Having curtains in the home completely changes the ambiance. Just look at a home without any types of window treatments and you will come to know. When you decide to add curtains in the home, you need to ensure that you hire the best curtain manufacturers or suppliers in the market. Let’s see amazing curtain ideas.

Curtains are elegant, charming, and highly appealing. Sheer curtains Melbourne are types of curtains that are lightweight, transparent, and completely change the ambiance. Curtains make the whole room feel cozier and complete. All you need to do is to experiment with curtains to make the room look beautiful and elegant. 

In this post, we will discuss some of the curtain ideas that can make your room look more enthralling and elegant. 

Start with Royal Rose decoration

We all know how pastel pink makes a good pair with ornate or gold accents. It will completely rejuvenate the space and take it to a great level. This pairing will serve the core purpose. All you need to do is to hang beautiful rose-coloured curtains with gilded accept pieces and you are done. 

Go for Pattern Pairings

When you have a patterned bedspread, you might want to go for solid-coloured window treatments, but there are no such rules. You can always go for patterned curtains that are similar to your furniture or wall paint and it will work in your favour. You can create a special cohesiveness by working on similar patterned things. Go for it if you have neutral-coloured furniture items in the room

Pattern Pairings Curtain Ideas

Sheer, Airy Coastal

When you have sheer curtains online Australia, you will have natural light falling in your room. Sheer curtains are the best for allowing natural light, we all know that. When you want to create a coastal space in the room, you can just add sheer curtains and you will have the authentic, airy feel in the room that will lure the minds of visitors. Sheer curtains are the best when it comes to softening and diffusing natural light. 

Modern Pattern

If you have a small room with minimal decorative items, you can go for simple, repeating patterns such as stripes or geometric patterns. It will give a new, contemporary feeling to the room and will serve the core purpose brilliantly. 

Floral Farmhouse

One thing that homeowners ignore while choosing window treatments is texture. Textured curtains can completely makeover the entire perspective of the room. For example, you can go for farmhouse curtains in the dining room which will convert the space dynamically. Buy sheer curtains with different textures to lighten up the feeling and to make the space more beautiful and energetic. 

Charming Plaid

Hanging plaid curtains are also in trend for their sheer beauty and elegance. They can create a cottage type environment in the room and will look elegant and charming. You can go for a cohesive colour scheme with the perfect amount of embellishment to create magic. 

Layered Window Treatments

There is no written rule that you cannot use curtains and blinds together. Yes, you can use them together to make your windows look appealing. Many homeowners go for layering window treatments with the thick-coloured curtains frame with the blinds and the whole ambience will look amazing. 

Boho Print

Bohemian home design also makes sense here. They use ornate prints and bold patterns for this type of design that can elevate your space perfectly. You can go for printed curtains to create such a magical appeal for your windows. 

Ceiling Height

If you want to create an illusion of a larger room, you can go for hanging curtains. Ensure that the height of curtains is offset by the height of windows that make the later look less bare. However, you need to go for extra-long curtains to achieve this appeal. 

Bedroom with Green Curtain

Layered Thicknesses

Do you want to have the best of both worlds? Something that is light and airy and at the same time, dark and private? All you need to do is layered window treatments that ensure different light filtering. You can go for sheer curtains Melbourne to achieve this filtering. They can offer a dynamic look and are highly functional as well. If you want the soft light, you can keep the thick drapes open. When you want privacy, you can close them completely. You have a win-win situation here. 

Matching the Bedspread

How about choosing curtains that are of the same colour as your bedspread? You should try it and see how it looks. You can go for solid-coloured curtains with a patterned valance. You will get a gorgeous, appealing look with sheer curtains Online Australia when you have a rustic or coastal decor in your bedroom. It is a more traditional, glamorous, and contemporary style that will never fade away. Try it once and see for yourself. 


That is all for bedroom curtain ideas. Hope these ideas will give you something to experiment with your bedroom curtains. There are many amazing factors of Sheer curtains that have carved a niche for themselves by offering some unmatched advantages to homeowners. They are great at diffusing sunlight and also offer some privacy to the room. You can check out sheer curtains online to choose the best for your bedroom.

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