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Mediterranean House Style: A Perfect Blend of Luxury & Nature

Mediterranean House Style: A Perfect Blend of Luxury & Nature  

Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves, the fresh ocean breeze rushing past you while you go for a walk on the beach. Tempting, isn’t it? Modern city living has made our homes smaller and has also taken away the small pleasures of life. If you are also thinking of moving from a small-space home to live a life of luxury then a Mediterranean House style will be a perfect one for you.

Everyone is looking for an escape from the ordinary lifestyle and the first change that people want to bring in their life is the place they live in in…their homes! Architecturesstyle brings you detail information about one of the oldest architectural design

Origin of the Mediterranean House

Mediterranean House style


This structure first came into existence in the United State of America during the period known as the “Roaring Twenties” which last from the 1920s to 30s. They were more popular as resorts and villas where tourists useEveryone is looking for an escape from the ordinary lifestyle and the first change that people want to bring in their life is the place they live in in…their homes!​_ to spend their vacation, but it later came into use as a home in those parts of the United States that are warmer and are near to the beach, like California and Florida. It was an epitome of luxury and a symbol of a lavish lifestyle.

Being shown as a style statement in the old movies, the sale of these houses shot up during that period. However, the Mediterranean House plan has not yet gone out of fashion. Here is what you need to know about this amazing architectural marvel that rules the world of luxury. 

What Makes This Piece Of Architecture Stand Out?

Mediterranean House style


A Mediterranean House Design gets its inspiration from Spanish and Italian architecture. Modern Mediterranean house has also come into existence which has been largely influence by a fusion of both the above-mention styles and its amazing outer and inner features are what make it one of a kind.

Exteriors Of A Mediterranean House

Mediterranean House style


Walls are a defining feature of these homes as they are largely made up of stucco which is use mainly keeping the fact in mind that these houses are locate in warm regions. 

Stucco walls are generally completely white or brown, each giving a unique appearance to the house. 

Red roof tiles are the crowning glory of these homes and are the stand out feature that makes these homes a stunning beauty. 

Symmetry is a very important facet that is taken very seriously in modern Mediterranean architecture. The house, when view from outside must look equal on both sides. The aspect of maintaining symmetry is also taken into consideration while designing the interiors. 

To make a lasting impression and to provide adequate ventilation, the doors, and the windows are arch, This provides an add beauty to the home and makes it different from all other types of houses. Lovely arches are an Islamic influence on these types of houses.

A Mediterranean home focuses so much on the fact of being one with nature. That is why there are many distinguishing features that are employees to bring nature into the home. The use of a number of large doors and windows ensures entry of natural light inside the home. Also, vegetation is keep into focus because which Mediterranean house design has a courtyard instead of a small front yard. What more can you ask for living a life of luxury?

A fountain is also a very common decorative structure found in a Mediterranean house. It is an add bonus for a luxurious lifestyle. Perfect for being the center of attraction during outdoor parties, these fountains will ensure that your home will definitely be the talk of the town.

The Interior Attributes

Mediterranean House style


Mediterranean home is generally one to two-floor.  It is very common to find a balcony on the first floor which is generally a place to have a perfect evening where you can sip away your cup of tea with your family. High ceilings ensure perfect ventilation and movement of the breeze within the home. 

You can easily identify a Mediterranean House from its distinguishing interiors. The floor is majorly make up of wood or is decorate with colorful pattern tiles. Large rooms ensure that these colors are more vivid and add a dash of beauty to the rooms. Wood provides a sense of warmth to the home while the marble tiles give a cool aura. 

Furniture is always arrange in symmetry. So it is very common to find an even number of sofas and chairs in such homes. Heavy and sturdy wooden furniture is select to brighten up a Mediterranean home.

The Culmination of Modern and Traditional

Mediterranean House style


A Mediterranean House can truly give some serious rich lifestyle living goals. It is a house that redefines beautiful and comfortable living.  It is a style of home that is a mix of both old and new. With outer features that are warm and welcoming the interiors are cozy and comfortable. If you are thinking of tweaking up your lifestyle then the Mediterranean House Design is what you should go for. Find more such designs on Architecturesstyle.

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