• Project Name: Shanshui Firewood Garden
  • GLocation: Yibin, Sichuan
  • Architects: Mix Architecture
  • Area: 1100m²
  • Year: 2021

Located in the Anshi Village of Yibin, Sichuan the Shanshui Firewood Garden becomes the perfect retreat space for a light weekend. This village hosts a number of houses that are intertwined and connected with pathways, scattered fields, forests, and ponds. The western end of Sichuan holds the forest part of it. The Shanshui Firewood Garden is placed between a pond in the village and the bamboo forest, giving it an optimal location that can utilize every aspect of the location.

Taking all these factors into consideration, Mix Architecture has seen to it that all of the surrounding elements get incorporated into the design. Mix Architecture uses an open plan for Shanshui Firewood Garden that connects the interiors to the exterior while building it from the ground up with natural materials. Mix Architecture has also seen to it that they incorporate techniques and representative styles that are derived from the architectural character of the village, making it a true part of its context.

Architectural Fabric of Luxurious Relaxation

Shanshui Firewood Garden Mix Architecture

Being a structure situated in the midst of greenery and a village setting, the architecture naturally needs to merge with the same. The architect seems to have taken a similar approach forward in creating the spaces using natural materials throughout Shanshui Firewood Garden.

The design balances simplicity and refinement with ingenuity, creating a spacious and well-planned structure that merges with the nature around it. There are 12 defined spaces in the structure starting with reception, servery center, storeroom, tearoom, study, private rooms, recreation room, private lobby, private servery, and toilet.

The layout of the spaces originates from the center spreading to each of the four directions. The space itself is formed in an organic manner with optimal space usage for every room. The walls are curved almost following the lead of the central courtyard and pond space. They connect and continue like a stream which gives the space an informal feel that merges and connects as it goes. 

Towards the center court of the Shanshui Firewood Garden is a pond that covers the whole area. Keeping in mind the connection of nature and the incorporation of air and water into the design, there are pathways provided on all edges giving us a chance to take in nature.

These external seating areas provide the users with a space to calm down and slow down. The variety in material range and its placement paint a picture-perfect retreat space. It creates a play in shadow and light throughout the day bringing in a sundial-like effect to the whole space. 

A beauty to behold, Shanshui Firewood Garden combines the elements of sun, water, and earth in a unique form. It has a natural growth pattern that uses traditional construction techniques to bring out something new and unique. It activates each of our senses of vision, ears, touch, etc with the textures, visuals, and the context of nature that engulfs it. 

Interiors that Flow 

Shanshui Firewood Garden Mix Architecture Interiors

The interior space houses the services and the serviceable areas such as private rooms, tea rooms, book bars, and logistics services According to the natural landscape. These spaces are placed along the four cardinal directions in groups with a central water body that joins these interior spaces. The functionality of the space is defined by the plush and neutral furniture that decorates the interiors.

Keeping the play of light and sun throughout, these spaces don’t crowd up but instead occupy a smaller space inside for their function leaving the rest of the floor area to be passage and transition spaces. Mix Architecture’s open planning of the design enables the interiors to be a great relaxation spot for the users. There is a continuity and flow to the spaces which is evident once you enter and experience them. 

Versatile Material Use Bringing a New Perspective 

Material of Shanshui Firewood Garden Mix Architecture

The materials used in the making of this project range from different kinds of natural stones and wooden textures. The facade of the structure uses natural stone blocks that are hung in a vertical fashion bringing in a pierced wood sheet that covers it. This gives it a dexterous and light feel, giving it natural ventilation while still respecting the user’s privacy. 

The Shanshui Firewood Garden rises from a strong base of red sandstone that is placed on top of the masonry foundation. The exterior walls of the building are made using natural materials like white with bamboo weaving and mud used in the foundation of the structure.

The structure follows a sloping roof with eaves that extend far and wide giving ample protection from the sun and rain and providing a seamless pathway around the inner spaces for resting. The internal walls showcase a textured pattern of bricks that add to the experience.

Firewood is an important material when it comes to the context of Anshi Village. The village architecture is characterized by the use of red sandstone from the Sichuan mountains, mottled wood, mud, and the constant whirling of light and shadow that falls through the structures. The same concept has been taken and incorporated by Mix Architecture into the Shanshui Firewood Garden.

The facade has a texture of wooden scales given with machine-cut red sandstone and the surface textures echo the firewood used in the village. Interior spaces seamlessly combine the textural variety in firewood, Redstone, and black tiles that merges with the natural elements of the central waterbody, the azure sky, and the greenery beyond.

Mix Architecture: China

Shanshui Firewood Garden China

The firm Mix Architecture is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu region of China. They specialize in a diverse variety of architectural designs that range from architecture to planning, landscape design, and interior. Mix Architecture designs with a conscious effort to include the context and an international perspective.

Shanshui Firewood Garden
top view of Shanshui Firewood Garden Mix Architecture
Shanshui Firewood Garden Architecture
Shanshui Firewood Garden with a pool inside of it
Shanshui Firewood Garden pool area
Shanshui Firewood Garden with a pool in front of it
Shanshui Firewood Garden made out of wooden planks on the side
A couple of people that are standing in front of a Shanshui Firewood Garden
Shanshui Firewood Garden with a lake in the background
Shanshui Firewood Garden in the woods surrounded by trees
Shanshui Firewood Garden exterior view
Shanshui Firewood Garden with a pond in front of it
Shanshui Firewood Garden top view
An aerial view of Shanshui Firewood Garden
Shanshui Firewood Garden draining area
Shanshui Firewood Garden wood structure
Shanshui Firewood Garden surrounded by trees
Shanshui Firewood Garden design
Shanshui Firewood Garden concept drawing
Shanshui Firewood Garden top view drawing
Shanshui Firewood Garden site plan


The Shanshui Firewood Garden is the perfect example of how the space design should be a part of the landscape and add to its beauty. Incorporating elements from the village was an essential aspect that Mix Architecture took forward with its innovative skills. The space imagined here brings together the wholesomeness of a garden with the incorporation of a shelter that connects built form to the outdoors. A redefined perspective on garden space, Shanshui Firewood Garden becomes a unique addition to the Village of Yibin and its beauty.

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