Scandinavian-Inspired Home Decor has been a major influence on interior design for decades, thanks to the Scandinavians’ mastery of natural lighting and affinity for subdued lighting, as well as the creation of Hygge, one of the most renowned Scandinavian interior design trends.

If you research the Scandinavian way, it’s all about incorporating minimalistic designs and using soft textures to create the relaxing hue that embodies the Scandinavian method of interior design.

 Simple furnishings, simple light, and simple features will be the star of the show in this article, so read on to find out how you can incorporate the design into your home. 

It’s All About Lighting

Scandinavian-Inspired Home Decor It's Lighting

For lighting, we often simply consider seeing. Using bright lights follows that we will see best. That everything will be lit like the inside of a fridge. However, lighting is essential for creating different atmospheres. 

Lighting is the main feature of a Scandinavian home. Why? During the winter months, many parts of Scandinavia descend into darkness for much of the day, leading people to consider how they can bring relaxing and more natural pockets of light into their homes rather than bright artificial light. To achieve the true Scandinavian aesthetic, steer away from artificial LED lights and towards warm glowing light bulbs and candles. 

During the day, most of us have enough natural sunlight that we don’t need bright LED lights, and at the end of the day, natural and subtle pockets of warm light are much more appealing than bright lights.

They Love Warm Woods

Scandinavian-Inspired Home Decor Warm Woods Furniture

Warm woods are very much on trend, whether flooring, sideboards and cabinets, coffee tables, or wall panelling. Scandinavians believe warm woods help to create a natural element and make a room feel open and bright without having harsh and bright colors like white being the overwhelming tone. In our opinion, oak laminate flooring is the perfect option, as it is a stunning Natural Loja oak that embodies Scandinavian interior flooring.

Warm woods are also easy to incorporate subtly with a fine oak coffee table or a road oak dining table. The oak combined with the natural hues of the lighting placement in a home creates an unparalleled relaxing atmosphere. 

Incorporate the Beauty of Art

Scandinavian-Inspired Home Decor living room filled with furniture and a large window

Art is one of the ways Scandinavians like to bring a pop of colour without actually feeling like they have brought color into the room. If you look at Scandinavian-inspired interior design, you’ll notice that it’s very much brown from wooden features, creams, beige, and with a splash of colour, perhaps from a throw or art. You’ll often find the art in graphic multiples in a Scandinavian home featuring botanical prints.

Art is a great means to put your personality into a room. This is where your unique taste will translate into how you wish to perceive your room – whether it is framed, nailed, or splashed onto a wall. It’s hard to deny it when you walk into a room. 

But denying it doesn’t mean you need to make it a centrepiece. Making it a centrepiece is logical. It sits tidily above a console table framed by vases, flowers, and decorative lighting. You want people to look at it, think about it in relation to itself, the room, and you, whose home this is. 

However, art can also be casual. A thing an eye falls on, sat there with unexpected but tranquil power, not demanding attention but happy with it, accepting of it. It can be lost busily among other ornaments, other framed photos or pieces of art, or between leaves and vines of houseplants. 

Minimalistic and Uncluttered

A living room filled with furniture and plants

Minimalistic and uncluttered is on trend – it isn’t the Scandinavians that inspired this theme, but you’ll find it a staple in their own interior design trend. A cluttered home can lead to a cluttered mind, which is why experts are now selling the minimalistic look, making use of storage spaces and creating room to make a home feel open.

Smart storage spaces could be a futon with a cream throw gently placed over it or a coffee table with drawers underneath it.  

The focus on furniture also helps to create a minimalistic and uncluttered aesthetic. The Scandinavians believe all furniture’s purpose is to improve quality of life. One expert writes that people should select a few key pieces of furniture that’ll look good in a room but also be durable, with a few carefully chosen accessories.


Going back to the love of wood and oak – that’s why you’ll find many natural materials in Scandinavian interior design. A sofa, a coffee table, a TV stand and soft accessories are enough to please a Scandinavian interior designer.

The Scandinavian-inspired interior decor is a trend that isn’t going out of fashion soon. The natural beauty of the design trend creates homes that stand the test of time, look like visual masterpieces, and are some of the most inviting houses you’ll walk into. There are no harsh lights, colors, or features, just natural beauty.

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