of the best bungalow architecture buildings from around the world listed below that you can check out and also you can try to give your house a nice bungalow style look which would definitely make your house look grand and beautiful at the same time which a great thing:

1. Dracula’s castle

Dracula's Castle bunglow

This huge bungalow castle is located at Romania and honestly, there is nothing like the existence of Dracula around the castle rather it is listed as the most luxurious as well as the beautiful castle in this entire world. The total worth of this villa is around $135 million dollars which is a huge amount no doubt.

Now this an old villa and no one resided there for the longest time so later on it was converted into a nice museum and even the museum turned out to be amazing as the castle already had too many rooms to place different collections of stuff. This villa definitely looks like those villas that we have seen on the books of fairytales and this is very gorgeous even in reality and if you would ever visit Romania then you should make sure to be in this villa.

2. The manor

The Manor bunglow

The net worth of this bungalow is $150 million dollars which makes it one of the most expensive as well as beautiful bungalows of the world and if you would even be in Los Angeles that is situated in California then you would be able to witness this beauty and this is definitely a treat to watch which is a great thing. It is pity clear that the team involved in the construction of this building was really talented and their effort could be seen through the villa.

This white fantasy building has occupied about 4.6 hectares of land and the bungalow is quite spread out in the huge land and it had over 123 rooms and this villa can be perfectly turned into a hotel or resort because no one actually needs a 123 roomed house to stay in this generation. The construction of this building took place in the year 1991 and the building is still huge and beautiful which is a great thing for sure.

3. Franchuk bungalow villa

Franchuk bungalow villa

This is a perfect modern bungalow that was constructed years ago and this bungalow has actually turned into a resort and the resort seems to be one of the most expensive resorts among all with the net worth of $161 million dollars which is a huge amount. This bungalow is situated at Belgravia which is a nice place in Central London which again comes under the United Kingdom.

This bungalow has been created after getting inspired by the Victorian-styled houses and honestly, the constructed did justice with the overall look of the bungalow as it turned out to be gorgeous. It is basically a building with 6 different floors with lots of rooms and to complete the bungalow there is a swimming pool, a personal Gym as well as, a personal theater and there are other such exciting things in the bungalow as well which is a great thing for sure. The bungalow is in crisp white color and is surrounded by greenery which makes it appear just like a dream.

4. Buckingham palace

Buckingham Palace

This is the most expensive bungalow or palace in the entire world and the bungalow is the residential place of the Queen of England and this palace has a net worth of $1.55 billion dollars and you would be amazed to know that this villa has about 775 rooms which also includes staff rooms as well as royal suites for the royal members.

Bungalow design is also one of the largest bungalows in the world followed by some other bungalows and this simply seems like a dream and the beauty of this home would definitely possess you and you would fall in love with it for sure.

5. Antilia


Who knew India has the second most expensive bungalow of the world and this owned by none other than Mukesh Ambani who is said to be one of the richest businessmen of the world and of course he tops the list of India’s person. The net worth of this villa is about $1-2 billion dollars and this is the reason there is still some confusion of it being the most expensive bungalow in the world. The villa is has everything that a city could have and there is everything that a person could ask for luxury.

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