We’ve officially entered 2024, bringing with it some exciting design predictions for our kitchens. We reached out to design experts nationwide and reviewed the 2024 Kitchen TrendsReport from the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) to discover what design enthusiasts believe will be filling our Instagram feeds and TikTok algorithms this year.

These trends focus on improving functionality and quality of life without being limited to one designer’s style. However, our panel of creatives has some diverse perspectives on how kitchens will evolve in 2024.

The good news? You can adapt these top kitchen design trends for 2024 to align with your own creative vision, creating a personalized cooking space that reflects your household’s personality and the surrounding environment.

1. Beverage Centers

Beverage Centers kitchen

According to the NKBA trends study, kitchens are undergoing a revitalization in 2024. Half or more of those who took the poll are planning to upgrade their kitchens so that they may have more space for drinks like fresh smoothies, coffee, juice, beer, and wine. This necessitates the allocation of a distinct space, complete with tailored storage and equipment.

Principal designer at Cozy·Stylish·Chic, Jeanne Chung, believes that this beverage center might include gadgets like an espresso machine, ice maker, and a beverage refrigerator or fridge drawer that is located beneath the counter. It is common practice to place these bar-centric elements on the periphery of the kitchen design. 

“People often prefer to place the breakfast/beverage center away from the main prep area and closer to the breakfast table or seating area,” says Chung. Customers also often ask for a spot to store their go-to snacks in a drawer or container.

2. Healthy Living Features

Healthy Living Features kitchen

From 2020 forward, there has been a clear uptick in the number of homes, including outdoor living spaces and spa-like bathrooms, all with an emphasis on wellness. These days, a growing number of homeowners and interior designers are thinking about how the kitchen might help people lead healthier lives.

More versatile refrigerator solutions, such as drawers, columns, and convertible settings, will be a part of 2024 kitchen designs that prioritize nutrition and healthy eating. There will be a lot of technology involved, such as smart fridges that can keep track of your food supply and even suggest meals and stores to you. 

Backup power sources will also be available to keep food from going bad. You may also anticipate that many modern kitchen equipment include steam cooking and frying functions.

3. European Style Influences

European Style Influences

According to Nu Interiors’ Nureed Saeed, “European-style kitchen design trends 2024 will have a significant impact,” mainly on storage and cabinets. Saeed claims that sleek, integrated appliances are all the rage, which allow for concealed storage of small appliances and coffee stations when they are not in use. These appliances mix in with cabinets and appliance garages, making them simple to reach.

This design style is all on sleek, utilitarian pieces that seem like furniture. In addition to its beautiful appearance, Saeed says that customers with smaller houses and spaces like the practicality of European kitchen designs. 

Sustainable living is becoming more popular, which is causing people to downsize, which in turn is leading to more efficient and considerate design.

4. Secondary Kitchen Spaces

Secondary Kitchen Spaces

The primary kitchen isn’t the only one drawing attention in 2024; supplementary kitchen areas are on the rise as well. Prep spaces that serve as little kitchens inside the primary kitchen are the basis of this idea.

An example of this is the Butler’s pantry, a large pantry that doubles as a workstation and is located next to the kitchen. Use it as a designated area for baking supplies or to store medium-sized machines like mixers. Consider using it as a display case for your fine tableware or as a platform for your next dinner or cocktail party.

Putting up a coffee maker or wet bar along one wall of your kitchen is another option for creating an extra kitchen. The concept of an eat-in kitchen, which essentially turns the kitchen into a dining area, is also trending upward. Although they serve separate purposes from the main kitchen, these auxiliary areas may give your kitchen the finishing touch you’re seeking.

5. Statement Appliances

Statement Appliances kitchen

Adding a statement item is an easy way to give your kitchen a personality makeover. One of the most prominent 2024 kitchen design trends is the statement appliance, a long-term fixture that serves as an eye-catcher thanks to its striking appearance, vibrant color scheme, and other distinctive features.

This year’s most eye-catching options are the stove and its accompanying hood. Incorporating a vintage-style range, a sturdy metallic hood, or a colorful enameled stove front into your cooking area may transform it from a practical hub of the kitchen into a stylish focal point.

The refrigerator is another common option for a showpiece appliance. There have been prior efforts to tuck it away beneath cabinets, but now is the time to let it shine.

6. Natural & Organic

Natural & Organic kitchen

The past’s excessively polished materials, which were often too cold and synthetic, are now out of style. A new definition of refinement emerges in the year 2024, with a preference for muted natural elements like wood, stone, and cement.

Choose natural “ingredients” that speak to you while you’re planning your kitchen’s layout. This year’s hot items include wicker lamp shades and rattan accessories, as well as terra cotta and other natural strong hues and warm metal hardware.

You wouldn’t call these “bare” materials plain at all. They provide many options for your kitchen design, letting the natural beauty and simplicity of life come through.

7. Textured Tiles

Textured Tiles kitchen

Glossy, matte, embossed, or ridged kitchen tiles are all the rage in 2024. They are essential because they provide much-needed texture and contrast to a space. No matter your taste in color palette, you can’t go wrong with textures to liven up even the most bland of rooms.

You may see lustrous textured tiles made with pared-back hardware, a retro press, and meticulously detailed if you look closely at the photograph up top.

Interior designer, Katie Paulsen of Maestri Studio, says the materials and finishes are what really make a kitchen stand out. Countertops and tiles with polished or honed textures provide visual depth.

8. Pared Back Hardware

Pared Back Hardware kitchen

Kitchens with gold islands were popular last year, but for 2024, the kitchen design trends ideas are leaning more subdued (apart from stainless steel, of course!) metallics. Drawers with recessed knobs and cabinets with metallic accents around the edges are sure to capture our attention. 

These upgrades will take the kitchen to the next level when paired with blackened wood cabinet fronts and modern, concrete-style counters.

Kitchen cabinet knobs with an unusual combination of textures and materials are now trending, according to Nadia Watts of Nadia Watts Interior Design. Modern, practical, and on-trend handle less cabinets have integrated pulls. The emphasis is still on clean lines, and the cabinets take center stage without any unnecessary knobs or handles. In contrast, distressed designs and unique vintage-style designs are hallmarks of the retro style that is now trending.

9. Stone Sculpture Islands

Stone Sculpture Islands kitchen

 Even if veined and dark stones already make a statement in kitchens, you can bring it to the next level by building one-of-a-kind kitchen islands out of solid stone blocks. New stone islands with fluted or ribbed details are a great way to give a big apartment kitchen some character.

The most popular stone choices for modern kitchens are a fusion of traditional and contemporary designs. “When it comes to marble colors, people love soulful white and light-hued marble,” expresses Aparna Kaushik, creator and architect of Aparna Kaushik Design Group. Because of its versatile and timeless style, white marble—including Calacatta and Carrara—is a popular material for kitchen countertops. 

Also popular right now are light-shaded marbles with delicate veining; they provide a glimmer of class without overwhelming the space. Particularly in smaller kitchens or those going for a more contemporary look, these marble hues create an airy, light atmosphere.

10. ‘Butter Yellow’ Kitchens

Butter Yellow Kitchens

Dressing in pastel yellows and creams was all the rage a couple of years ago; the industry even used the term “slab of butter” to describe it. We’re really rather pleased about the dairy-like kitchen design trends 2024 that are starting to make their way into our homes. 

If you have a more modern aesthetic, a kitchen painted a pale buttery yellow is a great alternative. The amount of sheen it has is perfect for making it shine out in a positive, sunny light.

A combination of rich earth and gentle neutral tones will be prominent in 2024, according to Triple Heart Design principal and creator Shelagh Conway. Envision these selections influenced by the soft light of dawn. A house that incorporates elements of nature will be more sustainable and have an air of tranquility that is reminiscent of being outside. The natural beat has a strong impact!

11. Color Blocking

Color Blocking kitchen

The hottest thing right now is to go all out and play around with color blocking when picking out kitchen color schemes. If your kitchen is an element of an open floor plan or has direct visual access to the living room or dining room, experimenting with color blocks may do wonders for this area and the remainder of the house.

“The unique backsplash tile inspired the shade scheme,” states Michael Wyrock of Nistenhaus, the firm’s lead designer. The house has a lovely architectural character as it is, and the customers want a more whimsical type of design. 

So, to give the kitchen a one-of-a-kind appearance, it seemed logical to use color and patterns.

12. Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring kitchen

Even in typically tiled areas, an increasing number of customers are expressing a desire for wood for kitchen flooring.

When faced with problems in a minimalist loft or a brownstone interior layout project, Jarret Yoshida, an interior designer based in New York City, aims for long-term solutions. When it comes to kitchen flooring, we continually choose bare oak wood due to its style stability, adaptability, and affordability. 

The classic beauty of a light wood floor gives a space a breezy, airy vibe. Importantly, it doesn’t have any reddish undertones like mahogany or cherry, so it’s much simpler to pair with other colors for furniture or paint.

13. Colorful Pantries

Colorful Pantries kitchen

Darker shades are now trending when people are looking for kitchen pantry paint ideas. These shades may provide character to the room while also making unsightly stains and dents less noticeable. Because they take a beating from heavy bags and big boxes, pantry shelves typically show signs of wear and tear. 

On the other hand, if you go for deeper shades of paint, you may conceal these imperfections and give the space a modern but classic look.

“In this fun pantry, we’ve carried over the colors “Merlot” and “Granite Peak” by Sherwin-Williams from the kitchen,” comments Benjamin Johnston, creator of Benjamin Johnston Design. An incredible library ladder adds a unified touch to the color scheme.

14. Rounded Islands

Rounded Islands kitchen

No kitchen island, no matter how large or small, should have to include sharp edges. It need not. That’s the short answer. 

Designers are coming to the realization that rounded edges make the space seem more inviting and promote social gatherings in the kitchen. Plus, it makes the room more spacious, which is always a plus.

Soft, welcoming curves triumph over sharp angles every day, says interior innovator Bryan O’Sullivan. Incorporating them into a room makes it seem more inviting and cozy.

15. Back Kitchens

Back Kitchens

The idea of a separate kitchen in the basement or scullery is becoming more popular, thanks in large part to the residences of famous people like Kris Jenner. 

This vital area is perfect for storing all the miscellaneous items from the main kitchen, such as utensils, dry goods, groceries, appliances, tools, and more. Half pantry, half prep kitchen, and all storage, it’s the perfect room for families on the go.

The demand for kitchens as social gathering spaces has increased as they have transformed into more multipurpose rooms. Most people would rather not show off their soiled dishes and a chaotic kitchen when they have guests, states Kashi Shikunova of Yam Studios’ interior design firm. 

Making sure there’s enough room and storage in the scullery is of the utmost importance. Along with culinary utensils and a refrigerator, this practical area has cleaning amenities like a large sink and maybe a dishwasher.

16. Colorful Taps

Colorful Taps kitchen

When deciding on a kitchen spigot, don’t be afraid to take a risk. While subdued color schemes are typical, our expert-advised trend puts a spin on things. 

The space is missing the life force it so desperately needs when the faucet is a splash of a jewel-bright hue or another vivid accent.

Brass and pewter/graphite taps are popular choices among customers, voices Samantha. “I believe these shades will be classics for a very long time, so they’re a good investment.”

17. Aged Brass

Aged Brass kitchen

Even while brass is still a popular choice for kitchen faucets, there has been a recent uptick in unlacquered designs that allow the metal to organically patina.

The owner of Bethany Adams Interiors, Bethany Adams, suggests an unlacquered brass finish for a living space. It takes a few months for the brass to go from a brilliant, polished appearance to an attractive, aged one, but the wait is well worth it, she says. 

Bonus: all you need is some metal polishing lotion to be on trend if polished brass becomes popular.

18. Extra Large Refrigerators

Extra Large Refrigerators kitchen

How can one create a kitchen that one loves to spend time in? Having additional storage space, such as a refrigerator, is essential. 

Oversized fridges are becoming standard in modern kitchen designs, giving families more room to store edibles and allowing them to go grocery shopping less often.

Making the kitchen easier to use is a general tendency, of which this change is a subset. “Make a bold statement with your extra-large fridge instead of attempting to hide it,” Samantha suggests. “To make it stand out, add a vibrant shade or some really unusual hardware.”

19. Porcelain Countertops

Porcelain Countertops

Although quartzite, marble, and granite have long been considered the greatest durables for kitchen countertops, porcelain is quickly becoming a close second. 

It seems to reason since the material is strong, long-lasting, and, most significantly, aesthetically pleasing.

Ceramic surfaces are perfect for kitchens because of all the advantages they provide, voices Aparna Kaushik, architect and founder of Aparna Kaushik Design Group.

20. Relaxing Spaces

Relaxing Spaces kitchen

A spa kitchen may be new to you, but you’ve definitely heard of a spa bathroom. A tranquil, rustic kitchen that is ideal for cooking and living—an almost monastic mood—is the result of contemplative materials taking center stage.

Creator Noa Santos says, “I believe our job has a spa-inspired quality” about this beautiful area. By using a lot of natural materials like plasters and stones, we’ve unknowingly developed a design that appeals to those who are looking for a peaceful place to call home.

21. Cabinets Towards The Ceiling

Cabinets Towards The Ceiling

Even though there is another curving island in this pristine white kitchen, the cabinets that reach the ceiling are the real show-stopper.

‘If you don’t have a precise design plan for the area between your sideboards and the canopy, it’s consistently worth advancing bureaus up to the ceiling,’ expresses Gabrielle Aker, proprietor and partner of Aker Interiors. 

The empty area above low-hanging cabinets is a magnet for dust or a visual mishmash of unused kitchenware.

22. Kitchen Jewelry

Kitchen Jewelry

Put the understated cabinet designs of yesteryear out of your mind. A new fad has earned its course into our kitchens, much to how a well-put-together ensemble requires considerate jewelry. In today’s modern kitchen, metallic hardware is a must-have for every cabinet or drawer. Wanting ostentatious gear to inject character and flair.

What is the choice of material? Stunning kitchen design by Heidi Caillier with gold or shiny brass. Heidi observes that the brass pulls and knobs complement the gloomy cabinets in this kitchen. 

As in the world of fashion, when you want to make a statement, go for delicate items. Keep everything looking classy by adhering to cup pulls, knobs, and narrow bars.

23. Architectural Pendants

Architectural Pendants kitchen

You may create a statement with the lighting above the island, but all of the lights are essential. Three drop pendants have been the standard for kitchen isle lighting for a while now. 

Whereas this year, we’ll see a more unique style that takes its cues from bold, statement-making architecture.

We chose these contemporary architectural lights to balance out the more conventional features of the kitchen and to go with the rounded shape of the island,” explains Georgina Cave, creative director and creator of Cave Interiors. The whole plan hinged on coming up with an unusual and sculptural design.

24. Textured Surfaces

Textured Surfaces kitchen

Trends in bedroom and living room textures have been around for a while. However, it has only just begun to make its way into people’s kitchens.

Walnut, oak, and cherry are some of the most popular and striking wood types right now, says Nadia. The bold wood textures and earthy tones make the inside seem more like a garden. 

These days, matte textures are all the rage because of how well they go with natural finishes and bright marble.

25. Kitchen Wallpaper

Kitchen Wallpaper

The tendency of making what was once an entirely functional area seem more like a living room is making a comeback in kitchen design. This year, wallpaper has been making a slow but steady ascent to the forefront of kitchen design trends. 

This upgrade is so easy to do yourself that you could do it in a weekend. In addition, you may play around with different patterns and colors in the kitchen without committing too much.

“There are a few important things to think about before you put kitchen wallpaper,” Aparna says. Prior to purchasing wallpaper for your kitchen, consider how it will fare in an area prone to steam, splashes, and grease. 

If you want your wallpaper to last in a kitchen, look for a material that is both washable and sturdy. You should also think about the kitchen’s general concept and design. Pick wallpaper that goes well with the rest of the room’s dĂ©cor and helps create the mood you want.

26. Kitchen Trees

Kitchen Trees

With more and more people opting to grow full-sized trees in their kitchens, home trees are becoming more popular on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. To the inside, these towering trees provide an air of majesty and beauty. 

Think about how well your preferred plants will do in a kitchen setting if you want to decorate with them. 

Aparna brings attention to the fact that certain plant types do quite well in kitchens. Herbs such as rosemary, parsley, mint, and basil are common in kitchen gardens. Their small size and versatility in the kitchen make them a must-have ingredient. 

Because of their low maintenance needs and ability to thrive in arid climates, succulents are also highly prized. As a little greenery, they look great on kitchen racks or window sills. The medicinal plant aloe vera is also a great houseplant since it loves warm, humid environments.

27. Sustainable Design Alternatives

Sustainable Design Alternatives kitchen

The materials we use in our kitchens are changing as we strive for healthier and more eco-friendly lives. Environmentally friendly paints are becoming more popular. Designer Hayley Robson claims that a movement toward more organic and less processed materials is now underway. 

Elements that are excessively polished or made of plastic will not be considered. Upcycling, reusing, and handcrafting are on the rise, and combining diverse materials is still very much in vogue.

Like in the fashion industry, Robson claims, people are starting to pay more attention to how they use their money. Currently, our spending priorities lie in high-quality, enduring, and boldly designed items. 

The goal is to have a classic style by mixing and matching pieces that last, which means buying fewer things but making sure they last.

28. 3D Surfaces

3D Surfaces kitchen

Kitchen design trends 2024 are developing on the wildly successful fluted glass style from the previous year. As we look for new methods to incorporate energy and fluidity into surfaces, we’re venturing into non-transparent materials. 

In the kitchen, the three-dimensional wall tiles usually take on geometric and architectural shapes. The new forms on the kitchen cabinets give off a laid-back atmosphere.

“Scalloped and ribbed surfaces are currently in fashion,” tells Jane Lockhart, proprietor of Jane Lockhart Design. Cabinet doors with flat profiles are becoming more popular among designers. Infusing a sense of modernity into spaces, these contemporary textures also give them depth and personality. 

They also honor classic forms from the past that have stood the test of time, creating a fascinating clash of styles all in one room.


What is the best color for a kitchen in 2024?

The best color for a kitchen design trend 2024 seems to lean towards warm and neutral palettes.

Are white kitchens out for 2024?

The era of white-on-white kitchens is over. People now prefer warm, neutral color palettes that soothe our senses. This includes creamy whites and dark forest greens.

What color cabinets for 2024?

Here are the kitchen cabinet color trends for 2024:
Blush Pink
Charcoal Gray
Metallic Finishes
Moody Dark
Navy Blue
Sage Green
Warm Beige
Wood Tone


To keep up with the latest trends in kitchen design, check out these kitchen design trends 2024. Find timeless cabinet styles that will be popular for at least another decade, guaranteeing that your kitchen makeover will be in vogue. Find out what trends are worth following and which ones you should ignore.

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