If you would look around then you would find out that there are so many building architectures present from old to new. While searching for old home styles you would come across colonial house buildings.

The colonial architecture includes the architectural old designs of houses that came from countries that were once under colonial rule. There are so many different countries that have their colonial house designs and they look so beautiful.

Dutch colonial house is one of a kind that is so beautiful that your eyes would get mesmerize. The designs of such houses are so unique and beautiful that many houses are getting construct by getting inspire by these houses. Now you must be wondering about the Dutch colonial house, so here is everything that you need to know about such house list below:

What makes these houses so different?

You would be amazing to know that these designs are create by artists back then and that is the reason that their ideas are different. If you would search then you would find that these designs are one of the most beautiful housing designs of America. The surprising fact of these housing designs are that they were famous 400 years ago but the designs were so advance that those designs can go well in the present generation.

Dutch colonial revival architecture is still present in some parts of Spain, America, Dutch, etc and the reasons behind the spread of these designs are the migration of people from one place to another. These designs originally came in being by people who came to America from the Netherlands in the year of 1600s. Mid of the 1800s was the time when people start to copy this design of architecture and so that was the time when this design spread the most. 

Different Features Of Dutch Colonial House

Now that we already know that there are so many different kinds of colonial houses available around the world. But there are some specifications of the Dutch Colonial houses. That make them different from the other colonial houses. If you are wondering about those Dutch colonial house characteristics then here are some of them list below that you need to check out:colonial house

Dutch colonial house characteristics:

If you would go through some of the images of old Dutch colonial houses. Then you would find that the rooftop of the house makes it look unique. The rooftop might look common but is not very common rather the use of double pitch-roof is hard to find.

However, now many people start to copy this style so you may see some such house but those are just colonial Dutch-inspire houses. The roof is broad enough which is not normal in other houses at the same time the roof has sloppy ends.

Unlike those triangular sloppy rooftops of other houses. Here in a Dutch colonial house, you would find several other angles as well. This kind of roof is commonly known as the gambrel rooftop. In some parts, this is call the barn roof. This kind of rooftop also includes chimney opening which was quite common in many houses.

characteristics of Dutch colonial house

There are no extend ends of the roof slopes so the house appears to be huge. Moreover, such houses were huge back then. Unlike the houses of present generations, those Dutch houses use to get construct with either bricks or stones. Their walls were often use to be expose and this made them look beautiful. This style is even getting copy nowadays.

The rooms of such houses use to be huge and even after having a huge space. But still, they use to construct two or three-room in their home. There use to be more than one chimney in the home. The installation of the chimney opening could be seen as well. The chimney style of that time was unique and now the installation of such chimneys is close to zero. Such a chimney opening made sure that the walls could stay beautiful for a long period. 


The use of plank doors is made the Dutch houses different from the rest of the colonial houses of other countries. The doors were not too big rather they look quite small compare to those huge walls. There were small windows as well. The door as well as, windows were makeup of wooden material. This made the Dutch house look beautiful and elegant at the same time.

It has been observing that the colonial Dutch styles also evolve with time and the homes. That were made in the years of 1900 were quite different from that of the previous houses. Luckily there were not too many changes rather there were just some modifications. That has to turn the houses beautiful and advance. The good thing is that the old Colonial touch can be feel in those new houses as well.

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