Eating is one of the primary needs of mankind and one constant throughout human history. We all like to eat and hence our desire to improve the place where we spend a huge part of our life. According to research around 45.6% of women spend 30 minutes or less in the new look to your kitchen every day, that’s nearly 15 hours a month.

The New look to your kitchen in your home will reflect where your priorities lie and give glimpses of the personality of the family. If yours is out of shape, a glint or two of glamour will go a long way in giving this principal functional space a luxurious uplift, without the necessity of any major renovation.

Top 7 Kitchen Transformation Ideas

Yes, yes I know what you are thinking! All this talk about remodelling is expensive. Well, worry not. In this article, we have carefully selected only those options for you that are both cost and time efficient and will provide you with the most value for your efforts.

Without further ado, the following 7 ideas our are favourite picks for kitchen renovation

Weave It with Metallics

Metallic kitchen interior

Metallics have been known to raise the glam factor a notch or two in any interior, and as far as the kitchen is concerned the sky’s the limit. The wealth of choices ranges from a gleaming copper pressure cooker, right down to brass handles and knobs to pull the drawers. Splashbacks also lend an air of style and sparkle to make a better impact.

If you don’t want to get into the hassle of pumping life into your old kitchen then you can even buy a used kitchen. 

Infuse the Right Colours

New Look to Your Kitchen with wallpapers and rich colour

Statement wallpapers and rich colours play a big part in turning an otherwise insipid kitchen wall into one which is glamorous and reflects a style of its own. Deep metallic and jewel shades are an effective way of imparting a luxurious feel. Take care not to overdo the dark hues, because if there is little natural light your new look to your kitchen will look small.

Aligning your lighting options with the wall colours will give your visitors a subtle vibe of sophistication, not to mention lift your mood during meal time.

Personalise the Space

Personalise the Space to Your Kitchen

Simple accessories you use to adorn the living room such as table lamps, chandeliers or paintings can be easily incorporated in the kitchen to give it the personal touch found in a lounge area. Additionally, adopt soft lighting for a warm feel and cut down on the wall units to make the kitchen look less cluttered. This will give the most used room in the house an unexpected uplift.

Ask your family members to provide an idea each. A handmade drawing by your daughter or an anniversary picture frame from your partner are all good candidates to be placed in your eye-sight

Clear the Counters

Clear the Counters

Removing the clutter on the countertop gives an instant clean look to the whole kitchen and even makes it look larger and provides more space for actual cooking. Stow away all the small appliances and cutlery into the cabinets. Instead, use decorative elements like a well-stocked fruit bowl or a colourful canister to stow away the cooking utensils.

Add Textiles

Kitchen with marble counter top and sink

Introducing fabrics into the cookhouse not only softens the hard surfaces but also gives them an element of depth. Installing curtains or Roman shades will diffuse the light and at the same time provide some privacy. Use bold colours and bright patterns to change the look of your kitchen in a matter of minutes.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint to Your Kitchen

Applying a new coat of paint can do wonders for the kitchen walls. Painting the walls with satin or semi-gloss paint will not only brighten up the interior completely but is durable and easy to clean. Moreover, the new coat will serve to disguise the chipped and tired cabinets and instil a lighter look. To infuse extra style, use a two-toned look by painting the upper cabinets in a contrasting colour from the bottom drawers or island.

Replace the Faucet

Replace the Faucet to Your Kitchen

A leaky faucet in the basin can take away the timeless touch from the most elegant of kitchens. Replacing the faucet does not require the need of an expert, instead, just check the specifications to make sure the new fixture will fit perfectly.

When purchasing the faucet make sure to buy the ones that incorporate the new atomization technology which can reduce the amount of water usage during hand washing by nearly 95%. Do your part in saving the environment while also cutting down on your utilities bill.


What do you think about our selection? How was your experience in remodelling your kitchen? Have a tip to share? Do comment below!

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