Taichung Green Corridor

  • Architects: Mecanoo Architecten
  • Location: Taiwan (ROC)
  • Year: 2020
  • Status: Completed
  • Landscape: S.D Atelier, ARIA architect & planners
  • Client: Taichung City Government

A railway is one of the easiest and most comfortable modes of transport to travel from one place to another. You may have seen or traveled through this medium sometime in your life. However, some people use this medium for their daily travel.

A similar railway project was completed last year by Mecanoo Architecten. It is a 1.7 km-long former railway line. Situated in Jianguo Road, Central District, Taichung City, Taiwan, this project was constructed to connect different parts of the city.

Key Highlights of Taichung Green Corridor

The architect, Mecanoo, has extensive experience in urban planning. He wanted to create a people-oriented green corridor that also complements the waterfront of the Green River.  

Below are some of the main highlights of this project: 

  • It has a green corridor with bike and pedestrian lanes. 
  • The railway tracks were built to integrate the site’s existing and future functions.
  • It also activates the connection to the water level
  • It has both old and new bridges with new public connections.

Aim of the Taichung Green Corridor Project

Aim of the Taichung Green Corridor Project

This railway crossing is not only a transport medium for people, but it also has a green corridor that also acts as a continuous public park located in the center of the city. This green corridor has mainly three functions or uses.

Sustainable life, sustainable history & culture: this was the main objective of the architects and designs for this project.

According to the architects, “This architecture not only provides proper communication of travel but it will also:

  • Support the conservation and development of the area’s flora and fauna.
  • Improves the connections for pedestrians and bike users in the Taichung center. 
  • Integrates existing and newly added functions to the area into a coherent linear park.”

Concept Behind The Taichung Green Corridor

Concept Behind The Taichung Green Corridor

The most interesting thing is that it is actually a green corridor that is built in a sustainable way for biodiversity.

This railway line crossing not only provides convenience to people as a travel medium but also acts as a catalyst for the development of the old city. Other than this, it also plays a vital role in the revitalization of the urban realm on which it sits.

Taichung green corridor by Mecanoo is not completely new construction. Yes, in the past, this railway line was working and functioned as a way of connecting people. However, after it stopped working, it became a barrier. It was located on the dyke, and it comes in the center of the circulation. That’s why it creates a barrier from going from one side of the tracks to the other. This disused railway was challenging to build as it caused a lot of inconvenience to the people.

Concept  of Taichung Green Corridor by Mecanoo
Taichung Green Corridor Concept

Taichung green corridor by Mecanoo, which is sustainable development, required a lot of planning and designing. Besides this, a wide range of planning and design factors are considered before finalizing the design. This includes urban regeneration, public participation, historic preservation, green and water resources, and circulation routes for pedestrians and bikes.

Design & Construction Of Taichung Green Corridor

Design of Taichung Green Corridor by Mecanoo

The new renovation and upgradation were done by Delft-based architecture firm Mecanoo. For this project, they especially collaborated with local landscape architecture firm S.D. Atelier as well as ARIA architects & planners.

Architects have reused the same railway line and created a new path that connects various parts of the city. The new construction plan includes bike and pedestrian lanes to better cater to the needs of the community.

Construction of Taichung Green Corridor by Mecanoo
Design & Construction Of Taichung Green Corridor

Mecanoo explains, “Although in the past, the rail line was a means of connection, the disused railway acts more as a divider due to its challenging location on the dyke, which impedes the circulation from one side of the tracks to the other.”

Amenities & Facilities in Taichung Green Corridor

detailed layout of Taichung Green Corridor Taiwan

The new railway line connects the school, residential areas, lake, outdoor exercise areas, and various playgrounds. A sculpture park, gardens, plazas, and many more facilities were added.

Other amenities such as gardens, fitness areas, a playground, and a waterpark are also included in the design. This will offer an ultimate urban destination for leisure and recreation activities.

people walking near to Taichung Green Corridor Taiwan

The architects get inspiration from the railway infrastructure, and that’s why you can see here in the design that different sections of the park branch out in various directions.

A new lane for bicyclists and a tree-lined river (runs alongside and through the park) have been incorporated into the design.
The architect explained, “The green corridor will become a destination and invite users to explore and enjoy the green qualities of the park.”

He further added, “To maintain the area’s strong historical character and set a coherent, recognisable theme for the project, the new circulation system layout relies on the junction railway track pattern. Based on different properties of the dyke, programmes such as herb garden, street fitness, tribune, playground, viewpoint, and waterpark create an ideal place for leisure and recreation activities. All the proposed programmes are designed to intensify the use of the area for the local and wider Taichung community while promoting a more coherent city infrastructure.”

walkway of Taichung Green Corridor by Mecanoo
Taichung Green Corridor and stairs
Taichung Green Corridor surrounded by tree
An Arial view of Taichung Green Corridor Taiwan
Taichung Green Corridor near water canal

The Bottom Line

So, this is all about the Taichung Green Corridor by Mecanoo architecten. This provides not only a convenient medium of traveling but also this green corridor will become the ultimate destination for all. This ideal place invites people to explore and enjoy the green qualities and amenities of the park. 

The corridor is designed to promote and intensify the use of the area for the local and wider Taichung community. This new architecture also encourages a more coherent city infrastructure.     

I hope you liked this blog about this unique Taichung Green Corridor Taiwan. Share this blog with your family and friends or with anyone curious to know more about sustainable projects and architecture around the globe.

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