Project Details

  • Name: Red Concrete Resort Villa at Palmares Ocean Living & Golf Resort
  • Designer: RCR Arquitectes
  • Location: Algarve, Portugal
  • Type– 4 Bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 2 parking
  • Area– 464.75 sq. m
  • The red concrete resort villa in the Palmares Ocean Living & Golf Resort in Portugal is a harmonious blend of natural tones, textures, and light. It mirrors the textures and colours of the surrounding coastal shoreline, sandy terrain, and wildlife of the western Algarve. 

This villa is part of a larger coastal hospitality project that comprises multiple villas, lodges, recreational spaces, sports facilities, and a clubhouse. RCR Arquitectes from Catalonia genuinely sought to incorporate the local landscape into their material palette while generating a luxurious ambiance. 

Red concrete resort villa by RCR Arquitectes

The Red Concrete Resort Villa promotes a private lifestyle with a pool and breathtaking views of the surroundings while basing its design on the idea of coexisting with nature. This beautiful villa achieves a perfect balance of innovative building techniques and exquisite interior décor inspired by the natural surroundings. 

Master Plan and Site

Master Plan and Site of Red concrete resort villa

RCR Arquitectes reveals resort villa in Portugal which is one of the newly developed homes that are a part of the Palmares Ocean Living master plan that includes 460 homes, two five-star hotels, and a range of sports, recreational, and spa amenities. The highlight of the project is a dedicated clubhouse space for the residents, which follows a similar architectural language to the dwellings.

In addition to golf club facilities and A-rated accommodation services, the complex will have a fine-dining restaurant serving Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. The Palmares Ocean Living & Golf resort is located in the western Algarve between Lagos, Ponta da Piedade, and Alvor.


Red concrete resort villa Architecture

An architectural style that could enhance and compliment Palmares’ natural beauty was essential to make a statement. The villa is a space rooted in the terrain that frames the landscape rather than a structure imposed into the context. The red concrete resort villa’s architecture is defined by a raw material palette that gives it character and bold geometry that makes it stand out. 

Eco-Friendly element palettes and sustainability are key to the design. RCR Arquitectes integrates the buildings’ interiors with the outside while taking into account the unique characteristics of the site. This gives occupants of the villas a natural and dynamic living experience through the use of colours, textures, and cleverly framed vistas.

Portugal’s Palmares resort buildings are strategically positioned in a natural amphitheater facing the Alvor Estuary. This four-bedroom standalone property features a private pool that spans across and separates the space while providing breathtaking vistas of the sea.

The Red Concrete resort villa is given an organic appeal thanks to the walls and roof made of red-dyed concrete planes that are set at juxtaposing angles. A glass facade that offers sweeping views of the picturesque Algarve coastline supports the cantilevered concrete roof, which is supported by prismatic columns that protrude from the building.

Interior Design

Red concrete resort villa Interior Design

This villa’s interiors were curated by a renowned Iberian interior designer and feature a minimalistic decor with a blend of repurposed antique antiques and modern components, exuding a refined aesthetic. Linens, velvets, cushions, plaids, and the upholstered bottoms of the beds all play a part in bringing out a rich textural composition for the vibrant bedrooms. 

All of the materials, including light carpeting and various surfaces, work together to harmonize the spatial design and simplify everything while reflecting sunlight and natural undertones. The exterior and internal walls of the project are finished with an insulated earthen Stucco finish, and the flooring features baseboards made of natural stone.

The Red Concrete resort villa has four bedrooms with stunning seaside views and attached baths, a huge private swimming pool, and a spacious lawn. The natural colours of the landscape are well complemented by the use of earthy tones for the interior decor, such as hardwood and concrete. In order to produce a raw tone, the walls were left blank and the artworks were placed on the floor. This added to the synergy between the villa’s beautiful architecture and exquisite interior design. 

Black vases, books, sculptures, and candles offer contrast and give the room a distinctive personality with their colour scheme and decorative accents. Columns adorned with figurines and flowers frame spectacular vistas of the idyllic landscape. The villa also has sleek full-length windows, modular kitchens, and overhang roofs for natural sun shade.

Highlight Design Elements

Red concrete resort villa Highlight Design Elements
  • The villa was constructed in compliance with the BREEAM sustainability accreditation standard, which assures that materials are obtained responsibly and that there is adequate natural light and water-saving features.
  • The villa’s exterior is made up largely of overlapping layers of red pigmented concrete, which gives it a distinctive appearance.
  • Red cement, which mimics the hues and textures of the coastal landscape, and vegetation, serves as the project’s main building material.
  • A seating area, such as an armchair, chaise lounge, or bench at the foot of the bed, is included in every bedroom, along with a floor light to create a cozy reading nook.
  • Strict construction guidelines were put in place to safeguard the sea views, building implementation zones, and height restrictions so that each house could benefit uniquely from the landscape.

About the Firm: RCR Arquitectes

 About RCR Arquitectes

The Red Concrete resort villa is designed by RCR Arquitectes, in collaboration with Kronos Home. RCR Arquitectes is an award-winning multidisciplinary Spanish architecture practice founded by Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem, and Ramon Vilalta.

They first gained prominence when they designed a lighthouse in Punta Aldea hosted by the Spanish Ministry of Public Works and Urbanism in 1988. Their primary architectural philosophy is born out of relationships and processes associated with all senses. It transcends this rationale beyond the discipline itself, with a holistic vision that encompasses something more than architectural design.

Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem, and Ramon Vilalta returned to their hometown of Olot shortly after graduating from Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura del Vallès, which is bordered by four volcanoes in the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park. The proximity to nature has nurtured their architectural style of building with the landscape.

Red concrete resort villa bedroom
Red concrete resort villa outside
Red concrete resort villa outside view
Red concrete resort villa in night
Red concrete resort villa exterior
Red concrete resort villa backside
Red concrete resort villa pool view
interior room of Red concrete resort villa
Red concrete resort villa kitchens area
Red concrete resort villa bedroom view
Red concrete resort villa top view
Red concrete resort villa aerial view
Red concrete resort villa aerial view with  garden
RCR Arquitectes reveals resort villa swimming pool
RCR Arquitectes reveals resort villa interior view
Red concrete resort villa design

The firm is known for its grounded approach, which is founded on and influenced by the project’s local requirements and site conditions. They were the 2017 Pritzker Prize winners as well as the 2015 winners of the Gold Medal of the Academy of French Architecture. Although the majority of their construction projects are in the Olot-Girona region, they have recently begun to develop in Belgium, France, and the United Arab Emirates.

Guests may soak in the breathtaking Algarve landscape from the “Red Concrete Resort Villa”!


The Premium Villas of Palmares Ocean Living and Golf resort were designed in sync with the surrounding natural environment in mind, creating fluid spaces. These evoke a sense of luxury in this remarkable location. This Red Concrete resort villa perfectly captures the earthiness of the coastal area, from the gently sloping terrain to the rich depth of the natural textures.

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