Do you love to look at simple bungalow house designs? Today we present eye-pleasing simple bungalow designs that will blow your mind. Bungalow houses come in the Arts and Crafts movement (1895 to 1935), which started from a reaction to the ornate Victorian architecture of 1870 to 1900.  Embracing simplicity, handiwork, and natural materials, bungalows are the definition of Luxury with coziness. 

“BUNGALOW” word is a derivative of the word ‘ Bengali,’ originated in India, which was used to describe a style of home in Bengal. Later on, this style of the house spread over the globe.

Bungalows are often one-and-a-half stories, with low-pitched roofs, shallow “shed” dormers, and deep verandas. The use of massive stones in the gallery, columns that support the roof, and exposed eave brackets are the standard features that you’ll find in any bungalow. 

The bungalow is a smaller home where you’ll find warm and cozy spots at every corner.

There are various types of the bungalow, such as Ultimate bungalow, Ranch bungalow, Raised bungalow, Craftsman bungalow, and Colonial bungalow. Architecture and style of the bungalow changes across the countries. You’ll find a slight variation in the style in every country, depending on the local materials and living conditions, but the basic characteristics remain the same. 

Here we are providing 20+ simple bungalow house designs that will totally inspire you to build one for yourself. Whether you are living alone or with a big family, these beautiful bungalows are for everybody.

Let’s take a look…

Table of Contents
    Simple Bungalow House Designs
    Bungalow House Designs
    Simple and small Bungalow House Designs
    Simple but large Bungalow House Designs
    A car is parked in front of a house
    Simple and open Bungalow House with a black gate and a brown roof
    A car is parked in front of a house
    Simple Bungalow House Designs with patio
    A large brick house with a metal roof
    Simple Bungalow House Designs with garden
    A modern house with a swimming pool in front of it
    A white house with a red roof and trees
    A car is parked in front of a house
    A small house with a red roof and white trim
    A purple house with white trim and a brown door
    A house with a patio and a table and chairs
    Green color Simple Bungalow House Designs
    A two story house with a garage and a driveway
    A house with a gray roof and a green lawn
    Simple House Designs with a front porch
    A house with a rock garden in front of it
    beautiful Bungalow House Designs with a solar panel on the roof
    A modern house with a pool in front of it

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