If you would look around then you would find out that the old school bungalow style homes are again in trend but with some modern twists. Bungalows were quite famous in old times as well and people who were stable in terms of wealth used to have bungalows. 

The origin of a bungalow is from West Bengal that is a state in India and the word bungalow has been derived from the word Bangala which means huge home. By this fact, it is quite clear that for making a bungalow you would have to get a huge area for the construction purpose. 

The debate is still on that the origin of the bungalow is from Bangladesh but back then Bangladesh and India were one nation. India was a colony of British rule and that is how the idea of bungalow spread over and now there are bungalows around the world. 

There are so many different bungalow styles and as the design kept on getting updated so now you would also be able to see modern bungalows that are not less than any luxurious palace. If you are also interested in knowing more about bungalow then here is everything about a bungalow that you can check out:

What makes bungalow different from other huge villas as well as houses?

Now that bungalows are no different from any other huge home due to modern techniques as well as additions but back then such homes were quite different from other homes. There are some small specifications that you need to notice in such homes and these specifications make any ordinary huge home a bungalow. 

features make bunglow different then villas

If you are wondering about some of those bungalow specifications to identify a bungalow, then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out:


Back then only bungalows had more than one floor and the rest of the houses had only one single floor. Adding up floors was considered as a matter of wealth back then so only the rich people used to build floors after floors just to show others how rich they are. 

If you would see any old home with two or more floors then that home is probably a bungalow and it is also sure that the owner of that home used to be a rich person back then. Now the things are quite different as in present-day every other home has more than one floor.

home with more than one floor

Bungalow as a summer lodge

You would be amazed to know that bungalows were kind of a simmer lodge for British people. As you already know that India is not at all a cold place and Bengal was nowhere close to cool place rather it was hot and humid. 

British people, on the other hand, came from a cold place so they were not used to with the hot weather. Such weather conditions caused health issues to British people and surviving in India became a task for them and that was the time they choose bungalow for their survival. 

Cooling gadgets were not very popular back then and India was especially was not aware even if there was any such thing. Indian people were customized according to weather but British people were not so they chose bungalow to live. This fact is enough to predict that bungalows were comparatively cooler than any other ordinary home. 

The home used to get planned in such a way that it was somehow perfect for the weather of Bengal back then and it was easy to live in a bungalow as it was luxurious and beautiful. Now it is hard to say whether a home is cool or not as people have air coolers in the present generation, so every home surrounding, as well as interior, seems quite cool.

Room plans

A bungalow used to have several rooms so living with a huge family was easy in a bungalow and that is another reason that British people chose bungalow. The room plans of bungalow back then were quite different and now we hardly have that many rooms rather now people go with a multipurpose open hall space. Such homes were quite similar to that of English poaches as that has ample rooms for different purposes.

You would even be able to see a huge hall-like space in the bungalow that was kind of living space but now, we are having a small living space. There were several windows and more than one door in one single room so it was easy to escape from such a home. 

several spacious rooms

Now the number of windows has been decreased and we only get one door in each room which seems more than enough for us. There used to be a huge backyard as well in bungalows often dedicated to gardens as well as patios.

Final Words

The concept of the bungalow is different in different countries rather it can be said the bungalows of other countries hardly have anything similar to the original bungalow homes.  Different countries have created their unique versions of the bungalow and the most surprising thing is that every bungalow design turned out to be amazing. 

However, Bengal bungalows are quite similar to that of the American bungalows. If you would ever visit Bangladesh of West Bengal then you would still be able to see those original old bungalows standing still.

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