There is no surprise that hotels are a unique space as a reference in what has to do with interior decoration. To put it differently, if there is a place in which it is essential to follow the trends, it is in hotels. Given that many people are responsible for decorating rooms out there, there is nothing wrong with stealing some of the ideas and applying them to your own home. 

More so, that’s what moves progress forward because nothing can be replicated fully. It is inevitable that you put your own spin on these ideas.

In this article, we talk about the 5 hotel interior design trends that are worth taking note of. Let’s learn!

Colorful Mosaic

Casino de Monte Carlo in Mônaco deserves the first mention on our list. As you may have already guessed, among possible activities there are casino rooms and games to indulge yourself in. At first, you may think that there is no reason to visit the hotel as everyone can access the joy of gambling at a Bovada sports and casino platform anytime, anywhere.

But the truth is the unique integration of past and present makes the famous landmark worthy to see, no matter whether you are a professional interior designer, or if you just want to take some ideas for your own home.

So, if you can tear yourself away from the gambling itself, you will be able to see Victor Vasarely’s colorful mosaic design, Hexa Grace. This is the underoof of Monaco’s center and there are incredible views out there.

Industrial-Style Decoration

The industrial style is increasingly used in hotels and, far from being cold, it can be very cozy if it is well worked. The industrial style in the decoration is defined by the following characteristics:

  • Materials. Concrete, iron and steel are the materials that predominate in this style. But, this does not mean that they can’t go in combination with other metals (e.g. bronze, copper).
  • Large windows. The iron or wrought iron windows, a defining feature of this design, let light into every hotel room.
  • Furniture. The leather armchairs and the Chester-type sofas cannot be missing in the industrial decoration of the hotel.
  • Color combination and prints. This style primarily uses neutral hues, including white, gray, black, brown, and beige. And one of the best places to experiment with these tones is on cement pavement.

All things considered, the relaxation and freshness of a hotel room made with an industrial-style decoration can only be surpassed by the bathroom of the home itself.

Natural Elements

While the style of your guest room should be cozy for a variety of potential visitors, this is the perfect room in the house to give it a fun touch. Plants have become one of the most important interior trends in design, which also covers hotel rooms.

Natural Elements Hotel Design Ideas to Use at Home

When it comes to selecting plants, start with neutral choices for your base, ideally which require low maintenance. In other words, if there is a choice between the green walls and the succulent plants, opt for the second as a more affordable alternative. Then you can add a bold work of plants on the wall. All in all, there are endless ways to make the rooms and common spaces look greener.

Simple Accessories

Making a space feel and appear pleasant yet not being overstuffed like a nice hotel suite is a natural aim. Having too many pillows on the bed makes it difficult for visitors to find a place to put them when it’s time to sleep. Limit but don’t overdo the table’s ornamentation.

Simple Accessories Hotel Design Ideas to Use at Home

Try not to fill all surfaces with decoration and images so that your guests have enough space for items such as watches, phones, and books. If it looks good and has a purpose, like a nice ceramic plate that can work as a jewelry box, that’s even better.

Light Control and Privacy

Another thing you can do to make your own home more pleasing to the eye has to do with the light in layers. You can place the foundations with a ceiling light connected to a dimming switch, then add table lighting next to the bed and work lighting on a small desk or reading corner.

Light Control and Privacy Hotel Design Ideas to Use at Home

Combine this trifecta of lighting with quality window treatments that provide privacy and control over natural light, and your guest room will be prepared for everything from sleeping to reading.

Natural tones and soft curtains are a combination that can’t fail. More so, natural lighting, either through halogen bulbs or windows, can add to a very great extent in creating a more relaxing atmosphere at your own home. The lighting is incredibly important, it really does have the power to transform a room.

The Bottom Line

All these ideas are valid and work well together. That said, if you put into practice any of them, or any other that you have in your notebook,  chances are you will want to move into the room even when it is empty. That’s the main reason why hotel-based design inspiration works wonders in practice.

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