Those who love literature know that Jay Gatsby’s mansion is a place where people host various fabulous and decadent parties with endless space and over-the-top features. When the classic novel The Great Gatsby got a movie adaptation in 2013, set designers got its inspiration from a 1928 colonial style-castle in the reallocation of Gatsby’s fictional home – Long Island. The cost of The Great Gatsby is around 7.995$ million.

Designers of the Mansion

Designers of the Mansion

In 1914 the house was built on that site by the sibling architectural team Joseph and Richard Howland. The Howland brothers also designed the Beacons Towers in Sands Point, Long Island. National Trust for Historic Preservations states that it was built for the ex-wife of railroad tycoon Willian K, Alva Belmont.

William Randolph Hearst, a newspaper publisher, later owned the house. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby.” The beacon towers in the Chateau style, on an even grander scale: it had around 140 rooms, like Gatsby’s home in the book, a large tower on one side.              

Style of the Mansion

Style of the Mansion

Considering “the Great Gatsby” release on the market in 1925, it is unlikely that this particular mansion was the inspiration for Gatsby’s home. 14,000 square-foot colonial style mansion on 7.7 acres of land on Long Island’s Kings Point.

What Does the Mansion Look Like from Inside?

What Does the Mansion Look Like from Inside?

There are 18 bedrooms inside the residence. It also incorporates a hair salon, a wine cellar, and a tasting room. For example a pool with a slide and multiple swim-up bars. Moreover, the place accommodates Japanese-English gardens, a tennis court, and Koi Ponds. The rooms, while expansive, embrace a human scale. Outdoor and indoor spaces manage to be both social and private. There is also a formal dining, living room with fireplace featuring the original sculptural mantle. In addition to this, there is also a library with French doors, fireplace, office, playroom, and one-and-a-half baths.

The second floor has 12 feet ceilings and a luxurious master bedroom suite. Each master bedroom suite has its own massive dressing room and sitting room. The design lays special focus on the comfort while not compromising on the style. 

There is a sea-side guest cottage on the property, with a six-car garage and quarters and a boathouse. Since then, there were many renovations and for modern convenience while retaining its historic grandeur; the home features various original details, such as moldings, ornate plaster ceilings, millwork, and oak floors. 

The outside view you will get to see from the inside is astonishing, you will get a nice view of the sea and beach. This stunning mansion is amongst the architectural marvels, with a real moat, regal design, and soaring turrets. For those who love castles and mansions, then you do not miss out on the Gatsby mansion and eye-catching design.

seating area of Great Gatsby

Additionally, the views of Long Island Sound, the Manhattan skyline, and the Stamford Harbor Lighthouse, the house also contains a warm saltwater pool, tennis court, stone guest cottage, boat, and boat launch. And guarding the house’s gate entry – a bear statue, one the Wood said spurred locals to call the property the Bear house.

CT home kitchen

In 2017, it looked positively restrained if you compare it with some other Long island properties, Harrison Design, brought in to renovate and restore the property after James Mai and his wife purchased it in 2012. 

How Many People Own the Mansion?

How Many People Own the Mansion

In its 110 years, the home 123 Saddle Rock Road in Stamford has claimed four owners. The home has been on and off the market in the past four years; According to Andrew Wood, the house is Stamford’s southernmost site; Andrew Wood is vice president of public relations and communications (PRC) at Sotheby’s International Realty.

tennis court of CT home designed

Shipping Point Peninsula is where the site is; there is a rumor that CT home designed by Great Gatsby has been a lookout that guarded Stamford and New York harbor during World Wars

What Type of Place Was Long Island?

CT home dining table

Back then, Long Island was a lonely stretch of tycoons, global financiers, and oil barons – with names like Astor, Guggenheim, Woolworth, and Marjorie Merriweather Post. To them, extravagance was the middle name.

It was a place for those with privileges and were wealthy. As Daisy and Tom say in the Great Gatsby:”  They had spent one year in France, for no specific reason, and then unrestfully drifted here and there wherever people played polo and were rich together.”

CT home pool view


Finding the appropriate balance of luxury and practicality was the primary key to a successful renovation. The mandate for the property was a feeling of extraordinary serenity, elegance, and an ethereal lightness.

It was not Fitzgerald’s only connection to Fairfield county. While the beacon towers in Long islands were to be the author’s inspiration for Jay Gatsby’s mansion, many people believe that the fictional setting of West Egg came from the time Fitzgerald spent living in Westport.

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