Custom gazebos are versatile, multi-purpose as well as stylish products for outdoor use. Adding a branded gazebo to the open space of your home is a sure-short way of upgrading your outdoor décor. If you are a person who spends a lot of days’ outdoors, in different locations for business or recreational purposes, a custom gazebo can be a very reliable shade solution. 

Given their wide range of uses and popularity amongst customers, custom gazebos are available in a variety of configurations in the market. There are two primary structural parts of a custom gazebo – the frame and the canopy covering.

It is very important to choose the right canopy material as it is the primary component, which protects you from harmful UV rays and keeps you cool under a printed gazebo. However, the most significant aspect that determines the structural stability, durability, and effectiveness of the product is the frame of your branded gazebo. 

Therefore, it is very important to assess the material, design, and features of your custom gazebo frame before you commit to a particular product. steel gazebos vs aluminum gazebos are produced in various materials which include plastic, wood, fiberglass, and metals.

We do not recommend the first two materials, i.e. plastic and wood, if you’re looking for a sturdy and durable custom gazebo as they are not very strong and might require more maintenance. Although fiberglass is a stronger and more flexible material as compared to the first two, it is also a very expensive product. Therefore, the best option in our opinion is to opt for branded gazebos with metal frames.

Steel Gazebos Vs Aluminum Gazebos

There are two types of metals home that are commonly used to produce custom gazebos – steel and aluminum. Frames made of both these metals are usually considered to be the most reliable choice when looking for a robust and cost-effective branded gazebo.

However, both these metals have different qualities and therefore they provide different advantages and disadvantages, which often makes it difficult for consumers to make a choice.

No Wucka mates! Give us a chance to help you out with this decision… 

There are five main factors that should determine your choice and give you an idea as to which custom gazebo frame material is preferable with respect to your requirements. We have listed and explained each of these below for you.

Steel Gazebo Vs Aluminum Gazebo: Based on Strength

Strength of Steel Gazebo Vs Aluminum Gazebo

When it comes to strength, both steel and aluminum are reliable materials for branded gazebo frames. Most of our readers are already aware that steel is a heavier and denser material and therefore, has more tensile strength.

However, custom gazebo manufacturers have designed aluminum frames with thicker bars, which can easily match the strength of steel frames.

Hence, if your primary determining factor is strength, you can choose any of these metals for your branded gazebo’s frame.

However, do practice due diligence before purchase and check the thickness of the poles, truss bars, and other features of the frame before ordering a product. Along with the frame material, these features will also greatly affect the strength and stability of your custom gazebo.

Steel Gazebo Vs Aluminum Gazebo: Based on Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion Resistance  of Steel Gazebo Vs Aluminum Gazebo

Another very significant factor that you must consider is the corrosive properties of the metal. In simple terms, you must determine to what extent your gazebo frame material is susceptible to rust.

If you live in a region with high rainfall or the possibility of your custom gazebo being exposed to water damage, this factor will be a primary determinant for your choice of metal. Aluminum gazebo frames have an advantage over steel gazebo frames in this category.

Aluminum can be made corrosion resistant by a simple electrochemical process known as anodizing. On the other hand, steel frames are made rust-resistant by adding a powder coating to the frame. Since the coating is another layer in itself, it is vulnerable and can flake off, exposing the base metal and allowing rust to set in. 

Steel Gazebo Vs Aluminum Gazebo: Based on Seasonal Effectiveness

Seasonal Effectiveness of Steel Gazebo Vs Aluminum Gazebo

The choice of frame for your custom gazebo is also greatly determined by the type of climate in the region you are located. Both aluminum and steel gazebos provide different advantages in different types of climates.

If your primary concern is to find shelter from the sun, then both steel and aluminum gazebos can be useful for you. However, if you live in a region that records heavy rainfall or snowfall, an aluminum gazebo would be preferable, as it is relatively more resistant to water damage.

On the other hand, if you live in an area that records very high wind speeds, it might be more suitable to go for a custom gazebo made of steel which is considerably heavier and should help you keep your structure grounded. Although, if the wind speed is too high, we suggest you pack up your custom gazebo and store it inside safely, no matter what metal gazebos frame is made of.

Steel Gazebo Vs Aluminum Gazebo: Based On Type of Use 

Steel Gazebo Vs Aluminum Gazebo: Based On Type of Use 

The manner in which you intend to use your gazebo is also a very dominant factor that would determine your choice of frame. If you’re looking for a branded gazebo to install in your backyard and with no intentions of moving around with it, you can easily choose a sturdy steel frame for your custom gazebo.

However, if you are getting a printed pop-up gazebo with sides for business promotional use or an event gazebo for recreational use in multiple locations, then you must focus on finding a product that is more portable. In this case, it would be better to opt for aluminum frames as they are considerably more lightweight while also being durable and robust.

Steel Gazebo Vs Aluminum Gazebo: Based on Maintenance and Warranty

Steel Gazebo Vs Aluminum Gazebo: Based on Maintenance and Warranty

Product warranty and maintenance requirements are both very significant factors if you intend to use your custom gazebo for a long duration. In this scenario, it is not the material itself but rather the quality of the material that must be ascertained.

Low-quality, cheap products will require more maintenance and are often sold without a warranty. On the other hand, high-quality branded gazebos, whether made of steel or aluminum, can be used for a longer time with very little maintenance and also come with structural warranties.

Amongst the two materials, aluminum gazebos are usually sold with a longer warranty as compared to steel gazebos. You can simply check what your brand is offering and make a choice accordingly.


Assessing your needs and prerequisites, based on one or all of these determining factors, should definitely land you with the best custom gazebo that suits all your outdoor patio shade requirements. Although both steel and aluminum gazebos are popular in the market, we have found aluminum to be a more desirable choice. There are undoubtedly more advantages to getting an aluminum gazebo, but the ultimate choice depends on your specific requirements.

Once you’re done with choosing a frame material, the next steps are – to finalize the fabric and printing requirements of your branded gazebo, place an order with the manufacturer, and Bob’s your uncle. 

All that remains to be done, is to plan your outdoor day of fun and enjoy the wind and the sun!

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