You may have already heard about the widely popular game: Minecraft! From kids to adults, people from every age group are now obsessed with this game. After all, here you can build unlimited and various types of imaginary structures and houses or even villages.

For people who still did not have any idea about this game, Minecraft is a sandbox-adventure online video game where users can build various types of architecture on the provided landscapes. Below we will talk about the Minecraft Mosque Tutorial

From tiny survival houses, beach houses to religious buildings, you can literally construct anything in this digital world. You can easily learn the game through exploration and experimentation. 

For architects, this game is a blessing because they can learn and create buildings in various architectural styles. For example, constructing a real Mosque is really difficult. The overall building will require a lot of thinking and planning. There should be a proper architecture design and elements.  

However, you can do all this with less difficulty in Minecraft. Yes, you can easily practice building a Mosque and understand how the building process begins and ends, and that too in 3D space. Wouldn’t that be amazing? 

So if you’re looking for a unique construction design for your next Minecraft project or just want to build a Mosque, keep on reading. Today in this blog, we’re going to tell you how to build a Mosque in 5 simple steps. You can even make a legit replica of actual Mosques worldwide, such as the Great Mosque of Cordoba, the Blue Mosque in Turkey, or any Mosque by following this tutorial. 

So, let’s start with the Minecraft Mosque Tutorial.

How to Build a Mosque in 5 Easy Steps in Minecraft

This Mosque is not a huge structure; that’s why it has easy to build architecture. However, you can expand or shrink the structure as per your liking. Every Mosque has its own features according to the place and time where it was built. However, some common architectural details can be seen in every Mosque. Here are some of them: 

  • Sahn (courtyard)
  • Mihrab (niche)
  • Minaret (tower)
  • Qubba (dome)

Things You’ll Require

  • Sandstone blocks  
  • Sand slabs
  • Prismarine stones
  • Smooth stone slabs
  • Sandstone stairs
  • Quartz stones
  • Glass Panes

Step 1: Location & Foundation

Location & Foundation of Minecraft Mosque Tutorial

The first step is to find a suitable location for your construction. You can build it in the middle of the Minecraft desert or in the urban town; the choice is yours. Here we will be building on normal ground. 

We will be building a small mosque with a total area of 12 by 12 blocks. This Mosque consists of four towers, walls, an entrance area, a roof, and a dome. To make the foundation, use sandstone and mark an area with a square shape. 

Step 2: Pillars or Towers

Pillars or Towers Minecraft Mosque Tutorial

The most difficult part of this construction is to build the towers. There are four towers in a Mosque. First, use sandstone blocks and put them in a square of 3×3 area. Raise them to 6 blocks, then use prismarine bricks and make a single layer on top of the sandstone blocks. 

After this, again place sandstone blocks on top and raise them up to 7 blocks high. Now put a single layer of prismarine blocks and again raise the tower’s height with sandstone blocks. 

To make the top part of the tower, you have to raise the tower height up to 3 blocks by placing sandstone blocks. On top of it, put a single layer of prismarine blocks and put sandstone stairs everywhere except the center part. 

Now use the quartz block and quartz stairs, or you can use any block of your choice and start filling the center and the top part of the tower. Lastly, put 3 blocks of quartz on top of each other at the center, and your tower is ready! 

Repeat the same process and build three more towers at the corner of the foundation. Also, don’t forget to fill the empty spaces in the tower with glass panes. 

Step 3: Walls

Walls of Minecraft Mosque Tutorial

Constructing the walls is easy. All you need to do is to create four walls from the sandstone blocks and slabs. Make sure to leave an opening of 4×4 blocks in each wall. Later fill these openings with prismarine blocks or stones except one opening. This last opening will act as the main entrance door of the Mosque. 

Step 4: Roof

Roof of Minecraft Mosque Tutorial

The roof construction is super easy as compared to other things. All you have to do is cover the top part of the Mosque with a single layer of sandstone blocks. That’s it! 

Step 5: Dome

Dome of Minecraft Mosque Tutorial

To make the dome, first, place some quartz blocks in the center part of the roof. Use a 6×6 square shape, and on the top of quartz blocks, put a single layer of prismarine blocks while leaving the center area. Now again, raise the height of the dome by two blocks with the help of quartz blocks.  

Now cover the top and outer part of the dome structure with sandstone stairs. Keep doing that and reduce the width while going up. 

The Bottom Line

You can create Mosques or various types of architecture using your creativity and the right resources. From constructing medieval houses, beach villas to an entire island, everything is possible in Minecraft Mosque Tutorial.

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