The quote, a man’s home is his castle,’ is in line with the legal concept that homes are private and should not be trespassed.  Through the years, with the aid of technology, people have continuously sought ways to protect their homes. But because even intruders and burglars find ways to put their ill intentions to action, homeowners have to be well-equipped too when it comes to security essentials for contemporary homes.

Today, there are now more options for modern homes that require modern solutions. Take a look at these essential security devices that may help give you peace of mind as a homeowner who values security and privacy:

1. Anti-Snap or Snap-Safe Locks 

It would be extremely disappointing if you designed your home carefully to deter unauthorized people from coming in, and yet, an intruder walked in so easily because you failed to consider prioritizing the quality of locks to install.  Your home’s entry points require reliable locks that you can get from reliable suppliers like TrustedLocks Southampton.  

If you’re planning to use anti-snap locks, here are some of their advantages:

  • Buying snap-safe locks is more economical than changing your locks every time a burglar manages to take away your valuables due to unreliable ordinary locks.
  • Anti-snap locks are sturdier than locks with conventional cylinders. The former is equipped with a mechanical cylinder designed to keep the mechanism intact even when pressure, in case of a break-in, is detected.

You can also check these locks for yourself in some local shops. Through this, you can compare their durability, performance, and cost. Having these anti-snap or snap-safe locks installed on your doors and windows will somehow give you confidence that you’re safe and secure from intruders and other people will ill intent.

2. Intruder Alarms 

Intruder Alarms Essentials for Contemporary Homes' Security

One preventive measure that will immediately notify you if there’s an intruder in your home is an alarm. An intruder alarm system is the most cost-effective for your needs, considering the cost of employing security agencies. While it may not look like the fancy ones you’ll see in sci-fi movies, it’s an effective warning device that will alert you when someone attempts to break into your home. An intruder alarm system helps you:

  • Protect your valuables by alerting you of a break-in before the intruders can steal anything of value
  • Have remote access to your home, notifying you of an intrusion so you can alert the authorities immediately

In this day and age, there are countless devices used as intruder alarms, mostly with digital functions.  Phones and smartwatches can now be linked to the alarm system at home to alert the owner of a break-in.  An intruder alarm system uses sensors that can detect movements or break-in attempts.    

3. Security Cameras 

Real-time video surveillance is another effective preventive security measure for your home. It will help you: 

  • Record those who enter your premises and easily report suspicious activities to the authorities after seeing the recordings 
  • Deter anyone with ill intentions if they see cameras around your house  
  • Profile people who come to your home, even visitors or guests 

You can always have the security cameras connected to a mobile device that you can bring with you anywhere and review the recordings at a more convenient time. Some applications may also enable you to connect to your home’s smart devices through the internet. The video recordings you’ve taken may even be used as evidence in court proceedings in case you have to file a case against a trespasser or intruder.     

4. Automated Lights 

Automated Lights for your Contemporary Homes

An automated home lighting system is an interesting security feature for your home. There are varying designs and features available if you don’t want to ruin the beauty of your home’s design. Some of these lights change color or switch off automatically during inclement weather conditions. But the ones ideal for your home security use are:

  • Those with sensors that light up brightly whenever they detect movement 
  • Those that are attached to security cameras to capture nighttime activities with better lighting

You might have always considered lighting only as a beautifying feature for your home. However, you can always use it for security as an added advantage for your precious home. 


There could be more security essentials you’d want to be added to the list too. The ones listed in this article are just a few of the best security essentials you can find, especially for modern contemporary homes. With these, you no longer have to worry about security when you’re not around, especially when you’re at work or on a vacation. 

You have to take all the necessary measures to secure yourself and your property from intruders and those with ill intent. With enough research, you can always look for more practical and reliable security systems that best fit your needs.

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