If you’ve made the decision to add plants to your home, congratulations. Your home life and the overall look are about to get much better, mainly because of how plants make the environment cleaner and make humans feel more at ease. Even hospital patients healed faster and felt happier when they were given flowers while in recovery – experts don’t really know why this is, but the results are undeniable. 

But getting flowers and plants for your home isn’t as simple as it sounds – you need to be very smart about the whole thing to avoid plants either dominating the space or simply vanishing into the background and not adding much to your decor at all. There’s also the matter of balancing the space and making sure you don’t overcrowd your small apartment. 

The placement of the plants matters a lot, which is what we’re going to talk about best places for houseplants in this article, so keep reading. 

Flowers on Tabletops 

Flowers on Tabletops

Flowers are great additions to the room for anyone who doesn’t want to take care of live plants but doesn’t want to buy fake ones either, and with the help of plants delivery options available online, you can get your hands on fresh bouquets and arrangements every week without a problem. 

The most common place to keep flowers and floral arrangements is tabletops around the house, like the coffee table in the living room, the side table next to your bed, and even some other tables and shelves around the house.

Make sure you take the height of the shelf into account when you’re putting the flowers on one, and that you’re putting the flowers right below eye level to get the full effect. If you put the flowers too high up or too low, people will just ignore the flowers and they won’t add what they could to the place. 

If you don’t want to use vases or don’t have them around the home, consider putting flowers in tins, glass mason jars, and other creative containers for an interesting look. 

Large Plants in Corners 

A great way to fill up the corners in an open space is to place large plants there. Indoor plants like the ZZ plant, tall cacti, birds of paradise plants, Philodendron and areca palms are just some of the great options you should consider for this type of placement. 

Plants that are leafy, bright, and tall are your best option to place in any corner of your home, but you can also place a number of small to medium-sized plants in an interesting arrangement to give the room some fun character – but only concentrate on these smaller plants to one corner of the space to avoid it looking too messy. 

Hanging Plants on the Walls 

Hanging Plants on the Walls

Floor space is precious real estate when it comes to small apartments and rooms – the more space things like tables and rugs take up, the smaller it looks. This is why a lot of interior design experts recommend saving on floor space as much as possible in these spaces with the help of things like floating shelves and just the bare minimum when it comes to furniture. 

Given this, you don’t want to fill tables and other surfaces up with plants. A smart solution would be to get wall-mounted flower pots and fill those up with any of the indoor plants you want. 

Pots Hanging From the Ceiling 

Another best places for houseplants is when you have minimal space on tables (and even a great first option) is to get pots that hang from the ceiling. 

Make sure the pots are out of the way and do not obstruct anyone’s view – they can be installed pretty easily if you’re a DIY person and can be used to grow beautiful plants of all sizes.

You can either grow small plants and certain kinds of air-purifying moss, or you can go the opposite route and grow hanging plants that will trail down from the pot and create beautiful curtains of green in your space. Of course, you’ll need to hang these plants out of the way, like next to a window on one side of the room or in a corner on both sides of your couch. 

Windowsill Herb Garden 

Windowsill Herb Garden 

A lot of indoor plants still need sunlight to thrive, which is why windowsill gardens are a great idea. You can grow plants like lemons and strawberries there, as well as other basic herbs like mint and thyme. If this doesn’t sound like your jam, consider flowers and ornamental plants instead. 

If you want a daily dose of motivation, you can even grow some meaningful flowers here that can represent something you care about or send an encouraging message. 

In the Kitchen 

One of the best places for houseplants is to grow plants in the kitchen can liven up the space as well as give you access to homegrown vegetables and herbs to use in your kitchen. A single cucumber plant can grow enough cucumbers for a family of four and then some, and cherry tomatoes are a popular plant to grow on the kitchen counter.

You can keep plants like mint, rosemary, and thyme on the counter in front of the window. There are some herbs and plants that don’t need a lot of water or regular watering, but there are also some that you’ll have to look after a bit more than others.  

Vines Over the Walls 

If you want to make a statement with your green decor, consider growing a creeping vine along a wall. It might take some time to grow it the right way, but the final product is more than impressive and worth the wait. 

To guide the vine into growing as you want it to, you can use nails hammered into the wall and then prop the vines onto the nails. Eventually, the vine will grow on and around them, creating a great effect and even covering all of the walls if you want it to. 

Alternatively, you can even have it grow into certain patterns or trail over the wall in a loop or a curve. 

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