Situated in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, House A is a private residence built on a landscape near the lake. With the 327m² (3,520ft²) area with a steeply pitched, 40-foot-high (12-metre-high) roof, this house is not something you see in your neighborhood. 

Constructed on the demand of joint owners, Housing Experiment A was built for two families of eight people. Designed by Metodo in 2015, there are many unique things about this architecture.

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Casa A / Método

Casa A Método
  • Official Name: Housing Experiment A
  • Architects: Método
  • Location: Valle de Bravo, Mexico
  • Area: 327 m²
  • Year: 2015    
  • Manufacturers:  Cocinas Maawad, Cristalum, Volunta
  • Project Manager: Ingeniería Orca
  • Architect In Charge: Bernardo García

Architecture plays an important role in our living lifestyle. It helps us to live in a certain situation and makes the habitability of a site possible. In context to many useful ways and benefits, architecture has always been one of the most powerful tools for humans. 

With this tool’s help, we can interact with the landscape and our surroundings. If we know about the importance of architecture in our lives, we can create many opportunities to live in a natural environment with a modern lifestyle.  

Casa A Método living room with furniture
A table and chairs in front of a staircase
in Casa A Método

Casa A / Método: Design & Concept

Casa A Método Design

Building an architecture that complements the site’s environment is vital. Sites with gorgeous imposing natural landscape designs should have buildings that are constructed with a transition. So that residents can absorb their surroundings at a distance. And this is only possible through architecture! 

Casa A Método Concept

With the same intention, ‘House A’ was constructed. Located at the beautiful spot at Valle de Bravo, Mexico, this house is remarkable in terms of both architecture and lifestyle. 

Casa A / Método: Architecture

Casa A Método Architecture

Designed by Metodo, Housing Experiment A is built near the lake. Architects give a wonderful opportunity to the residents to inhabitants a way to “live” the lake through this home. 

The name ‘House A’ justify by its really unique “A-frame” shape. This is the main characteristic of the place, which perfectly blends with its surroundings, allowing the architecture to use its fullest potential. 

A bed under a window in a bedroom of
Casa A Método

Metodo explained, “ it was very important that the structure was present in every space of the house. Additionally, we wanted the structure to be a coherent element with the houses functionality.”

Casa A / Método: About Architect

About Architect of Casa A Método

Completed in 2015, Housing Experiment A was designed by Mexico-based architecture firm Metodo. Founded by Bernardo García in 2012, this firm is for architects, contractors, designers, and developers. It specializes in design, construction, and development.   

For the House A project, Cocinas Maawad, Cristalum, Volunta are the manufactures. Bernardo García was the architect in charge and Ingeniería Orca was the project manager.  

A room with a staircase and a table with vases in Housing Experiment A

Casa A / Método: Materials & Other Details

Materials of Housing Experiment A

The north-facing lake views and the sub-humid climate were the two main reasons for the architects to look for solar orientation in other directions. To get natural light, they have designed lateral balconies which look like boat decks.  

Housing Experiment A surrounded by trees and flowers

This architectural element allows habitats to receive solar radiation in the mornings and as well as in the evenings. This way, the architects are able to take advantage of the acute spaces of the A-shaped home that otherwise would have been unutilized.   

There are various natural materials have been used, such as wood, steel, and glass. The main purpose of using these materials is to bring a warm and contemporary feeling to both the acute and high spaces of the Casa A residence. 

hallway of Housing Experiment A
patio of Housing Experiment A
Casa A Método exterior
drawing of Casa A Método
drawing and plan of Casa A Método
 Casa A Método plan
 Casa A Método plan
 Casa A Método plan and drawing
 Casa A Método plan and drawing

Casa A / Método: Final Words

So this is all about the Casa A / Método. Housing Experiment A by Metodo is one of the best examples of modern conceptualization with local construction techniques. The A shape architecture with contemporary steel structure is built with the help of local techniques and materials. 

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