Situated in the heart of Australia, the city of Adelaide serves home to this extraordinary 3-bedroom hall residence. Built by Grieve Gillett Andersen, the House 108 locates itself at the Toorak gardens, the fringes of Adelaide. Spread across a whopping 3200 square meter of area, this amazing residence will indeed be an inspiration to your dream one!

Built with the least facets and easy access to the external activities, this double-story house is built with the help of veneering of wood. With passing time, the residents called up the architect and talked about the scope of improvements in the kitchen as well as the main living area. Soon it became obvious that the house would require an amelioration to accommodate the increasing number of family members.

House 108 with a wooden deck and glass doors

The latest layout depicted about the newly formed portions of the house namely the basement, children activity area where the kids could entertain themselves along with some improvement in the Guest area and addition of outdoor spaces of entertainment. All the outlook of the apartment is full of natural aspects, as the owner is fond of external habitat. There are huge sliding doors installed around the house, to make it easy for the residents to move across the indoor and outdoor areas. Also, get an overview of a beautiful Shokan house architecture.

The most vital part of the apartment is the Central Family Area, which as per most of the patrons was finely laid out and accomplished. It has huge windows facing the southern side, made of timber hue. The cooking area is widened, allowing the housemates to settle and socialize together. The upgrading aspect was kind of difficult, as they had to deal with the legacy of the earlier version. The house was carefully upgraded, improving the free spaces into more useful ones. A high amount of timber fixing was done with gentle care to cake care of the utmost smoothness.

A room with a desk and a chair and a potted plant

The outlook makes us the impression that the owner is decisive in his terms, making full usage of every spare part and making sure that no space is left unutilized, both in the interiors of the house as well as the external portion. Moreover, Thermopane windows are also established to curtail the effect of heat, as extra prevention to the sun. Photovoltaic cells, as well as Western Australia’s Pacific Teak, are also utilized with full precaution.

This was all about the House 108 designed by Grieve Gillett Andersen, to re-establish the lavish lifestyle in the city. The house is built with extra-ordinary finishing and so resembles the top houses of the world. It surely makes us wonder about our dream home, doesn’t it? Easy access to the large external area while the soothing and calming inner surfaces is what makes the House different from the rest!

House 108  laundry room
House 108 room with a wooden floor and a shelf with tennis rackets on it
A kitchen with a wooden table and yellow benches
A person walking to a hallway in a house 108
House 108 exterior
A yellow table and chairs on a wooden deck
House 108 with a pool in the yard
A couple of people that are sitting at a table
A man standing in a kitchen next to a counter
A room with a staircase and a table with chairs

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