New York City, the Big Apple, is arguably one of the most famous cities in the world. With a population of 8.5 million and growing within an area of 783 square kilometers, it is also one of the most populated cities in the world. This large and overflowing population has given rise to several skyscrapers, flats, and multi-storeyed buildings to accommodate a large number of people within the small area. New York is fill with apartment buildings and office spaces, each having extremely high rent costs due to the demand for the area. Let’s see central park tower.

Another thing New York is know for is its luxury. While most apartments are extremely small yet have high prices, the elite society of the city makes up a fair share of the population. Living in 5-star apartments adjacent to the infamous Central Park, these apartments go for millions of dollars in rent and accommodation. Soon, the tallest residential building will open its doors in the area for the people of higher class, but these are not ordinary apartments! 

Central Park Tower New York

The Central Park Tower is an upcoming residential apartment structure in New York. Constructed by a Chicago based firm, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, the tower will be the world’s tallest residential building in the world and the 13th Tallest Tower in the world. The infamous Burj Khalifa which is much taller is mixed-use and hence does not qualify in this category. WSP Global are the structural engineers for the project and Lendlease the main contractors. 

Standing at 1550 tall, this 131 storied building will be home to New York’s elite, with luxury apartments, offices, and public spaces for its users. Constructed just a few blocks away from Central Park, the structure is located on 217 West 57th Street, also known as the coveted Billionaires Row. Locating the building in such a prime location is one of the main points of appeal since it is located right next to Central Park and in the centre of the city. The building will have around 180 luxury apartments from the 32nd floor onwards, each having beautiful views of the park and the city. 

central park tower Aerial view

Construction for the structure was start in September 2014 and is has finished in 2021. The interiors of many of these apartments are design by the international architecture and interiors firm Rottet Studio. Due to its high slenderness ratio, the building has been characterized as part of a new set of buildings of New York City “pencil towers”.The entire floor area of the building is more than 1.2 million square feet. The largest apartments will have 8 bedrooms and 17,550 square feet of area. Developed by Extell Development Company, the project costs almost 4 Billion dollars to date. 

Founder and chairman of Extell Development stated, “Now that closings have commenced, residents will be able to experience the outstanding quality and unique lifestyle that is offered at Central Park Tower,” he also added, “With first-class product and exceptional pricing that speaks to today’s market, Central Park Tower is the very best you can buy on Central Park. There is truly no other building like it.

central park tower nordsrtom

The entire facade of Central Park Tower is make of steel and reflective glass. That is design by James Carpenter Design Associates and Permasteelisa Group. The facade reflects the view of the sky around it almost ethereally shining during bright summer days and was made to fit into the New York City skyline. The upper facades are curtain walls of aluminium and glass that are reportedly 610,300 square feet in area. 

Divided vertically by fins, the striped patterns that are achieved across it make the building look taller than it is. The spandrels between each floor are clad with stainless steel. The base of the tower was made of glass that was arranged into fluted panels. The panels are install in a serpentine wave pattern. Set within aluminium frames and steel plates, they form an elegant visual connection to the inside. 

central park tower  eastern side

The cantilever on the eastern side of the tower was add by the architects. To maximize the views of Central Park. A silver crown is present over the highest penthouse of the World’s tallest residential building. It will also feature one of the highest outdoor terraces. The mechanical house which is remove from the upper levels truly shows the dimensions and profile of the structure and facade. 

The Central Park Tower will have eastern and Western views facing Columbus Circle and the Hudson River. A protective blue film covers the entire facade at the moment and will be removed once the project is complete. In order to tackle the harsh winds that prevail in New York City, a weighing balance system is add to the top of the structure. 

tallest residential building

So What Kind of Facilities Will the World’s Tallest Residential Building Have?

Apart from accommodating 179 double-height residential apartments. The Central Park Tower will also have a wide range of amenities for its users. This building was created to provide an all-in-one spatial design for the requirements of the upper-class New Yorkers.

Apart from this, there will also be a multi-storeyed luxury hotel. Nordstrom departmental store at the base of the tower, occupying around 8 floors. Nordstrom is front with a wavy translucent glass facade that provides direct views of the manikins and insides. There will be 11 elevators present within the building. Some specifically designated for residents and private users while some are for the semi-private and public spaces. Residents can enter the building through a private residential lobby. Which will have the highest level of security on West 57th Street. 

Another entrance on 58th Street will be a more privatize gate one with valet services. On the 100th floor will be the Central Park Club. Which will be the highest private residential club in the world. 

The building has a total of 50,000 square feet of amenities. Most of which are present on the 14th and 16th floors of the building. A huge outdoor swimming pool with cabanas on the terrace, a private screening room, resident’s lounge, a game lounge all present on the 14th, while a fitness and wellness centre equipped with a gym, training room, squash/basketball court, and a fully functional spa on the 16th. All these facilities are semi-private and open to the public who will have to pay a fee to use them. 

Abodes In The Tallest Residential Building

Abodes In The Tallest Residential Building

For the residents of Central Park Tower, there will be houses ranging from 2 bedrooms to 8 bedroom flats, all differing in areas. The least expensive flats were price at 1.5 million dollars with the larger apartments at up to 60 million dollars. The penthouse will be a three-floored apartment that will have its gym, ballroom, library, and observatory. 

world's tallest residential building

They also will have privatized services. Such as in-residence and in-club dining experiences, beauty and spa services, a skincare clinic, personal stylists for wardrobes, and many in-store perks like access to new brands and collections as well as priority access to invite-only events. 

The Central Park Tower being the World’s tallest residential building is a huge step ahead in the field of residential architecture. While providing apartments in skyscrapers is not a new concept. This project uniquely is a residential one, where at least 80% of its floor area is occupied by apartments. Which is one of the first of its kind. 

world's tallest residential building
world's tallest residential building
world's tallest residential building
world's tallest residential building
world's tallest residential building

The structure is also a great addition to the New York skyline. When opened this year will have New York’s elite vying for a house. Since it has all the necessary amenities and luxuries that they can afford.

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