What is modern architecture? This question sometimes arises in your mind, and when you see a lot of house pictures, you get more confused. First, you have to understand what are the main features that ultra modern homes have. 

Modern design is not bound to a single style or design element; it is a mixture of different things. Modern construction consists of a combination of new and innovative technologies. Mostly it consists of glass, steel, and reinforced concrete as their main building materials. That’s the reason that the outcome of these constructions is breathtaking.  

Confused about selecting the right house design for your house? If yes, don’t worry. There are lots of people who face this confusion at some point in time. Today, people have started to go with the latest trends, so it is natural to opt for ultra modern homes. In this piece of content, we have explained the modern architecture design present in some of the current buildings across the globe. 

From the pointers, you can adjudge the fact that modern construction is a perfect winning combination of newness in the design and presence of innovative technologies. How wonderful does that sound?

Today we listed up the top ultra modern houses in the world. You’ll definitely gonna fall in love, after reading about their interior and exteriors (and of course pictures!!)

Here are the 5 top ultra modern homes in the world: 

1. Ultramodern Shell Residence

Ultramodern Shell Residence
  • Location: Kitasaku, Nagano, Japan
  • Architect: ARTechnic Architects
  • Area: 3,500 sqft
  • Year: 2008

This unique and ultra modern house is situated in the middle of the forest. Just looking at it, you will not be able to figure out the structure. It is brilliantly created in the shape of an oval shell. Architects elegantly blend nature with modern architecture; actually, Japan is famous for mixing natural elements with daily lifestyle. 

This house is specially designed for the people who wanted a rest from the chaos of the urban cities. Here you’ll find biometric lockages and modern security systems, so spend your weekend here without having concerns over security. It has self-heating floors, so, in winters, it remains warm and cozy. The floor plan resembles the letter ”J” and the fir trees surround the house in a “C” section. In short, you’ll get amazing views from the extra-large glass windows and enjoy a comfortable weekend with nature. 

2. GM1 House

GM1 House
  • Architects: Giovanni A. Moreno Espinosa
  • Location: Girardot, Colombia
  • Area: 513 Square meters
  • Year: 2011

The plan of this house is very practical because it is built for the two families. The basic plan consists of 3 areas, in which bedrooms are situated on the second level. Architects planned an open layout space so that multiple spaces will merge into one but also have equal privacy. There is also an entertainment zone, living room, and kitchen area. All the rooms are interconnected with the balconies and corridors. The house also has a private swimming pool and a guest bedroom with storage spaces. 

The materials are wisely chosen; that’s why you’ll see eye-pleasing elements in every corner of the house. The exterior is in an all-white theme, and so that the furnishings. Each furniture piece is custom made so that it will go perfectly with the rest of the theme. This ultra modern house is an ideal example of minimalism. 

3. V4 House

V4 House
  • Architects: Studio MK27
  • Location: São Paulo, Brazil
  • Area: 1291.0 square meters
  • Year: 2011

Because of the small area, it was challenging for architects to plan everything, but they have done a great job. V4 House has only one storey, and it is almost invisible when you look from the streets. The front portion of the house is cover by a concrete roof, where you can sit and enjoy rains. There is also an open kitchen with all the modern facilities. 

Another fascinating thing about this house is that the roof is covered with green walls, aka a rooftop garden. While designing, architects kept the client’s needs in mind and design accordingly. That’s why this project has an unusual theme: “urban ground floor house”. 

4. The Ultra-Contemporary Beach House

The Ultra-Contemporary Beach House
  • Architects: Nicolas Tye and John Doak Architecture
  • Location: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
  • Area: 8,000-square-foot
  • Year: 2015

This ultra modern beach house won the Governor’s Award in 2015 in the Design and Construction Excellence in the Cayman Islands category. No wonder!! Why this house won the prize because it has sharp and clean lines with bold architectural angles. As it has an extra-ordinary architecture, it also has a great price. Almost $6,500,000 US Dollars!! 

Not only its interior is remarkable, but also its exterior has some unique elements. Floor to ceiling glass panels and balconies with three beautiful rooftop terraces, there are many astounding things you’ll find in this house. In the outside area, there is a private L- shaped pool and garden with beach area. 

5. Roca Llisa Luxury Villa

Roca Llisa Luxury Villa
  • Architects: Stefan Antoni & Mark Rielly of SAOTA & ARRCC
  • Location: Ibiza, Spain
  • Area: 9,096 sqft
  • Year: 2014

Roca Llisa house is situated in the hilly area with spectacular views of the island and ocean. This is a three-storey house which is made in Spanish style. Here you’ll get the luxury with peace.

“From the bones of the existing villa, the clients asked us to create a contemporary Ibiza-style home that would allow for intimate, casual family living, as well as extensive entertaining of large groups of friends. The complete renovation included additional accommodation in the form of guest rooms,” says Mark Rielly, partner at ARRCC.

Final Words

Not only these houses, but there are also many other houses that are exceptional in their designs and concepts. Modern, ultra modern, or contemporary whatever style you choose for your home, surely you’ll get some inspiration from these houses.

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