Are you tired of looking for a peaceful and exciting vacation spot? A place that gives you the ultimate satisfaction and happiness? The Secret Garden is one such refreshing spot that can give you all the happiness. Designed by the famous Brazilian Architecture Studio, this place is heaven on earth.

The inflatable bubbles are taking away the hearts of people. The place is situated right in the middle of a forest. It serves you as a perfect place to rebond your connections with your loved ones. We prefer staying with our family or friends in a place that has nothing to do with the busy city life. 

Diego Raposo + Arquitetos have created a place that allows you to connect with nature. The architects dreamed of creating a space that gives all the feels and benefits of nature. Building this weekend space has made people realize how important it is to connect with nature. Let us explore more about this place. 

The Secret Garden in The Forests of Rio De Janeiro

The Secret Garden 

  • Architects: Diego Raposo + Arquitetos
  • Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • Area: 40 m
  • Year: 2021

Designed by Brazil Based Architects Diego Raposo + Arquitetos, this bubble home is one of the most enduring places deep inside the forests. The inflatable bubble creates a beautiful environment for people staying in the room. The place was built in 2021. The architects’ concept was to create a space that takes you away from the busy city life. We are living in a pandemic situation from 2020. It has become essential for us to get back in touch with nature to heal both mentally and physically. 

Planning to take out some time for ourselves is crucial. The Secret Garden Bubble is a great way to spend your weekend with. Space connects us with ourselves that we have lost in the past two years. You will have great memories after spending some quality time in this bubble located in the center of the forests. What else do you want when you have nature’s beauty surrounding you?

Concept and Theme

Concept of The Secret Garden in The Forests of Rio De Janeiro

Diego Raposo + Arquitetos came up with this concept of creating a bubble space where the customer can enjoy the stay with nature. Since 2020 everyone has been stuck in their bubbles. We have closed ourselves in a nutshell to safeguard our families and ourselves. To ensure that we need a change and connection with nature, Diego Raposo and Arquitetos have come up with the concept of the bubble home of the Secret Garden.

The most beautiful part is the theme of the place. The inflatable transparent bubble creates a connecting medium with nature and the open sky. The natural organic theme in the 3 to 4-meter diameter is worth the stay.

Even the basic furniture has a flavor of the environment around it. Every piece of furniture used in the secret garden is made from nature. From the sitting corner to the bed, from the rugs to the sidelights, every single aspect has a touch of nature in it. The architects have made sure to maintain the feel of the environment inside the room.

The nature surrounding the bubble plays a vital role in maintaining the people’s interest to stay longer. The architects have tried to utilize most of the vegetation in the garden to let the people enjoy the feeling of nature and the environment. 

Construction of The Secret Garden 

Construction of The Secret Garden in The Forests of Rio De Janeiro

The lead architect and designer of this project was Manuela Simas de Oliveira. With Diego Raposo + Arquitetos, Manuela Simas was looking for a perfect spot somewhere in the center of the forests. The primary concept of the secret garden is the bubbles. The three different bubbles differentiate the areas of the stay. 

The first bubble creates an entrance passage that lets you inside the bubble. It later opens up in the second bubble that is the living space. The second bubble covers a diameter of 3.3 meters, and a height of 4 meters. The bubble has a valve on the lower end bubble. Opening the valve can remove the air from the bubble.  

The third bubble opens into the bedroom, which is the last section of the bubbles. The third bubble covers a diameter of 3.3 meters and a length of 4 meters. It has a tremendous and spacious environment. The flooring is covered with a white fixed plastic rug. To create a comfortable walkway, the plastic rug is covered with a thick fabricated rug. The rug is placed in all three bubbles to let you enjoy a soft and relaxing walkway.  

The inflatable transparent bubble is firmly secured on the ground to maintain a firm grip and security. The transparency of the bubble allows you to enjoy the nature around you and the open night sky. 

Breathtaking Exteriors and Outdoor Spaces

Breathtaking Exteriors and Outdoor Spaces

The exciting factor of the secret garden is the exteriors and the outdoor space. The bubble is surrounded by vegetation and nature. There is natural vegetation grown to create an exciting activity spot for the people staying there. However, the architects and their team have tried to maintain decent and organic vegetation, which will hinder the surrounding view. 

The beautiful mountains surrounding the bubble are worth the stay. Enjoying the beauty of the mountains and the chirping of the birds early in the morning is the best way to start your day with. From the sunrise to the soothing sunset, you can witness every mood of nature. If you want, you can reach out to their website to learn more exciting outdoor activities you can explore. 

However, the outdoor space is enough to keep you busy with its beauty. Spending some quality time with your partner sitting in the outdoor space and enjoying a cup of tea or coffee is what we are craving. The outdoor space has ensured to maintain the traditionality of the environment to make you realize the significance of the nature we are losing in city life. The beauty of the outdoor space is enough to keep you engaged with the space. 

Relaxing Interiors

Relaxing Interiors of The Secret Garden in The Forests of Rio De Janeiro

Whenever we visit someplace, the first thing we focus on is the interiors. In the same way, the secret garden bubbles have fascinating interiors. Though the interiors are minimal, they make the best of a soothing and comfortable environment to stay inside. 

If we talk of the interiors, every piece of furniture has a touch of its environment. From the rugs to the bed, every single piece of furniture has something made from nature. The lights used in the bubble are to give you brightness in the dark. The lights are dim to maintain an ultimately soothing and relaxing environment to the interiors. 

Honestly, Diego Raposo + Arquitetos have left no chance to build a space that is very relaxing and enjoyable for every person who is staying there. Maintaining minimal furniture is the best decision the architects have taken for the Secret Garden. As the bubbles are fully transparent, filling the interiors with full furniture could have blocked the beauty outside. To justify the concepts, the architects have maintained very few and essential pieces of furniture. 

The Secret Garden interior
A woman in a black dress walking through The Secret Garden in The Forests of Rio De Janeiro
The Secret Garden surrounded by tree
The Secret Garden in The Forests
The Secret Garden sitting area
The Secret Garden design and concept

The Bottom Line

The Secret Garden, designed and constructed by Diego Raposo + Arquitetos, is an excellent deal for those who love to stay close to nature. The location has created significant excitement amongst the people for spending some quality time with their loved ones in the beauty of the silence. Detoxicating yourself from the busy city life and enriching yourself with the captivating beauty of nature will help you relax.

 After this pandemic, spending time with nature can be a significant healing factor for you and your small little family. So when are you planning your next trip?

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