Have you ever imagin why these Spanish Style Homes are so exciting? No matter how old their architecture is, it still stands out beautifully! Architecture is so admiring that even if you do not change the style, it manages to shine. Their evergreen stucco walls, red and blue clay roofing tiles, their rustic look and structure make it look different. The architecture of Spanish Style Homes has been famous since the 1600s. 

The creativity and architecture of Spanish-style homes have always been practical and traditional. The architecture is famous for its environment fit. All the favorite Spanish-style homes are built keeping the environment in mind. Spanish colonial homes are the best way to teach Mediterranean architecture. 

Do you know? Spanish Style Homes in Northern America and European countries are adopt to bring variety in lifestyle! Yes! You heard it right, people in many parts of the country are adapting Spanish-style homes to get a spark. The only reason behind it is the environmental factor. The love and support the mother earth Spanish-style homes give are incredible. 

Key Characteristics of Spanish Style House

Everything famous for its features has a key characteristic. So does a Spanish home have? Are you not interest to know what features make them unique? Do not worry, and we have gather all the information you are looking for. 

Please fasten your seat belts we are taking off to look over the key features of Spanish Style Homes.

Stucco-Clad and Thick Walls

One of the fascinating features of Spanish houses is their thick walls. The thick walls help radiate the heat of the daytime. It allows the inner walls and rooms to stay cool temperate. The thick walls limit the heat of the day. And later in the evening, when the temperature cools down, it helps to maintain the balance. 

This feature of the Spanish house is unique. The walls get warm in the evening and cool in the daytime. The contrasting nature of the walls is because of their thick density. This feature is usually seen in all the traditional Spanish Style Homes.

Single Story

If you have ever notice, Spanish homes are single-story homes. They have single floors. They never extend their homes to two to three stories. Spanish Homes are very familiar with their ranch style. Single story and spacious rooms. 

The traditional Spanish Style Homes are enormous and spacious in carpet area. They have extend ceilings to give their home the perfect height. But, the only thing that is very rare is their double or triple story homes. They have extra floors, but in a rare case, they have huge extend families living together. Isn’t this feature exciting?

Small Windows and Wide Long Doors

One more interesting feature of Spanish homes is their small windows at every interval. They have small windows with wrought iron grills. They prefer iron grills rather than glass panes. The iron grills allow fresh air to ventilate within the rooms. To avoid the heat, they use wooden barn windows. 

Glass panes and windows absorb heat and make the room warm. At the same time, wooden barn windows reflect heat and keep all the rooms cool. They have long and vast doors of glass to allow natural light inside the room. The immense doors make the room look bigger and more spacious. The immense doors are the unique feature of these traditional Spanish-style homes.

Built with All the Original Components

As we saw above, all the features and components are traditional. In the same way, even the raw elements of Spanish-style architecture are classic and original. Some of the Spanish Colonial homes are made of adobe.

Some of the homes in Florida are made from coquina rocks. Both these rocks are some of the oldest rocks use for building homes. Just imagine they have been using these rocks since the 1600s. The stones are so firm and solid that firmness is guarante. They are thick. The density helps the walls to form strong and radiate heat. 

Inner and Extended Courtyards

The best amongst all the features is this courtyard. Nowadays, yards are not seen very often. They are either built customiz according to the requirements. Or they are seen in some of the oldest home architectures. According to the history of courtyards, they were built on shifting the cooking in the exteriors. They were to cook food outside the house so that the inner rooms in the homes can be cool. 

In today’s world, Spanish-style homes have still maintain the inner courtyard system. The motives have change. Earlier, they were for cooking, and now they have acknowledge and formal parties and meeting points. Now families hoist their parties and get together in their extend inner courtyards. 

Wooden Supporting Beams

Wooden supporting beans are seen in most of the traditional Spanish-style homes. They are use as supporting beams in the exterior of the walls. In Spanish colonials, they are use a lot. It is believe that wooden beams are solid in support. They are steadfast and sturdy. 

Thus, even today’s date, if the home is built in the traditional Spanish colonial style, you will find wooden beams. No matter how many new techniques are being adapt, wooden supporting beams are present. Believe it or not, traditional styles are trendy and trustworthy. Just give it a thought!

Minimal Ornamentation

One thing which is not see in any other home style is the minimalistic decor. Spanish-style homes are straightforward and traditional. The architecture is so intricate that they need no ornamentation. Yes, you won’t find any extra ornament in Spanish home styles. They have a simple and traditional look. 

If you find any ornamentation, they are limit to the entrances. They work hard on their entryways and passageways. It is believe that Spanish home styles are made keeping in mind the owner’s privacy. And thus, when you want to maintain the private space, it is suppose to be simple and minimalistic. When you keep simple, you suppress the excitement among the people visiting you. The beauty lies like the Spanish homes. 

3 Different Spanish Style Homes and Their Exteriors!

Now let us see some of the attractive Spanish Style homes which are familiar with their architecture. All the Spanish homes that I am listing below are known for their traditional architecture. The intricate beauty with their utmost simplicity will take away your hearts. Thair exterior styles will help you take some inspiration for your dream homes. 

Let us not waste any further time and dive into the list. 

Lauren Conrad’s Former Pacific Home

Lauren Conrad's Former Pacific Home
Lauren Conrad's Former Pacific Home pool side view
Lauren Conrad's Former Pacific Home door
Lauren Conrad's Former Pacific Home exterior

The beautiful weekend home is design in an L-shape to entertain the lawn of beautiful palm trees. It has one of the most delicate exteriors. They have built up a pond-style pool to give it an aesthetic touch and look. The beauty of the home lies in its simplicity. No extra ornamentation. 

The beauty lies in the intricate details in the entrance. The details of the mirror work on the arch bring a define look. The spark of light that shines through the beautiful glass balconies is what gives it a unique touch. The Internal French Doors and windows bring a contrasting look to this Spanish-style colonial home. 

Vince Vaughn’s Former Los Angeles House

Vince Vaughn's Former Los Angeles House
Vince Vaughn's Former Los Angeles House exterior
Vince Vaughn's Former Los Angeles House front view
Vince Vaughn's Former Los Angeles House back side

The beautiful exterior makes it worth the investment. A perfect weekend home that needs no further description. Ideally built with the define details. All the traditional vital elements make this home unique and authentic. Just give it a look. Right from the wooden barn doors that warmly welcome people to the conventional worn-out iron bar windows. 

Every feature and element in the Spanish-style home is raw and traditional. When the feature of the house is natural, they bring the best out of all the essential pieces. Something that does not lose its traditionality stands out sparkling bright.

Holly Madison’s Former Los Angeles Mansion

Holly Madison's Former Los Angeles Mansion
Holly Madison's Former Los Angeles Mansion Arial view

This is personally my favorite. Just give it a comprehensive look. Every minute detail is built keeping in mind the contrasting feature of nature. Right from the exteriors to the ornamentation, every little thing is blending nature in it. The sparkling white color of the walls and the red tiling of the roof is mesmerizing. The architect and the designers have work out well with the entire architecture of the home

Holly madison’s this Spanish-style home is a style statement. The large windows make the house look spacious and wide open to nature. The pool with the tile working on it is giving it a submerg look. Maintaining the beauty of nature is defining the face of the exteriors. 

Spanish style house with lighting
Spanish style house front view
Spanish style house with bog glass windows
Spanish style house with garden view
Spanish style house exterior
Spanish style house sitting area
Single Story Spanish style house
Single Story Spanish style house With small Garden

The Conclusion

So, what do you think? Arent Spanish-style homes one of the best in their traditional look? No matter how advanced the architecture of homes has been, the conventional feature rocks. Every element and feature of the Spanish homes are still maintaining the authenticity of their tradition. Right from their looks to their architecture, everything has its originality kept. And this is what makes Spanish-style homes one of the most inspiring styles in today’s world.

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