Bungalow style house is a much-hyped architecture that people love and this is not a modern design of architecture but people still love how beautiful it turned out to be. Bungalows are kind of luxury homes that are created for people who want to live a comfortable life.

There are some specifications of a bungalow that makes it different from other types of houses and if you would consider those specifications in your home then you would be able to turn your home into a beautiful bungalow. The bungalow is an old architecture that was famous in the 1930s and during this time many countries built such beautiful houses. 

The origin of this house is not yet proved but it can be assumed that it is originated from Bengal region of both India as well as, Bangladesh as back then these two countries were not different. The reason behind this assumption is the name as the bungalow is derived from the word Bangala which is mean Bengal so it is clear that it has its roots from Bengal region.

Even if you would visit the Bengal region of both the countries then you would be able to find out that there are so many old bungalow style home present. Modern home designs are taking over the old bungalow architecture but the good thing is that even now architects are getting inspired by the old bungalow styles so they are making bungalows with modern architecture. 

West Bengal that comes under India has developed a lot and being it a populated country so the existence of bungalow in this place has decreased a bit due to the spacing problem. Bangladesh still counts the history of bungalow architects so there you would be able to explore some of the most luxurious looking bungalows and other such old homes.

bungalow style home

How the bungalow architecture spread in the world


Globalization has many bad effects that cannot be denied but it has some amazing effects as well and the spread of ideas as well as, culture has to be one of them. Back then in 1930s globalization was in its peak and so many things got spread from one country to the other. 

Some countries experienced the good effect of globalization whereas some countries had to suffer from globalization but it was all due to people’s choice and they choose what they liked. The idea of bungalow also spread in the same way and so if you would look around then you would be able to find out that there are so many different countries or places that have some of the most amazing looking bungalows. 

Heritage bungalow

If you would consider America then you would be able to find out that America has some of the best looking bungalows but those bungalows are not the same as the bungalows of other countries. This can be assumed that different countries modified the architectural design of bungalow according to their preferences so there are some differences in different bungalow houses. 

if you would look around then you would be able to find out that apart from Bengal and America there are other places such as Dutch, Europe, etc that has some amazing looking bungalows and these place still relish having bungalow like houses which is a great thing for sure though moreover, all the places prefer such homes but with some modern modifications.

If you are someone who is all about those beautiful old vibes then you might like the bungalow look so you can also consider having bungalow style home. You would be amazed to know that there are some easy ways to turn a home into a bungalow. If you are wondering how then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out and at the same time you can, of course, implement these ideas or designs in your home to turn it into a beautiful bungalow:

The purpose of a bungalow in different regions of the world

People living in Bengal used to have bungalow to show their wealth power and so not everyone there could afford to have a bungalow. There were some specifications or you can say rules that made bungalow look different from other houses. In Bengal, bungalows were no less than any castle and people who were respected and rich at the same time could only have bungalow though kings would always choose castle over anything.

purpose of bungalow

The purpose of bungalow apart from Bengal is completely different and their people who are retired and want to live happily in a comfortable space used to get bungalows. The structure of the bungalow though supports both the purposes which are great and they used to look luxurious as well. In America, people who are physically weak and have reached up to an old age usually go for a bungalow far from the city crowd to like peacefully.

Specifications of a bungalow


If you would look around for any bungalow then you would be able to find out that the old authentic bungalows used to have one single floor. Both Bengal bungalow and bungalows of other countries have this similarity and there is a reason for the same. 

Specifications of a bungalow

People living in Bengal believed that having floors upon roof is not good at all and rather it can bring bad luck and the wealth of that family can also decrease in this way. people living in other parts of the country also didn’t have floors in a bungalow and this is because bungalows were meant for old people and old people would find it difficult to climb stairs to reach upstairs so there is no meaning of upper floor.

The huge front opening or welcome gate:

This is the signature design of a bungalow and if you also want to turn your house into a bungalow then you can also have this in your home. This would make any home look beautiful and because of this addition bungalows used to look beautiful as well as, luxurious at the same time. 

This space is also good for those who love spending time outside of their home gazing at nature so they can set a chair in that area and enjoy their time.

Slanting rooftop

Now that a bungalow consists of only one floor so there is no need of having flat rooftop rather, slanting rooftop made the bungalow look beautiful. If you also want to turn your home into a bungalow then you can also consider having slanting rooftop in your home and this would give your home a bungalow kind of look which is amazing.

slanting rooftop bungalow

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