Project Specifications

  • Project Name: Moon Resort
  • Project Architect: Sandra Matthews and Michael Henderson
  • Project Location: Dubai
  • Project Height: 224 m
  • Project Structure Size: 515,000 sq.m
  • Car Park Area: 204,387 sq.m
  • Project Completion Year: 2027
Moon Resort Spherical Building

Dubai’s skyline is all set to welcome a spherical building with a futuristic appeal. The design of Moon Resort by Canadian designers, Michael Henderson and Sandra Matthews aim at offering the ultimate space tourism experience. Moon World Resorts Inc has planned this $5 billion project not only in Dubai but Europe, MENA, North America, and Asia as well.

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The 224-metre-high Moon resort will make everyone’s dream come true by offering the essence of living on the moon while keeping you on earth. The spherical building is planned in steel structure which will serve as the envelope for the hotel. A moon-like surface sits atop a three-story circular podium.

The designers have extended the horizon of human imagination with this one-of-its-kind spherical building concept. Moon resort aims at welcoming about 2.5 million visitors every year and the project will hike Emirate’s economy in the attraction, tourism, technology, environment, and space tourism sectors.

Moon Resort concept

This complex is planned to serve as an authentic training centre for space agencies apart from catering to the hospitality sector. The plan also includes 300-unit purchasable posh villas which can be accessed by the Private Members Club at Moon resort.

The inner portion of this spherical building is planned to reach the height of 123.4 m and it acts as a gigantic lunar surface. The highest level of this sphere is planned as lunar colonies for an exploration trip of space. A total cost of $500.00 is projected for a 90-minutes excursion on this level.

A drawing of a large building with a lot of people around it

This futuristic design will speak a contemporary design language in the interiors. The spaces are a blend of design and technology with the integration of luxurious amenities and technological gadgets equipped in the spaces. The unique design of Moon resort not only aims at providing a unique experience to the guests but is also built with eco-conscious concepts. The design is planned to be constructed as per LEED Gold Five Star standards. The project will operate with the principles of the Five Diamond level.

The structural design of this spherical building is composed of details resembling the ones adopted by Richard Buckminster Fuller, a famous American Architect. The facade is planned to be covered with carbon fibre composite and in order to attain sustainability goals, it’ll also incorporate solar panels on the facade. These panels will generate power to operate the Moon resort.

The structure of the Moon resort is zoned in two separate volumes where a four-storey disc is spaced beneath the main moon sphere. The middle disc of the spherical building accommodates common amenities like restaurants, ballrooms, meeting rooms, theatres, business centres, and spas.

The upper disc of the Moon resort hosts lounges, event centres, hotel lobby, nightclubs, arena concourse, shuttle station, casino, discovery centre, and business centres. Located on the terrace of the upper disc are green areas, multi-functional spaces, a beach club, an amphitheatre, an aquatic centre, and lounges.

Enclosed within this spherical shape are 20 floors serving as hotel suites. Every floor has a unique function and an unparalleled experience within each space. The building is equipped with several high-speed express elevators that aid in vertical movement within the structure.

Moon Resort  shuttle-ride system concept

The top portion of this spherical building is approached by a shuttle-ride system concept. Visitors can board the shuttle from the lower level of the disc building and the ride takes them to the lunar surface on the top. The shuttle system is built with a maglev-type vehicle which is a new-age concept of walking with its mechanism based on the principles of magnetic levitation. This shuttle is placed in the void of the inner core and the superstructure of Moon resort.

Concrete and steel columns are planned to support the spherical building’s core. Although the total number of columns will be derived from the final height of the building, the initial plan is to add 4 to 5 columns.

drawing of Moon Resort shopping mall drawing

“Unlike many ‘fantasy proposals’, Moon will be built, as it’s entirely logical from a built environment perspective and its business plan is extremely compelling. We will master license a single major corporation or regionally license multiple corporations the ability to develop Moon in four global locations,” mentioned Michael Henderson, one of the designers of the Moon resort project.

The design of this spherical building will function with new-age concepts where traditional windows are kept away. Rather, electronic windows have been added for visitors to open up to the outer world’s views.

“Unlike past and present artistic renderings and NFT type creations, MOON is actually logical. From an Architectural, Engineering and Design perspective MOON can be built. Additionally, the business case for MOON is extremely compelling, the brand is already known and loved by 7.5 billion humans! Indeed MOON is the most recognised brand on planet earth and is fortunate to enjoy the largest billboard ever created,” the founders further added.

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“Moon Resort will form the bridge, delivering an affordable and entirely authentic space tourism experience millions of enthusiasts around planet Earth have been patiently waiting for,” said Henderson.

The interiors are planned to keep healthy with cutting-edge technological approaches that feature antibacterial air technology, non-toxic amenities, and vitamin-unfused water. The technology not only finds its place in the common amenities but in private suites as well.

Arial view of Moon Resort Spherical Building

Dubai is well-known for its marvellous architecture featuring the world-famous Burj Khalifa and an enticing skyline. The skyline will be jazzed up even more with Moon resort. It’ll make it seem that the real moon has been brought to earth with its stunning architecture. Humans can experience space while staying on Earth through this addition.

design and concept of Moon Resort Spherical Building
Moon Resort Spherical Building detailed drawing
Moon Resort Spherical Building

Moon resort gives the realm of architecture a new vision. It opens up the world of possibilities with this unique concept that brings the moon to the earth. The architectural planning and design of this spherical building convey a futuristic edge to the structures.

Final Thoughts

The project not only brings the space experience to the planet but also caters to the current environmental needs. Designers have carefully crafted the design which runs on eco-friendly measures. Moon resort serves as an example of how architecture is also a strong catalyst to boost the economy and several industries. The building will serve as an ultimate attraction upon its completion and make staying on the moon a bit affordable and practical for everyone.

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