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7 Tips to Keep Wood Stove Burning All Night – An Ultimate Guide
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7 Tips to Keep Wood Stove Burning All Night – An Ultimate Guide  

Winter is just around the corner, and so many areas around the world have already started welcoming the cold. While all set to welcome winter, one needs to look for the maintenance of wooden fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, and brick chimneys. This is certainly very important before the arrival of winter as it may create problems if not maintained on time. 

And at this point, those who rely on wood-burning stoves to keep their house warm (not to forget that they are the most affordable option) must be looking for ways to keep a wood stove burning all night. 

For this purpose, you first need an expert wood stove service at your doorstep that can thoroughly scan and repair your wood stove if needed. 

7 Effective Ways to Help Run Wood Stove All Night

If you are looking for the most cost effective and affordable option to keep your home warm then a wood stove should be your choice. However, there is a downside to using a wood stove because keeping them on all night is slightly challenging.

Fire burning all night in a stove is not a piece of cake, and before doing the setup, you need to get done with the wood fireplace insert installation, its ideal position, precautions, and effective tips. 

So, let’s have a walk-through of quick tips without any further ado. 

Set Up the Stove Front

Wood Stove Burning All Night


First, remove the unusable ash from the front of the stove. Before doing this:

  • Use a pair of heat-resistant gloves and a fireplace shovel to clear ash from your wood stove.
  • Since this could be a bit messy, be careful while cleaning.
  • Ensure that the fire is not burning while you clean it up; if so, wait until it’s all cooled down. 

Rake the Coals, near the Air Inlet

Wood Stove Burning All Night


The next step is to stack the coals and wooden logs. For this purpose, you can take a long-handled rake to reach the stove and position the rake on the bottom of the furnace. Keep the coals to the front of the stove.

Keep the coals in a rectangular shape that could take up about half of the stove. Also, ensure to leave a clear space in the back of the stove for new logs and stay careful not to pull hot coals out of the furnace. 

Get the Logs into the Right Position

Wood Stove Burning All Night


Another critical factor that could help you in the long run with your wood stove is to place the logs in the correct position. You can pick 1 large or 2-3 small pieces of wood log (primarily oak, hickory, or pine) as they would burn slowly and are best for overnight burning.

Ensure that your large log will fit inside the stove when laid horizontally. This way, they will take time to burn and keep your house warmer than you can imagine! 

Work with Dry Logs for a Longer Run

Wood Stove Burning All Night


Using moist or wet coal/ wood is of no use when it comes to stove burning. It is critical to use the dry logs as they ensure a long burn; definitely, a thumbs up for overnight. Please note that the wood with green spots is a big no, and you should never use it for overnight burning. Here, you can also use a moisture meter to check the wood’s moisture level, which should be less than 20%. 

Stack the Smaller Pieces with the Larger Ones

Wood Stove Burning All Night


A lot of times, fire blows out in the middle of the night as the person hasn’t stacked them well. Take notes, and use the fireplace elements with super care, as they could be dangerous for your well-being.

To keep the wood stove burning all night, ensure that at least 1 small piece of wood is touching the back part of the coals. This way, they will insulate the larger log, and the stove will burn throughout the night. 

Ensure Safe Overnight Burn

Wood Stove Burning All Night


Safety comes over every other thing! Make sure to open the air inlet for 15-30 minutes after adding the log and coal. Also, stay by the wood stove while the vent is open because leaving it unattended can. After burning the coals for up to 15 to 20 minutes, close the air inlet so the room can get heated. At this point, The vents should be left slightly open, so there are zero chances of suffocation. 

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Remove the Ashes in the Morning

Wood Stove Burning All Night


In the early morning, after waking up, remove the ashes from the bottom of the stove. For this purpose, you can use a fireplace shovel to dispose of the ash from the wood. 

Winters are approaching super quickly, is your wood stove and chimney ready to help you in the best way? If not, no worries; Magic Mountain Chimney is here to help you fix everything.

You can get chimney and stove installation, repair, and maintenance services right at your doorstep if you are located in Frederick, MD, and surrounding areas. 

A Quick Rundown

Now, when you have read all the steps and completed all your homework, connect with any expert wood stove repairman to start the process. Once all boxes are ticked, you can follow the tips to enjoy a safe wood stove burning all night. 

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