Moving a house is one of the most stressful and sometimes expensive things a person can go through, especially when you don’t use storage units. When you add to this the damage that the packaging from a house move has on the environment, it is a scary thought.

You want to make your house move as easy as possible, and while you must find ways to save money and make the sustainable moving process much easier, it would be mindful to think about how much the majority of moving house practices have on our environment.

Take a look at the amount of packaging that is used when you move house. Bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, box tape, plastic packaging, etc., you’d be surprised!

# Lots of people would like to contribute more to reducing waste. 90% of people have said they would recycle more if it were more accessible. However, would it be easier to recover and reduce the amount of waste if there was less packaging in society?

Best Tips on How to Make Your Move Eco-Friendly

Tips on How to Make Your Move Eco-Friendly

Moving your house environmentally friendly is not as tricky and complicated as it seems. Here are some tips you may find helpful:

Plan Ahead

Most of the time, we fail to consider the environmental impact of moving house because we are in a rush, trying to balance everyone’s schedule, and we do not have enough time for such luxuries.

However, if you plan ahead of your move, you can save money on the moving process while also considering how sustainable it is. Getting in touch with a reliable moving company should be the first step in the process.

Find Ways to Reduce Waste

Find Ways to Reduce Waste

The next step is to limit the quantity of garbage generated during the relocation operation. This can be accomplished in a variety of methods, but one simple piece of advice is to pack your stuff using recycled materials such as newspapers and cardboard boxes.

# In the UK, only 17% of the total waste was recycled in just one year. Recycling is essential; it can help reduce the amount of waste in a landfill.

You could even try to use alternative packing supplies such as luggage and bags in place of wardrobe boxes, linen and towels in place of bubble wrap, and blankets in place of Styrofoam peanuts. 

You could consider using free or recycled moving boxes instead of purchasing new ones. Also, make sure to pack thoughtfully. Try not to overpack boxes which will only lead to breakages and wasted packing material. 

# The excessive amount of plastic in the environment severely and negatively impacts bird life. 90% of seabirds have been contaminated with plastic waste due to plastic waste in our oceans. Furthermore, plastic is a contributing factor to the fact there has been a 67% decline in seabird populations in the last sixty years.

Another way to reduce waste is to compost any organic material generated during the move. This includes food scraps, sawdust, wrap, and even your moving boxes. Then, all you have to do is set up a compost bin in your new home so that you can recycle the soil whenever needed for use at home or in garden beds.

Meanwhile, if you have furniture or appliances you plan on disposing of, find a way to get rid of them without necessarily sending them to landfills. 

You can do this by selling them to second-hand stores, arranging for a charity pick-up, putting them into storage at a self-storage facility, or even giving them away to friends and family.

Be Energy-Efficient

Another eco-friendly moving tip is to be energy efficient during packing and unpacking. Try not to use machines that require electricity unless necessary as this will increase the energy consumed to make your house move easier. 

If you are using a moving truck, ensure the engine is turned off when it is not in use. It will save on gas and reduce carbon emissions from the moving truck.

Look into Hiring a Removal Company with Enhanced Environmentally-Friendly Vehicles

Look into Hiring a Removal Company with Enhanced Environmentally-Friendly Vehicles

Regarding moving vehicles, it is also a good idea to choose a removal company or even a man with a van who uses trucks with enhanced eco-friendliness characteristics. For example, biodiesel, hybrid, and electric moving trucks can dramatically minimize your environmental footprint even during a house-moving process.

Clean Your Old and New Homes with Green Cleaning Products

Clean Your Old and New Homes with Green Cleaning Products

Cleaning is integral to moving into a new home, but it doesn’t have to be an environmentally-unfriendly process. Many green products on the market can help you clean your old and new homes without harming the environment.

You can also make natural cleaning solutions using ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and essential oils. This way, you can still make your home smell pleasant without using harsh chemicals that will affect the environment and your health and well-being.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many ways that you can plan a sustainable house move. The key to doing so is to be proactive and thoughtful when planning your move first instead of just hoping for the best during the actual implementation stage.

By following these tips, not only will you do something good for the environment but also ensure that you can live comfortably in your new home without worrying about the effects of moving on the planet.

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