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23+ Brilliant White Brick House Ideas in 2023

23+ Brilliant White Brick House Ideas in 2023  

White structures have an ethereal aspect to them. Imagine wandering through Santorini’s lanes, which are lined with white clay houses. Or the awe one experiences while looking at India’s clean white colonial buildings. Building a white painted brick house is the simplest approach to achieving the same feeling.

These residences have a contemporary brick appearance with an old-world vibe. Also, painting the original brick has the benefit of providing some protection for the house. White brick exteriors are becoming increasingly popular among new homeowners all around the world.

Advantages Of Having a White-Painted Brick House


1. Easy Maintenance:

Brick may survive years of use before eroding. However routine care is needed to maintain it robust and prevent expensive repairs. When a brick is painted properly, a clean, protective map is generated. This not only reduces the amount of grime that collects on the surface but also makes cleaning easier.

2. Protective Layer

Brick is a porous material that is easily damaged by dampness. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation can also damage a brick exterior. The appropriate paint coating can help protect your brick from potential pollution. A decent option is high-quality elastomeric paint.

3. Increase in Sale Value

Unpainted Brick walls give a rustic character to your house. On the other hand, white wash brick house lends it a contemporary aesthetic. Homes with white brick exteriors are in great demand on the market, increasing the value of your property. The best part is that painting brick won’t take away from its naturally fragmented, vintage appearance.

23+ Examples of Elegant White Painted Brick House

1. Basic White Painted Brick House


Do you own a house with bare brick walls? Consider painting the exterior with white paint to achieve the perfect contemporary aesthetic appeal. You can paint it yourself to achieve that vintage texture.  Additionally, a white painted brick house is the perfect backsplash for all your architectural details to pop out. 

2. White Brick House with Black Trim


The pairing of white and black has a certain elegance. A white brick home with black trim and decorations oozes character. This bespoke home has a stunning white brick house exterior with black-trimmed roof pitches and windows that truly stand out. Accents such as wooden shutters and plants might be used to break up the monotone tone. This raises the home’s level of dimension.

3. White Wash Brick House


White washing the external walls is a professional way to give your rustic brick facade a clean and elegant appearance. Choose a latex (or water-based) paint for whitewashing jobs. You must combine equal quantities of paint and water to make the whitewashing mixture. Bricks absorb moisture, which makes it easier for them to retain their color.

4. Patchy White Brick House Exterior


Get imaginative with your white brick house exterior by creating a spotty white look. This is in contrast to the typical solid white paint pattern that we’ve discussed. Do you remember acid-washed denim? You may now live in a house with similar textures. You may give your property a cozy cottage appearance by choosing paint with a spotty rather than a completely white finish.

5. White Painted Brick House with Colorful Shutters


Another excellent suggestion for boosting the appearance of your brick house. When you’ve completed painting your brick home but still feel like something is missing, it’s time to install shutters. White is the best backsplash color. A painted white brick home stands out. White brick house exteriors serve as a backdrop for other colors to stand out.

6. Off-White Painted Brick House


The surroundings, intensity of sunlight, and location of your residence all affect how a color appears. We recommend applying off-white paint to get an antique white effect on a brick property. You may also try out subtle contrast details. For example, the brickwork window and door trim are painted a delicate white to attract attention to the home’s unique elements.

7. Stately White Painted Brick House


This enchanting Colonial-style White Painted Brick House features a fresh coat of paint in a creamy white color, complete with white shutters and window box plantings. Shiny copper downspouts provide a touch of vintage flair to the attractive facade. To get a smooth and clean finish, apply a thick coat of paint. The covered porch has a traditional white colonnade with balusters.

8. Black and White Hollywood Style Painted Brick House


Brick houses always don’t have to be rustic.  Try contemporary aesthetics like Old Hollywood style design for the facade. A path of grey brick pavers leads to a black and white Hollywood-style mansion with contemporary shutters, white board, and batten siding.

Pool homes go well with this style. This painted brick house, for example, has an in-ground pool with black and white striped loungers and teak accent tables with umbrellas.

9. Limewashed White Painted Brick House


Limewashing has been around for a long time. It’s a way for giving your home an old-world European feel. It’s a lime paint that penetrates the brick rather than resting on top of it and forming a barrier. This implies less upkeep than painted brick. It also allows the brick to breathe.

10. French White Brick House Exterior


The French have always been a fan of elegant facade details. Beautiful curb appeal, cozy interiors, and a white brick exterior characterize this home. The façade is designed in the style of a French provincial house. It has double front doors made of carved wood, a Juliet balcony, and glass and steel windows. The overall style is timeless, with personalized touches at every step.

11. White Brick House Exterior with Landscaping


While white brick is an excellent palette for trimming, windows, and other building elements, it also serves as an excellent backdrop for gardening. Whatever you pick, it will stand out against the milky white bricks rather than drown in roughness. To protect the walls of your painted brick house, you may install bay windows and plant boxes to showcase your plants.

12. White Brick Italian House


Classical beauty meets a rustic décor palette in Italian homes. The exterior is highlighted by a flawless white brick wall with decorative arches and wrought-iron accents. The white foundation serves as the ideal backdrop for the brilliant red clay tiles and rustic wooden undertones.

13. Half and Half White Brick House Exterior


You can break away from the traditional all-white painted brick aesthetic. Try mixing a white brick with red brick in half. In this case, you may paint a portion of your outside wall white. This design may modernize your home while still highlighting the existing brick.

14. Coastal White Painted Brick House


Beach vacation memories are marked by white lighthouses and stunning naval architecture. Coastal homes with a beach appeal are in great demand because they evoke memories of days spent sailing or wading in the water.

Try this elegant style with numerous types of siding that are all painted white. This home’s façade is distinguished by outdoor planters, a spacious second-story deck, and a campfire surrounded by sophisticated lounge chairs.

15. All-White Ranch House


Ranch-style homes combine contemporary design with the large open landscapes of the American West. The vertical siding and horizontal siding complement the white-painted brick exterior of this Ranch-style home. This modern ranch-style home’s angular rooflines and exposed rafters give a little flare, while the wood accents and stone porch create an earthy atmosphere.

16. White Painted Brick House with Wooden Accents


Rustic wooden tones effortlessly complement the pristine whiteness of brick walls. You may play around with the elements. In addition to wooden-framed windows and doors, experiment with exposed beams and columns in the design. Choose wood trim and doors over harsh black if you want softer accents to go with your white brick walls. 

17. White Painted Brick House from the ’70s


Small windows are typical in 1970s brick houses. From the exterior, this era’s homes appeared out of scale. By painting your brick white, you may give the appearance of larger windows without having to remove them. White-painted brick houses have a greater influence on their openings than any other paint scheme.

18. Minimalist White Brick House Exterior


If you decide to paint your brick home white, this minimalistic, contemporary home is a good alternative. The sleek black garage door on the residence above complements and modernizes the black gable roof. However, the use of wood and copper accents anchors the design to its true roots.

19. White Painted Brick House with White Sidings


This classic two-story house is constructed of white brick and siding. Shutters, doors, and new white vinyl siding were put to the exterior to enhance the aesthetic. This results in a completely consistent design across both materials. The composition is completed with complementary accents in black and copper.

20. White Painted Brick House with Chimney


Think out of the box while you consider painting your brick facade. You can highlight a particular element in your house with white paint.  Consider that unsightly external brick fireplace in your yard. A fresh coat of white paint may dramatically transform your outdoor exterior appearance. For a fairy tale appeal, try growing vines around the chimney.

21. Mediterranean-Themed White Painted Brick House


We typically see stucco or stone Mediterranean houses. This house has white-painted brick walls with large windows, wooden pilasters, and arched openings. The fresh color and texture of the brick give off a Mediterranean vibe without the need to change materials.

22. Fairytale-Themed White Brick House Exterior


A white painted brick house with glazed lanterns on the façade is reminiscent of rustic forest lodges. It gives off such a retro vibe and pops brightly against the white façade even with electric light. To further accentuate this look, consider installing steep sloping roofs with dormers.

23. Scandinavian White Painted Brick House


Traditional Scandinavian country residences, hidden in rural settings, exude a relaxed, romantic charm. Brighter white exteriors look great with washed brickwork or black trim. Off-white, milky white or cream goes well with weathered wood. Metal window frames and trims, as well as other little details, complete the aesthetic.

24. White Brick House Exterior with Vibrant Trims


With a white brick exterior, you may have the brightest front door you can imagine. White brick walls will highlight the color trim around your doors and windows. If you enjoy your colorful trimmings but don’t think they garner enough attention, it’s time to switch to white-painted brick.

25. Heavy Coated White Brick House Exterior

Do you want a smooth facade texture, similar to a concrete finish?  Large houses with bare bricks can’t help but seem imposing. With a few coats of white paint, you can conceal bulky brick and give your property an inviting appearance. Complement the overall aesthetic with minimal metal trims and glazing.


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How to Paint a White Brick Wall Effectively?


1. Cleaning the Exterior Surface

A soiled or dusty surface is not something you want your fresh paint to be resting on. The first step is thoroughly cleaning the bricks’ faces using a washing solution. Also, check the weather forecasts before starting the paint job.

2. Applying Primer

A priming coat is required regardless of whether the brick is old or fresh. Primers are more alkaline resistant, which prevents alkali burn on the top layer of paint.

3. Necessary Tools

You’ll need high-quality paint and the necessary supplies to achieve a uniform surface. Consider utilizing a roller or spray paint to save time and energy. The benefit of using a sprayer is that you end up evenly covering all the surfaces. A brush is another useful item to keep on hand for reaching crevices and other difficult-to-reach areas.

Pros and Cons of White Brick House Exterior



  • Painting your brick gives a reliable option for concealing the porous surfaces of brick while providing visual diversity.
  • The white painted brick house has the added benefit of making your windows appear larger.
  • Paint serves as a sealant, protecting your home from rain and another periodic climate variability.


  • The application of paint on your masonry wall is a permanent decision. You can never really get back the essence of bare brick walls.
  • If your brick house isn’t adequately coated, moisture can seep into the bricks. This can cause the paint to peel and, in the worst scenario, destroy the brick over time.

Join the Trend of White-Painted Brick Houses


Whether you like it or not, a white brick home is a common choice for homeowners who wish to modernize their house without altering the brickwork. Painting over the brick is a simple technique to refresh the appearance of any outdoor or interior area. However, studying white-painted bricks is a beneficial move as you can’t undo the paint job.


1. Is It True That White Brick Homes Have a Higher Resale Value?

Your brick home’s worth will rise when you paint it white. The value of your house is determined by your area and its condition.

2. What Is the Difference Between a Limewash and  White Painted Brick House?

The limewash paint easily absorbs into your brickwork and does not need to be reapplied regularly. It also washes off, leaving a more natural appearance. White paint, on the other hand, demands routine maintenance and comes in a wider range of color possibilities.

3. Is White Brick Available?

Yes, although some bricks are completely white, others come in softer brown tones. There are white real bricks and thin brick veneer. You may also use white brick mortar to brighten the hue.

4. What Shutter Colors Work Best with White Painted Brick Houses?

You can paint your shutters any color you like, depending on your tastes. Try soothing hues like grey, green, or even mauve. But you may always choose black if you don’t like vivid hues.

5. Is It More Cost-Effective to Limewash or Paint Brick?

Depending on the size of the house, the lime washing operation might cost up to 50% more than standard painting. Both the materials and the technique are more expensive.

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